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  1. Pleased to see that you have joined the forum. Now hopefully any questions that you have about your Dodge will be answered.
  2. If you read this review you will see that it is a soldering iron not a mini gas torch that I'm suggesting (this particular gas soldering iron is out of production but the review gives general pointers on buying and using a gas soldering iron):- http://www.epemag.wimborne.co.uk/gas-soldering-iron.htm
  3. Have you looked at gas soldering irons?
  4. I hope that it works this time. http://www.channel5.com/shows/the-classic-car-show/episodes/episodes-5-10
  5. Am I correct in thinking that the diaphragms are just made of flat reinforced rubber? If yes and you don't have any success with The Carburettor Exchange you maybe able to buy a small quantity/offcut of the right thickness of reinforced Viton rubber sheeting to cut the diaphragms out of. This site shows some of the reinforcing materials that are available:- http://www.white-cross-rubber-products.co.uk/page/142/Reinforced-Viton-Sheet.htm
  6. In case you have not seen this really simple conversion watch from just after 11 minutes. http://www.channel5.com/shows/the-classic-car-show/episodes/episodes-5-10
  7. Is it not possible for individuals to have a choice of:- 1. pay a subscription and have pages that are free of adverts. 2. use the forum for free and have the adverts. I realise that there maybe problems running a dual system e.g. software, will the advertisers be happy with only some users are seeing their adverts and the administration. People already make the choice of subscription television or only having Freeview and therefore what they are able to watch. I know that I can't watch all the F1 races live because of the choice that I have made but it is not the end of the world.
  8. If you don't receive any other replies, there are gasket makers who will make a one off. I have not used any of them myself but if you search "gasket manufacturers uk" you will find a number and if you are lucky there will be one that is local to you.
  9. A great loss for the museum but surely the security was not as good as it should have been if there was only a glass door to keep the museum secure.
  10. Goodwood, 21 Mar 2015, starting at 14:00 GMT. http://www.bonhams.com/auctions/22718/lot/5/
  11. MatchFuzee

    Miller switch

    In case you haven't seen these already. Miller pattern:- http://www.norbsa02.freeuk.com/goffylighting.htm Replica Miller:- http://www.feked.com/replica-miller-3-position-headlamp-switch.html http://www.burtonbikebits.net/switches_and_parts.htm
  12. If you are still looking for pictures and dimensions, you might find the Royal Signals Museum worth contacting:- http://royalsignalsmuseum.co.uk/WebSite/
  13. Reproduction mortar available here (although I don't know how good):- http://www.milweb.net/dealers/trader/anti_tank_gun_replicas/ A few items on this link may interest you:- http://www.bocn.co.uk/vbforum/archive/index.php/f-13.html Copied from link below This publication consists of two pamphlets on the British 4.2-in Mortar - the basic training manual (1943) which includes the training and use of the mortar, and the detailed handbook (1944) on the weapon, which includes details of the mortar, sighting equipment and, most importantly, the mortar bombs. Well illustrated and full of the detail needed to understand how it was used and what it could do. http://www.mlrsbooks.co.uk/bookstore/product/item675.html
  14. You may find the manual for the IBMU here:- http://www.moffatig.com/emers/restricted_document_index.htm but you do have to be a member of the Vintage & Military Amateur Radio Society to be able to download it.
  15. If nobody comes up with pictures or dimensions you may find them in one of the links here:- http://www.vmars.org.uk/Vintage_Radio_Websites
  16. RAF vehicle records are available at:- http://www.rafmuseum.org.uk/research/default/archive-collection/vehicle-records.aspx
  17. This is an interesting option but the "mixer" doesn't give any results of using homemade 600w oil. http://modelaclub.com/archives/tech-tips/687
  18. In the first link you will see that the Pioneer Corps were responsible for the smokescreen at Avonmouth. Information for the Pioneer Corps which became part of the Royal Logistic Corps in 1993 is available at the RLC Museum. So if you are lucky there maybe information on smoke generators there. http://humanities.uwe.ac.uk/bhr/Main/ww2/2_5.htm http://www.rlcmuseum.co.uk/
  19. Sorry, I don't have any idea about the yellow stripe and it was only by chance that I found the photo of the tug at St Mawgan.
  20. I found this one, hope it is what you are looking for.
  21. If you are still trying to find the fuse you could contact:- The Vintage & Military Amateur Radio Society:- http://www.vmars.org.uk/ or Southampton Amateur Radio Club:- http://www.southampton-arc.org.uk/Main.html
  22. Try searching "1ag fuses", they are 15mm long and available in various volts and amps.
  23. A fuel pump inertia switch is the answer if cutting off the fuel in the event of an accident is the main concern:- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inertial_switch Wiring diagram to stop the fuel pump when there is no oil pressure:- http://www.how-to-build-hotrods.com/electric-fuel-pump.html
  24. As it is the same as tractor starter you could try:- http://www.vintagetractorspares.co.uk/reconditioning_parts.html http://www.thevintagetractorcompany.co.uk/catalog/
  25. Land Rover S2 Pickup - Airfield fire tender. No lot number yet but listed alphabetically http://www.brightwells.com/ClassicCarsMotorcyclesAutomobilia/ClassicVehicles/Catalogue.aspx
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