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  1. 2 hours ago, ferretfixer said:

    That is like saying, This orange will hurt you. Now the peel has been removed. it CANNOT!....So WHY is the 'Orange' so much of a 'Concern' now it has no Peel?...……...

    Because they are afraid that someone might put the peel back, and make the orange dangerous again 😁

  2. I had to search 33070:-

    Reference: 33070

    Range: Federal Standard 595C


    Range: AMS Standard 595A 

    Olive drab camouflage

  3. 2 hours ago, Chris Hall said:

    I believe the Government still doesn’t recognise foreign deactivation standards.

    Hopefully, someone else on the forum will be able to help. 

    Are you keen/desperate enough to have it imported to a local dealer, and then have the Bren deactivated to the current UK specification. 

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