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    What's my new trailer?

    Detail list Polynorm, freight NSN2330-17-704-2397 Closed body, canteen NSN 2330-17-704-3300 https://www.y-cie.nl/naslagwerk/handleidingen_wielvoertuigen/wwb_2_DL_2330-17-704-3297.pdf
  2. MatchFuzee

    a question for experienced MMLC Drops drivers

    Assuming that you had a test drive before buying the lorry, has the ride become worse or are you just noticing the problem because you are driving it further. Nothing to lose in asking the seller what he thought about the ride when he owned it and what might have happened to cause the judder/vibration if it is not normal.
  3. MatchFuzee

    3 Military Bicycles

    A Columbia Military Bicycle:- https://www.dominicwinter.co.uk/sale/-col18a/lot-529 A Columbia Military Bicycle:- https://www.dominicwinter.co.uk/sale/-col18a/lot-530 A Condor MO-05 Swiss Army Bicycle:- https://www.dominicwinter.co.uk/sale/-col18a/lot-531 10am Thursday 17th May Mallard House, Broadway Lane, South Cerney, Cirencester, GL7 5UQ
  4. MatchFuzee

    3 Military Bicycles

    Lot 529 A Columbia Military Bicycle - Sold For £600 Lot 530 A Columbia Military Bicycle - Not Sold Lot 531 A Condor MO-05 Swiss Army Bicycle -Not Sold
  5. What is the problem now?
  6. 1938 Coventry Climax Godiva Fire Pump. Lot 55:- https://www.brightwells.com/classic-motoring/leominster-classic-vintage/leominster-classic-vintage-16th-may-2018/leominster-classic-car-catalogue-16th-may-2018/ Brightwells. Leominster Classic & Vintage, Wednesday 16th May 2018
  7. MatchFuzee

    2 x 1941 Willys MB Jeep

    Both Jeeps failed to sell.
  8. MatchFuzee

    2 x 1941 Willys MB Jeep

    Both Jeeps have been imported from the Philippines:- https://www.brightwells.com/classic-motoring/leominster-classic-vintage/leominster-classic-vintage-16th-may-2018/leominster-classic-car-catalogue-16th-may-2018/ Brightwells, Leominster Classic & Vintage Cars and Motorcycles, 16th May 2018
  9. MatchFuzee

    30 Assault Unit in WW2

    You could contact the Royal Marines Museum. The public galleries are closed because the museum is moving to Portsmouth Historic Dockyard but the library is already at Portsmouth in the National Museum of the Royal Navy:- http://www.royalmarinesmuseum.co.uk/visit/research-enquiry
  10. MatchFuzee

    bedford tm 4x4

    Assuming that all the CAV pumps are the same basic design these sites may help:- http://www.binderplanet.com/forums/index.php?threads/help-cav-injector-pump-fuel-increase.33688/ https://thefarmingforum.co.uk/index.php?threads/turning-up-fuel-pump-john-deere-2140.120570/ https://www.sbmar.com/articles/lucas-cav-dpa-injection-pump-instruction-book/ Also, check that the throttle lever on the pump has maximum travel. Tuning the pump may shorten the life of the engine. Do you have to inform your Canadian insurance companies or the equivalent of our Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency about any vehicle modifications?
  11. MatchFuzee

    Dukw or Gmc steering wheel

    Is this the correct steering wheel for the dukw? https://www.ebay.com/itm/GMC-CCKW-NOS-green-plastic-steering-wheel-18-G508-C15-/302638504394
  12. MatchFuzee

    3 Military Bicycles

    A fascinating site with some interesting WW2 photos.
  13. MatchFuzee

    LR Series 1 4x2

    Two Wheel Drive Land Rovers -Topic on this forum in 2010:- http://hmvf.co.uk/topic/12790-two-wheel-drive-land-rovers/ From 10FM68's post:- According to James Taylor and Geoff Fletcher's "British Military Land Rovers", the 275 Mk 6 4x2s were indeed CL VRNs: 17CL48 to 20CL22
  14. MatchFuzee

    1942 Ford Jeep

    1942 Ford Jeep:- https://www.historics.co.uk/buying/auctions/2018-05-19/cars/ref-151-1942-ford-jeep-gpw/ Brooklands Motor Museum 19th May 2018
  15. MatchFuzee

    M38 CDN Jeep

    1952 M38 CDN Jeep:- http://www.barons-auctions.com/auction_details.php?aid=35&cid=2277 Barons, Sandown Park Race Course, Tue 5th Jun 2018, 1:00pm
  16. MatchFuzee

    Link arm bushes

    Have you looked at poly bushes? On this site they are an interference fit:- http://www.polybush.co.uk/pages/why-use-polybush Polybush's are fitted using normal workshop tools and equipment. Our bushes are designed to fit in the same way as original equipment bushes. Due to our interference fit no grease is needed, leaving customers with a real fit and forget solution. Where necessary, Polybush use low friction material to ensure free movement of the bush with mating components.
  17. MatchFuzee

    WANTED - CVR(W) Fox gearbox

    Is the gearbox unique to the Fox? If yes, with adaption is there another gearbox that can be used?
  18. MatchFuzee

    Link arm bushes

    Is the problem that you are giving them imperial not metric dimensions? Even if the bushes that you are replacing are imperial, have you looked for the (nearest) metric equivalent?
  19. If you can't find an original badge, have a look at Pamela David Enamels (you may have similar in Australia):- http://www.badgecraft.co.uk/index.htm Another method, if you can borrow a badge is to make your own. Search "diy cast car badge" and you will have a number of YouTube videos to help you.
  20. MatchFuzee

    Chevrolet C60L

    Old Topic http://hmvf.co.uk/topic/13568-best-place-for-cmp-parts/ Dirk has the head gasket 216 engine in stock:- https://www.lwdparts.com/product/headgasket-216/
  21. MatchFuzee

    Thornycroft Big Ben

    It can't hurt to ask the price, you might be pleasantly surprised.
  22. MatchFuzee

    3 Military Bicycles

    More on the Columbia here;- http://www.bergerwerke.com/historyG519.html
  23. MatchFuzee

    WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    The twins restored/built one in an episode of Combat Dealers. WW1 answer to the problem of hand starting:-
  24. Tanks for the memories! Armoured vehicle is turned into a HEARSE so military enthusiasts can go out with a bang:- http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3279473/Tanks-memories-Armoured-vehicle-turned-HEARSE-military-enthusiasts-bang.html