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  1. A very good guess. https://www.norbar.com/en-gb/Products/Norbar-Videos/Manual-Torque-Multiplier-Videos
  2. Called staple (part no. 130) here:- www.woolies-trim.co.uk
  3. Just looked at the petition, only 277 signatures. Has the petition had national coverage in the press or are there any famous people supporting it?
  4. Thank you the photos. Interesting that the signatures have been engraved.
  5. The Royal Warwickshire Regiment 1914 - 1918 Living History Group have a wagon as part of their display:- https://www.thewarwicks1418.com/
  6. Results only online in the last couple of days. Not sold.
  7. Modern cotton overalls are extremely likely to have polyester thread stitching, which means when you use a dye for cotton the stitches remain their original colour.
  8. Restoring the universal carrier is episode 4 of "History in the Making" starting at 10:30. Episode 3 starts at 10pm and one item in it is making a shotgun by hand.
  9. Artisans restore a Second World War universal carrier in "History in the Making" Tuesday 12th March 10:30pm - 11pm
  10. Insurers' policies on issuing green cards:- https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/news/2019/02/driving-to-europe-after-brexit--check-when-you-ll-need-to-contac/ Doesn't cover the specialist insurers but it does show the difference in time it takes for a green card to arrive from some of the well known insurance companies.
  11. If there is a maker's name and part number on the headlights, it may be possible to cross reference them to other makes of military spec lorries and then find the correct headlights. Another thought, is there room to fit a standard round sealed beam unit in place of the current headlamp?
  12. Only a partial answer, the first 4 numbers of the NSN = Guns, 75mm through 125mm including mortars.
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