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  1. Scammell with spare on-top as mentioned above
  2. That is an Albion WD/HD/23N 10-ton 6 x 4 equipped as standard with a very large and thirsty petrol engine and an equally large and expensive to fill 100-gal petrol tank not very quick but easy and fun to drive provided you weren't paying for fuel 3- miles to the gallon at 27-mph
  3. David it's called networking - you knew the guy from whence it came
  4. Possibly those who had issues with hot engines and vapor lock in petrol 432's could be related to the fan drive not operating correctly - as said I didn't have issues always started easily hot or cold and till now was unaware there were issues with petrol powered 432's - but you live and learn
  5. I ran a petrol 432 for many years without issue summer of winter - the only thing that let it down once was the starter motor failed while driving to a show - did a pack lift with a 434 and changed the starter while at the show then two hours home
  6. Nice clear photos – thanks for posting
  7. Hi Redek - all I have is the Chilwell list which is concerned with Army Soft Skin Vehicles - it dose give contract numbers against census numbers and in a few instances end users - not sure if this helps
  8. From memory there are two carb types fitted on a Munga - one where the two-stroke oil is mixed in the petrol tank with an agitator the other when the oil is pumped from the oil tank under the hood to a point between the carb and the inlet manifold - my Munga had the first type and spares for the carb were readily available
  9. Z.575407 to 576907 V.3964 39 Bedford Truck 15 cwt 4x2 G.S. " 40 " Truck 15 cwt 4x2 Water V.3904 42 " Truck 15 cwt 4x2 G.S. " 60 " Van 15 cwt 4x2 G.S. Z.4427893 to 4427992 V.3964 53 Bedford Truck 15 cwt 4x2 A/Tk Z.4427993 to 4428426 " 40 " Truck 15 cwt 4x2 W/Tank Z.4428427 to 4434113 " 39 " Truck 15 cwt 4x2 G.S. Z.4434114 to 4434245 " Not Taken Up Z.4434246 to 4434247 V.4569 Bedford Truck 15 cwt 4x2 (Ex-RAF.) taken from the Chilwell list as was my previous post Z before the census number indicates a 15 cwt Truck the Chilwell list is a good place to start not a definitive answer
  10. The Chilwell list it's basically Army vehicle numbers from 1 to 6277385 contract number catalog ref no (never seen the catalog) make and type occasionally who the vehicles were allocated to or previous owner was with everything between plus numbers not allocated.
  11. Chilwell list gives Z-1613059 as a rebuilt while Vauxhall give chassis number 31248 a 1942 build date Z.1600000 to 1699999 Rebuilt Trucks
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