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  1. Baz48

    RAF Airfield Follow Me Vehicles in WW2 ?

    I agree that's an interesting colour photo of a series one, (ted angus) have you any more, certainly hard to ignore it as it says on the door Apron Control vehicle and like the follow me board attached to the rear no disputing its function. I agree with ‘ruxy’ the distance from the rear wheel arch to the B-door post looks too great for an 80-in S/W/B so possibly a 107-in ? One point regarding follow me vehicles apart from as yet no photo evidence of RAF use in WW2, how many would be required to receive the average inbound aircraft from a raid or fighter sweep would for example aircraft be required to orbit until a follow me became available or land on as soon as the runway was cleared and land then clear the runway possibly follow the taxiway as per instructions until an airman guided them into a dispersal and shutdown. Personally I think if a follow me vehicle was deemed to be of use by the station commander then a vehicle would likely as not be configured for such a use after all who would take issue with him in regulations or not. The reference in the book to a vehicle so configured relates only to one Airfield and not a group or command and not an Air-Min publication
  2. Baz48

    RAF Airfield Follow Me Vehicles in WW2 ?

    As yet I see no photographic evidence only a photo or two of post-war vehicle of war time vintage serving as control vehicles with STOP across the front nothing to show the rear other than by recollection. With the pamphlets and official documents amassed by member of the forum and public records books and film no definitive text or photo has emerged. It’s interesting to watch film of RAF single seat aircraft operating in NW-Europe Italy and Yugoslavia often carrying a member of the ground crew on the wing gesturing to the driver which direction the aircraft should go. Film of multy engine aircraft appears to show they got around unaided. The first recollection I have of a follow me board on a vehicle was at Wethersfield open day in the fifties and the vehicle used a 6 x 6 GS with a crude hand painted board tied on with rope. Its personal choice something official or recollections
  3. Baz48

    Ural 4320.

    Thay are fun to drive
  4. Baz48

    Bedford RL REME

    This RL been on before though the price has dropped considerably this time round - hope its lucky this time
  5. Baz48


    I'll bet that made the made the steering a tad lighter
  6. Baz48

    My Flying Control Jeep

    good to hear but not featured in your post hence my previous comment
  7. Baz48

    My Flying Control Jeep

    unfortunate that no british built or marked vehicle attended
  8. Baz48


    The one hanging in mid air is indeed a Bedford OY- 4 x 2 GS from contract V5004 census number range L-4876340 to 4886339. The vehicle to the right is also a Bedfordfored OY - from the same contract - so not Ford's then - nice photos any more please
  9. Baz48


    Yes you do it's a nice little truck of a type the Navy has used for ever they just keep on evolving
  10. Baz48

    Morris C8 Recovered

    What may be termed a project with potential?
  11. Baz48

    Bridge rating markings on vehicles

    If you interested in 39 to 45 Bridging vehicle classifications look out for a copy of
  12. Baz48

    RAF Airfield Follow Me Vehicles in WW2 ?

    Be definitive show a photo of the back of the vehicle or its pure speculation yet again
  13. Baz48

    RAF Airfield Follow Me Vehicles in WW2 ?

    Not quite the same but during a Battle of Britain Air Show at RAF Debded (Saturday 19th September 1953 - I have the program) I remember being followed around the apron by a Hastings taxiing under its own power with spectators just casually making way for it. I don’t recall any vehicle or RAF personnel marshalling this aircraft or requesting clear passage for it just occasionally a head out of the cockpit – true
  14. Baz48

    RAF Airfield Follow Me Vehicles in WW2 ?

    That is interesting the vehicle used being a Standard Van or Car, Light Utility with flat body sides canvas top and sides similar to this one