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  1. Baz48

    Matador tanker colour

    Matador, as in AEC parlance I understand refers to the 4 x 4 AEC Matador 0453 chassis where as the 6 x 6 variant is an AEC 0854 same cab no name but often referred to as a Matador 6 x 6 just to confuse
  2. Could be but the one in the drawing layout is not the same as the one offered - what there is each side midway along the side rail a substantial lashing / tie down ring while across the rear inplace of the roller? shown in the drawing is a bar suited to support manually handled loading ramps - its available and open to offers but needs to go by the end of the month
  3. Could be - but it would be a short motorboat bed length about 14ft
  4. Baz48

    CMP c60 tanker use by RAF

    The vehicles I can find listed as tanker/refueling for the RAF UK/Europe are Albion A.M. 463 4 x 2, 350-gal Petrol Tanker AEC. 854 & 0854, 6 x 6, 2,500-gal Petrol Tanker (used by RAF & USA-AC) Bedford QL, 4 x 4, 950 & 1,000-gal Petrol Tanker Fordson WOT1, 6 x 4 1,000-gal Petrol Tanker Plus a number of Tractor towable Trailer Oil/Petrol Tanker units:- CMP Chevrolet vehicles listed as Tanker on the Chilwell list are in Census number range L-5590405 – 5590504 Contract SM-2582 L-5809000 – 5809029 Contract SM-6122 L-5833357 - 5833456 Contract SM-2582 L-6233265 - 6233267 Contract SM-6060
  5. Shown is a WW-2 vintage British? 4-wheel step frame trailer fitted with hand winch. Possibly Ex-RN some plates attached but not taken the time to look. The owners would prefer the trailer to go to someone who will use/restore it. It is a restoration project and requires a beavertail type vehicle to take away. Any questions please PM-me and I’ll do my best to answer your questions – location Cams / Essex border - No realistic offer will be refused or very reluctantly it will go for scrap
  6. Baz48

    Combat dealers is back :(

    My humble opinion is Combat dealers should never be confused in any way with the real world; I have tried to watch the program each series but to date never get to see a complete offering I do try. It’s possibly that many of the deals shown on the show are just for television and in no way representative of the Hobby if you would call it that. If you enjoy it and I’m sure many do then continue to follow the antics portrayed on the screen, its television
  7. Baz48

    2 Jeeps at Brightwells

    The above is interesting and both responses appear genuine but which is right. It's so easy to remanufacture a Jeep and apparently get authentication so establishing provenance very much a case of buyer beware. With regard to the auction house not amending the vehicles advertised description is unfortunate and possibly unlawful. Some friends attending Goodwood a couple of years back drew an auction house attention to an incorrect description of a vehicle offered in the sale, the auction house concerned immediately checked the validity of the complaint and issued an immediate update with a revised estimate, again buyer beware or take a mate or two who might just know a little more than you do after all they will not be wearing the rose tinted glasses of desire
  8. Baz48

    Saxon armoured car .

    I believe those that didn't go to the Middle East went to some former Russian Baltic country with few remaining in the UK
  9. Baz48

    RAF Airfield Follow Me Vehicles in WW2 ?

    I'm sure in good old fashioned british military way of doing things not covered in then King's regulations improvisation came to the fore and a way of dealing with uninvited visiting aircraft came in-to play
  10. Baz48

    Saxon armoured car .

    Not sure you can call a SAXON (APC) an armoured car as it's intended role was troop transport under armour. The vehicle is I believe based on a Bedford frame and running gear with either a Bedford 500 diesel (early versions) or latterly a Cummins BT 6-91 litre diesel with a few acquiring Peak one-man turrets as fitted to some 432's with a GPMG - desirable all the same
  11. Baz48

    2 Jeeps at Brightwells

    Cynically - after the bucks
  12. Baz48

    2 Jeeps at Brightwells

    From listening to those who have had jeeps "verified" it appears to depend on who turns up on the day after all if you own a jeeps you have an astonishing aftermarket spares packages available leading back to what constitutes original
  13. Baz48

    RAF Airfield Follow Me Vehicles in WW2 ?

    Attached is a copy of Appendix "D" covering RAF Trailers from a Military Training Pamphlet No-74 Rafting and Bridging published April 1944 first item under 2-wheeled trailers = 8-berth personnel
  14. Baz48

    RAF vehicle camouflage

    Without wishing to appear awkward or disrespectful of someone's opinion, it is just that an opinion my opinion the vehicle has marks on the flank in the reign one might reasonably expect to find such items as a billboard or pasted on advertisement say in aid of recruitment my speculation. The marks are doubtful of any attempt of camouflage as it would apply to the whole vehicle not just to an indent in the side panel especially as the rest or what can be seen is a very well cared for shiny vehicle bonnet/hood windscreen/windshield surround and roof line. As to why it’s not complying with AMO-whatever again speculation, interesting period photo of a vehicle type that doesn’t show up in a copy of RAF-vehicles I have published in 44, I’m always interested in period photos of Air force vehicles I think they are under represented
  15. Baz48

    Matching numbers

    Interesting topic as we have a pair of Ford Jeeps under restoration and the subject of markings British or US occurs from time to time. The Census number on the bonnet/hood M-5157011 is from the range 5155534 to 5158535 contract number QM-11424 if a Ford or QM-11423 if a Willys product, or so the Chilwell list suggests. The B/W casualty evacuation M-5473422 is from Contract SM-2275 as regards all US-Equipment supplied to Norway at the end of hostilities being from US-Surplus not UK is interesting I know of a Jimmy from Norway that carries a plaque stating it was refurbished by Rootes at Kew I believe Ex-UK war stock, sorry no photo to share