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  1. Not much has changed in this ongoing saga regarding War and Peace (revival or otherwise). Some see it as a cheap holiday with mates in a field surrounded by like minded individuals. Others it’s an opportunity to talk about the olden days when it was so much better then, than now. I find it unfortunate some appear to proffer the opinion those who are classed as the paying public (so should be restricted to just a few days) are almost an inconvenience to the real reason behind the show which is nothing more or less than for profit. A profit for those who took the risk and coughed up a considerable sum to bring the show alive. The organiser may choose to sweeten someone’s pocket in order to get something a little special. It may cost an individual a lot of money to bring their pride and joy to the show under its own power doing less the 3-to the gallon. It’s a choice if you are worried about your cost, don’t go otherwise enjoy the event its evolving so I’m told
  2. Hi thanks for the link – interesting – this extinguisher was bought by a late friend for his (I think) 1942 Ford Jeep. It among other Jeep related items came to light while bringing his Jeep back to life for the family. Thanks for the link Jeep’s are not a vehicle I’ve had much to do with until recently so learning .
  3. Quick question is this correct for a 42 era Jeep and if so anyone share photos of the mounting bracket and location will be appreciated
  4. Rose tinted glasses are a wonderful thing, how wonderful Folkestone was, realy, went a few times always the same jobsworths W&P staff who's one purpose in life to be as unhelpful and disrespectful as they could. A show has its moments some people like it others don't never changes. For me the best days at W&P are twenty or more years ago for others maybe they are still to come as for CMV lost its charm when two mags became one, I find the club magazines a much better read but this is only my opinion
  5. Think that about says it all – nice Jeep
  6. Not been on here for a while had a few slightly more pressing things to do, War & Peace I see the comments about the show are following the usual pattern. Like it or not we all have an opinion and with rose coloured glasses looking back into the mists of time to the golden age, what golden age it will be a different point in time for each of us, my choice would be when the show was at Tenterden or the early days at the Hop-Farm with fantastic traders with good quality parts and spares you just don’t see the like of now. That said what I saw of the show this year I enjoyed. As I no longer own an ex-military vehicle I was asked by a friend to drive one of his trucks down while he drove the other. Booking in for once a doddle, helpful staff and no shouting to do this or don’t do that. Stalls, honestly disappointing, large gaps in the various camping fields and display area. Food vendor’s plentiful differing quality in offerings, the tow team professional when we blocked an exit with a vapour locked truck soon had us out of the way and running again, all with a helping hand and smiles even a handshake wishing us well as we meandered back to our plot. The drive back late on Thursday in the hail with high winds and rain interesting, apology to those who think unpleasant thoughts of those who arrive late and go early we are individuals with the choice
  7. Scammell with spare on-top as mentioned above
  8. That is an Albion WD/HD/23N 10-ton 6 x 4 equipped as standard with a very large and thirsty petrol engine and an equally large and expensive to fill 100-gal petrol tank not very quick but easy and fun to drive provided you weren't paying for fuel 3- miles to the gallon at 27-mph
  9. David it's called networking - you knew the guy from whence it came
  10. Possibly those who had issues with hot engines and vapor lock in petrol 432's could be related to the fan drive not operating correctly - as said I didn't have issues always started easily hot or cold and till now was unaware there were issues with petrol powered 432's - but you live and learn
  11. I ran a petrol 432 for many years without issue summer of winter - the only thing that let it down once was the starter motor failed while driving to a show - did a pack lift with a 434 and changed the starter while at the show then two hours home
  12. Nice clear photos – thanks for posting
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