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  1. Thank You for the link just shows what information is out there. The Box in the photos I believe was bought in the US and brought to the UK many years ago then forgotten about. While it would make an interesting exhibit on one of US-Navy trucks I suspect as you say you would need a crane to lift it on or off when full of tools. I assume from what you say the overall colour would be OD and not the gloss black it is now. So possibly it wouldn't be out of place on a Bomb-Service Truck or flightline service vehicle rather than infantry or armoured unit vehicle. Regards removing paint to look for markings an interesting thought, I'll suggest that to its owner many thanks.
  2. This Cantilever Tool-Box assuming its ex-U.S. Navy anyone ideas of age. It’s substantial and would guess if full of tools it’s more than a one person lift
  3. FV 2501(A) Trailer Cargo 2 Tonne Mk-2 Manufacturer Rubery, Owen &Co. Ltd
  4. Baz48

    A/C radio equipment

    It's one of two in similar condition we came across while having a mover around. While it looks tatty it appears complete in reasonable condition certainly suitable for light cleaning to keep the patina. I haven’t been inside it and it’s not likely to be powered up I am curious as to what it is and what the use was. After the move round curiosity may get the better of me and I might take the case off just to see. Thank you for all the comments it's appreciated, radio kit is not my particular interest :- Barry
  5. Baz48

    A/C radio equipment

    Interesting - thank you
  6. It’s an interesting thought while this maybe so I believe the boxes were bought at different farm/plant sales probably decades ago then put into the might be useful one day stillage to be joined over the years by later monition storage boxes. Thanks see what else surfaces.
  7. A/C radio equipment – having a clear out of odd’s and end’s and came across this any idea of what it is and it’s era I’m assuming 1940’s
  8. Hi Gent’s apology for late response and thank you for the replies, interesting especially the 25-Lbs box repurposed, Adrian I took a quick look in them and think that one has what maybe a document case in the lid. If it is Canadian it’s right for the Cheve-C15A the others for the QL. Can either of you you tell me what the munitions in Box marked M104 were, the wording rockets is intriguing again thanks:-
  9. Not sure if there is a section for munitions boxes – so can anyone identify theses boxes recently found in a dark and dismal place one each stamped 1940 and 1942 two 1945 and one US-type 1944 any help will be appreciated:-
  10. Hi I didn’t take it as criticism and nether was my post a criticism of the OY but an observation of its service mods. Like you my interest is British and I include Commonwealth as amongst others I help rebuild and look after is a CMP C-15A which still has its 40’s mod plate riveted onto the back of the engine cover in the cab. I am always open to persuasion and happy to learn something new and have been since first working to install equipment into military vehicles as an apprentice in the early sixties and been working on restoring conserving ex-military vehicles ever since. Its great you get to know nice people.
  11. That's great reff the side covers and that's how I would keep it if I was lucky enough to own it. The rear body how was it modified purely out of interest
  12. Not sure you understood my previous post as intended which was not a criticism, yes vehicle of this age would most likely go through a rebuild program as denoted unusually on the rebuild plate riveted to the frame. My view is it’s up to the owner how they portray their vehicle, what if any genuine service history it may have is explained. Most importantly I think is the owner happy with their vehicle and its historical representation. While I have as yet not owned an OY I have for some time looked after a few owned several QL’s a Dingo an Austin K-6 K-9 and K-3 a Scammell SV/S and numerous others. I have been doing this a long-time and on occasions been asked to judge comment and write leaving others to make their own minds up. As for a vehicle being 70, 80-years old and not undergone some form of restorative work is unlikely. As for the OY in the photo above from what I can see it looks good and one I’d make a point of taking a photo of should I come across it at a show, by the way I found a box of two new old stock sling plates.
  13. Prices on Milweb in my opinion are at best optimistic - but if you the buyer and the seller are happy with what you pay then the price is just right. Regards working on 432's easy if its engine related just lift it out, you only need a crane, lifting frame and straps at least 3-friends deep pockets and you are good to go. If you find it hard unrewarding work why own one
  14. The one above may be on singles and it may be 1940 production while its engine side panels are post 42 singles all round I understand came in end of 40 early 41 for OY's while OW's kept 32x6 single fronts 34x7 twin rear's
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