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  1. Baz48

    Dorchesters, still lurking there?

    Recollections of the Dorchester at IWM Duxford have the crew compartment as 4 individual sections one each for driver and Co-driver centre office section and a rear office section with communication hatches between each as well as sliding roof lights with sliding armoured covers and interesting to drive with limited visability
  2. Baz48

    Caunter-camouflaged gem at the YWE

    It would be a talking point and you have a photo of one in theater but the one in the background appears normal i.e dark in tone - if you paint it like the photo and your not too impressed when finished you can always say it seemed like a good idea at the time - enjoy
  3. Baz48

    Mosquito Refuelling

    Possibly the aircraft behind the subject Mosquito could be a Bristol Brigand inservice dates are about right or possibly its not an RAF type at all could be French or Italian I don't have the tallant others do of perceiving exact colors from monochrom photos
  4. Baz48

    War & Peace Revival - 2018

    eight-ish out of ten for the show - two out of ten for owners of exhibits who park them back on the the road thouse with civi type tents against the road with an old ripped parachute sort of hiding the fact they havant a ex-military one and you are not supposed to notice the car besides the tent - you know the ones who sit around not interested in answering questions should anyone ask about their vehicle - I know there on holiday not actually attending a show who's visitors may like to ask a question out of pure interest - same again next year
  5. Baz48

    What goes here ?

    Sorry no - not a type I knew so did a search on google and that picture appeared - regards what goes here - is there any indication of a cover/doors across the back I would think it unlikely the back was left open to the element - equipment apart from hose and flange fittings possibly funnels for filling containers and measuring containers possibly an earthling lead – whatever an interesting lorry
  6. Baz48

    What goes here ?

    A delightful lorry I'm assuming this is a photo of it in a previous ownership
  7. Baz48

    Bedford MW

    While going through some boxes a friend came across this an Aero Screen frame off of a Bedford MW. What struck me is the width of the frame 5/8 open-ended spanner is there for reference being much narrower than those aero-screen MW’s out there. Does this mean there were two frame sizes anyone know
  8. Baz48

    War & Peace Revival - 2018

    Yep I like a moan went without expectation two visits over the week as mentioned before caught sight of one jobsworth only enjoyed both days no idea where medway or america field where don't recall seeing any signage for them just enjoyed the walk
  9. Baz48

    Caunter-camouflaged gem at the YWE

    The contract date is stated as April 1940 manufactured date could be anytime after that in some cases a year or more after issue, film and anecdotal evidence backs the above comment regarding the underside of the chassis inside the cab and engine bay being left in the colour it was when it arrived in theater, as was the case when my late father arrived in Egypt 41 with there AEC Matadors all areas on the outside and above painted sand inside left Brown - still it looks nice so who cares about authenticity
  10. Baz48

    Caunter-camouflaged gem at the YWE

    Asking price and price sold at are two totally different things there are several vehicles up-for sale on Milweb again that did not reach the asking price first time around or second and in some cases almost annually. Realistic with the price and it will go or am I correct in my assumption some vehicles are done purely for the financial gain
  11. Baz48

    Caunter-camouflaged gem at the YWE

    Just noticed the asking price for this vehicle very deep pockets £22.500 an eye watering amount
  12. Baz48

    Jerry Can tops

    I'm not saying this is gospel but heard somewhere the US-Marines WW-2 used/modified US-standard "jerry-can" with a flip top spout of the German/British type as did the French post war - picked one up recently
  13. Baz48

    Bedford QL 6pdr portee

    I admire your ambition and possibly contact the National Army Museum via their website and see if they can assist through their archives
  14. Baz48

    War & Peace Revival - 2018

    As with all shows there are those who gripe continually and always will whatever the organiser do won’t satisfy those who are looking to find fault. To some the show will never be as good as it was in the old days when whoever you like was running it. For me it would be back before any W&P back to the show at Tenterden and its preserved railway along with a friendly informality but things develop, move on, evolve, and grow into what W&P has become. I’m not a fan of job’s worth’s who perpetuate petty officialdom found them at every show and W&P I’ve been to exhibiting or visitor they were there only this year only witness one in action while a vehicle was being booked in. As for stall’s I/we tend to get our spares whatever by contacts built over the years as well as off the net seldom by chance off a stall at a show. But I’m always looking and occasionally pick something up as I did this year, as others had done on the same stall only the stall holder was much to intent on a mobile phone conversation about fixed speed cameras, momentarily stopping talking to tell those of us waiting to pay he had a call and moved away so he could hear continuing say he wasn’t doing anything special at that moment. What I’d chosen from his assorted bits I left on the seat of the chair he’d just vacated as others who’d been waiting longer than I had done. The guy’s we know on the stalls all said the same, yes they paid a lot for the spot and people were looking but few buying. I enjoyed the show the two days there, meet friends I’d not seen in a while, put the world to rights, bemoaned the passing of the good old days when ex military vehicle could be bought for sensible monies such as the Dodge I bought for thirty quid and wishing I still had it along with any one of my QL’s, Dingo, Munga, K6, K9, Mk-1 432 with fully equipped Peak turret. Those were the days as these are the days of someone else’s youth enjoy it and move on to next year and many of the comments on here now will reappear then .
  15. Baz48

    War & Peace Revival - 2018

    Went to-day met one unhelpful feller at booking in full of his self importance and totally devoid of reasoning every other member of the team a pleasant surprise helpful considerate and polite. If it works a few photos of the show which I think is chaotic in layout fewer stall but most of the usual suspects with a few exceptions -