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  1. Hi Redek - all I have is the Chilwell list which is concerned with Army Soft Skin Vehicles - it dose give contract numbers against census numbers and in a few instances end users - not sure if this helps
  2. Baz48

    Finding the history of my Bedford MWD

    People will always be tempted
  3. Baz48


    From memory there are two carb types fitted on a Munga - one where the two-stroke oil is mixed in the petrol tank with an agitator the other when the oil is pumped from the oil tank under the hood to a point between the carb and the inlet manifold - my Munga had the first type and spares for the carb were readily available
  4. Baz48

    Finding the history of my Bedford MWD

    Z.575407 to 576907 V.3964 39 Bedford Truck 15 cwt 4x2 G.S. " 40 " Truck 15 cwt 4x2 Water V.3904 42 " Truck 15 cwt 4x2 G.S. " 60 " Van 15 cwt 4x2 G.S. Z.4427893 to 4427992 V.3964 53 Bedford Truck 15 cwt 4x2 A/Tk Z.4427993 to 4428426 " 40 " Truck 15 cwt 4x2 W/Tank Z.4428427 to 4434113 " 39 " Truck 15 cwt 4x2 G.S. Z.4434114 to 4434245 " Not Taken Up Z.4434246 to 4434247 V.4569 Bedford Truck 15 cwt 4x2 (Ex-RAF.) taken from the Chilwell list as was my previous post Z before the census number indicates a 15 cwt Truck the Chilwell list is a good place to start not a definitive answer
  5. Baz48

    Finding the history of my Bedford MWD

    The Chilwell list it's basically Army vehicle numbers from 1 to 6277385 contract number catalog ref no (never seen the catalog) make and type occasionally who the vehicles were allocated to or previous owner was with everything between plus numbers not allocated.
  6. Baz48

    Finding the history of my Bedford MWD

    Chilwell list gives Z-1613059 as a rebuilt while Vauxhall give chassis number 31248 a 1942 build date Z.1600000 to 1699999 Rebuilt Trucks
  7. Without wanting to dampen your enthusiasm I would suggest asking the DVLA and your insurance company as to my untrained interpretation of vehicle law you would be required to be licensed as you are looking at hire and reward and all that entails. What type of vehicle is being used is irrelevant it’s the fact money is being asked for in exchange for transport.
  8. Baz48

    AEC Matador 853

    Not sure I have been paying attention somehow missed this interesting restoration. I have heard of Petrol AEC Matadors my father spoke of an odd one in his unit along with what he called Canadian Matadors meaning FWD Tractor 4 x 4 Medium used alongside Matadors to haule 3.7 AA guns. I came across this in a Chilwell list its the only entry mentioning A.E.C petrol Matadors H.4476112 to 4477582 T.9569 29 A.E.C.. Tractor 4x4 Medium (Petrol) " 30 " Tractor 4x4 Medium (Oil)
  9. Baz48

    Bedford OYD data needed

    Hi Nick the pamphlet I mention is available I've seen copies offered for sale at shows like W&P and Stoneleigh covering the period 1927/8 to 1949 I suspect the part you might be interested in is from 1940 the first entry mentioning MW's and last MW entry in 1945. What particular year are you interested in the information given is minimal
  10. Baz48

    Bedford OYD data needed

    I have a copy of a pamphlet entitled "BEDFORD VEHICLES and VAUXHALL CARS supplied to Government Contracts or M.O.W.T Release January 1944" giving OY 3-ton WD chassis for 1941 as OY-36101 to OY-51178 with engine numbers for that period as OY-61672 to OY-79005
  11. Baz48

    RAF land rover Breakdown/tow truck 1960's

    Harvey Frost cranes in the back of ex-military Land Rovers was once common practice - but never say never but unlikely
  12. Baz48

    RAF vehicle camouflage

    Indeed in the UK unlikely in theater of operation - interesting photo all the same -
  13. Baz48

    RAF vehicle camouflage

    I understand a 2" white band was required to be painted around the wings front and back of civilian vehicles as an aid to being seen at night it's unusual to see one along the side and no hint of one on the front or rear wings of the subject vehicle possibly its purpose is to stop people walking into its side
  14. Baz48

    RAF vehicle camouflage

    Not had one of these do you know what it is for a while. The darker patches on the tailboard and rear side of the lorry sides could be an attempt at camouflage that seems at odds with the apparent white side rail of the load bead. Sentry could be Army or Home Guard the men around the wreck appear civilian as dose the lorry (has a closed cab and looks to predate the war) a nice little earner for the contractor and any souvenir hunter among the local youngsters who no doubt got there first, if a friends anecdotes of that time are correct.
  15. Baz48

    42 GMC cckw

    I believe all of the comments made above were made in good faith and what the authors of those posts believed to be correct. A call to the DVLA may be beneficial in regards to legality. The Jimmy is I think an interesting conversion and your mods to the loadbead make it more practical usable vehicle, a vehicle I toyed with bidding on when it was offered for sale. This is a useful forum littered with people who know their subject, the trick is knowing if what's on here is relevant to your needs