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  1. I probably have other photos of the Beaverette some I think as it was being restored by its owner Dave Bygraves in the MT-yard Duxford. When I get a moment I will have a sort through. From memory it was found as shown in a derelict state by Dave near Henlow Bedfordshire and brought to Duxford around 74. After the mechanicals were sorted the missing top to the hull was constructed and welded on, all vision flaps made and fitted. The turret, seat and gun mount donated I think from Holland but that’s only my memory. I have driven it a couple of times best described as interesting. While Cyril Groombridge’s name is familiar he did not own the vehicle when it arrived at Duxford that was as mentioned my friend Dave Bygraves and his mate Eddie Betts. The Chilwell list is to give it its full title = Allocation by Central Census Tank and Vehicles of “B” Vehicles W.D. Numbers first edition Royal Army Ordnance Corps Central Ordnance Depot, Chilwell (Hence it known as the Chilwell list) inside the front cover = Schedule of allocations of W.D. numbers to “B” vehicles Chilwell 23 Nov 44. There are additions to this list passed the date shown on the cover and included in the list I had (lent and not returned) I have subsequently been loan a list to copy digitally for my own use
  2. I have seen the above photo a few times and unlike the one the IWM have this one appears to be constructed out of one single plate for the hull side’s not but welded sections of the one at Duxford. Out of interest there are six entries in the Chilwell list M.4310618 onwards covering Standard Car 4x2 Armoured Mk.1. Mk.II. Mk.III, and Mk.IV
  3. Fordson WOT 1 Tanker / Fuel Bowser

    Until this thread I didn't know of a Fordson WOT-1 tanker and so far the only reference I have found to a Fordson WOT-1 as a tanker is in training pamphlet to do with rafting and bridging published 1944 in the section RAF vehicles saying Fordson WOT1, 6x4 Petrol 1,000-gal but no equivalent under Army. As the pamphlet is April 1944 listing bridge classifications of vehicles other than "A" vehicles and mechanical equipment it gives a fairly comprehensive listing of vehicle makes, types and their use along with trailer manufacturas types and use for both the Army and RAF. I know Bedford QL 950 and 1,000-gal tankers accompanied the 2-nd Tac Air Force so possibly did the WOT-1 tanker support the vehicle logistical side of the Air Force post D-Day as in the photos I can't see any pump gear.
  4. 1100 x 20 tyres

    Had a similar issue fitting 10-50 x 16's for a friends Bedford OY just couldn't get the bead onto the rim the internal diameter of the tyre at the bead appeared smaller than the O/D of the rim. I had heard of trimming the bead with a knife or grinder!!!!! but thought that a little drastic at best and possibly damaging the integrity of the tyre. The way we achieved the fit without any mod's was to remove all the paint the owner had liberally applied around the inner faces of the wheel discs to reduce friction (having changed a few British wartime wheels and tyres in the past I do not recall the inner discs of the wheel being painted in anything other than occasionally a very thin coat of red primer) remove all scale and debris from the wheel halves and both sides of the gaiter if used. Slip the inner tube into the tyre then the gaiter and slightly very slightly inflates the tube with the valve removed just to settle the tube in the tyre and deflate. We used a metal stool to support the wheel disc above the ground so the full weight of the tyre is acting on the wheel disc. A-lined the second wheel disc onto the tyre then using three large diameter bolts through from the bottom wheel disc to the top wheel disc tighten the nuts on the bolts a half turn at a time pulling one wheel disc down onto the other while using copious quantities of tyre soap and washing up liquid as a lubricant. Ensuring the gaiter is centred at all times avoiding trapping it in between the disks. As soon as three of more full threads of the outer wheel studs are showing through the wheel disc finger fit the outer ring of wheel nuts and progressively tighten. Remove the three bolts carefully inflate the tyre and fit – if anything this is just a thought
  5. Russian Gas 69

    As said it's looking good, I'm curious how did a Gaz-69 come to be in Iceland
  6. Russian Gas 69

    Looks good how long has it taken you
  7. RAF Vehicle Identity Required

    Piggy-back in place of towing maybe due to narrow track of trailer with a high centre of gravity equals unstable tow on roads as shown in photo's - just a guess and a little experience of gensets
  8. Albion CX22

    Land Warfare Hall IWM Duxford
  9. Albion CX22

    Found this in some old photos from the seventies
  10. RAF Vehicle Identity Required

    This is an old Albion but sadly no-more
  11. RAF Vehicle Identity Required

    If you look over the left as you look at the Airman there is a partial sight of another Aircraft, not a AW Whitley but what a Hudson perhaps or HP Hampden - I know it's not RAF vehicles but it is identification
  12. RAF vehicle camouflage

    An interesting set of photographs thank you for sharing them – the OY with the roundel on the bonnet besides not having rear-view mirrors on the door as would be usual for an OY and the odd roof hatch covering it has a curious arm attached above the left hand headlamp at about 45-deg – for a pennant maybe. On the right side (left as you look at it) of the front grill are the numbers 22** with a diagonal stripe possibly a unit marking
  13. RAF vehicle camouflage

    That's interesting and gives the photo provenance missing in the original post
  14. RAF vehicle camouflage

    Apart from the stripe over the bonnet and cab roof I see nothing there to suggest the vehicle is anything other than an OY. No indication of unit marking British or German nor census number. The photo is taken from slightly above the level of ground the OY stands on possibly a bank if the blurred stuff in the foreground is grass, who was using it at the time the photo was taken may just be speculation