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  1. Lets hope you get a refund, this is not good news for anyone in our hobby,
  2. I can remember a demolish job in the old Rotherwas bomb factory in Hereford, Some of the roads were made of ash and the tracks from carriers were used to stabilise them, I recall tons of these going for scrap. If only we knew, loads would have been stored.
  3. Is it complete with Diff please, or just the axle casing
  4. Hello, I'm looking for a WW2 style US army tent please, pm of message me if you have one for sale please, Thanks Colin 07776 153423
  5. If you weld a small bead of weld around the inner bearing surface they will fall out, Some Tractor spares places have replacement wheel nuts that may work,
  6. I have changed the title, thanks for the information
  7. There is a small tear in the inner wall flap,
  8. I’m selling my 9 x 9 wolf tent, rear access for connecting Landrover etc, call me on 07776 153423 thanks Colin
  9. Hi all, I'm looking for a set of Dodge WC front doors. does anyone have any for sale please? Regards Colin
  10. A little bit of help is worth a lot of sympathy 😀
  11. Hello Everyone, I'm looking for a used, good condition US Army WW2 Small Wall Tent with pegs and poles by Kay Canvas or similar please? Cheers, Colin
  12. Hello, I'm looking for a rear shock absorber connector link for a Dodge WC51, does anyone have any about of know where to locate one please? Regards Colin
  13. Hello again, Do freewheel hubs on the front of a Dodge make much difference, where is the best place to get them from? regards Colin
  14. Where do I buy spares for the Dodge please, I want to get a coil and a few parts for spares? cheers colin
  15. Thank you Tony Excellant advice kind regards colin
  16. Hi Tony, Thank you for the really useful information. May I ask if it’s possible to get a photo of the Wing LEDs please and any other information that you may have to hand, kind regards Colin
  17. Hello Everyone, I have now purchased a Dodge WC51. I’m due to collect it next weekend. I’m looking for advice for a few things please. Is there a way of upgrading the direction indicators, to make them more visible for safety? Does anyone know of a method of using 12 volt items with the 6 volt system? Is here a concealed method of making the vehicle more theft proof? I may replace the canvass sometime in the future, what is the best supplier of these? What type of clothing did the soldiers wear that drove this type of vehicle? Anyone got any clothes to sell? Thank you all, kind regards Colin
  18. I'm still looking for a nice WC 51 or 52. Or ideally a Canadian APT, please text or message me if you know of one or have one to sell, Regards Colin
  19. Thanks Jeremy, I plan to get a mil tent and come along when possible, I’m working in Derby until the end of February and who knows what after that, it will be good to catch up over Xmas
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