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  1. dont worry rob you could have a clutch face made of rice pudding and i doubt the meadows diesel would have the power to chew that up unlike andys petrol power house great work tho andy so when your finished where do we form a orderly que with out best silppers in hand ?
  2. thanks pete. dosent matter what your driveing to war and peace nothings ever easy. we just all know its worth it when we get there :beer:
  3. used a company we use at work http://www.jones-springs.co.uk/ stripped cleaned re temperd and new clamps made for £165 the pair. not worth me messing round with them for that money . living van is bare as it was so ideal for me to do what i want to it
  4. thanks daz .like you have not been on here in a while allso well i thought it was time i did a little update even tho i have not been posting for a while the work on floyd has continued . over the christmas holidays i was prepareing floyd for the local new years day road run when suddenly the main air tank decided that it was going to leak . on inspection the tank had rusted and gone thin so was removed from the truck and had a new barrell welded into it. now is good as new . to get the tank out the only way i could was too release the u bolts and lift the chassis off the axel to give me room to drop the tank out the bottom past the diff . whille the tank was being welded i sent the rear leaf spings away to be re tempered and rebuilt at the same time . also i have decided my trusty little hobbit box is no longer big enough so a replacemet has been found and purchased . :cool2:
  5. nice to see some progress on the old girl mate sorry to hear about the water works but u know u have to keeps daisys well watered. :-D
  6. thank u one and all i dont get many pressant thesedays ive got a scammell what more do i need :-D
  7. just a short clip of me playing at dorset . sorry i havent been very active on here latly but i would just like to say a thank u to all the people on the forum who followd this thread and gave me tips and advice on the best way to compleat the engine swap allso a big thanks to gritineye ( bernard ) for the many emalis which helped me get back on track when i thort all was lost . i would not have made it to dorset this year without the help from bernard and others . nick / younggun
  8. hello there nick welcome to the forum just had a look at your churchill you have done a loverly job there , mite catch u around redditch some time i am quite easy to spot just look for the deep bronze green scammell explorer bombing about of a weekend :cool2: younggun / nick
  9. the compressor keeps up fine no propblems at all with that . dont mention the windscreen i was haveing a bad day lifting the engnine in :mad:
  10. yes mate clutch brake works fine u dont know what your missing
  11. oh trust me i was smileing got that stupid grin back on my face only driveing an explorer can give u , i will give do a better vid of the jake brake when its got a silencer on was rearly to noisy to do it properly yesterday . it has two settings hige and low low setting the jake brake only operates on 3 cylenders and on highe all 6 . yea the whistling is a feture of most of oldguns vids as many may have noticed
  12. The name and the legend once more lives on
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