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    bridge of earn perth scotland
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  1. wanted a single two gallon can carrier required prefer central scotland /perthshire ect as for collecting does anyone have one spare thank you text 07747165687 danarmdave@btinternet.com
  2. danarmdave

    Austin K2/Y Ambulance register

    hi radek the k2 picture third down was taken at our wedding many years ago the k2 is now deralict state criminal the guy just do anything but if anyone showed interest it would have a ten grande price tag on it
  3. danarmdave

    Austin K2/Y Ambulance register

    hi radek the second set of pictures shows a k2 side on that picture was taken at my wedding we used the ambulance as transport from the registars to the reception and back to scone where the picture was taken sadly the k2 is now just a wreck the roof has collapsed the windows broken all wood well rotted and he wont do anything with it danarmdave