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  1. Thanks for the responses, interesting to know none of the later tanks had similar plates fitted but did have it in their instruction manuals. Possibly the manufacturer of the tank Nuffield Mechanizations and Aero thought they were needed so it would interesting to know if they fitted it the earlier Crusader tanks they built? Perhaps because it was a training tank they thought this plate would be needed to train the crews?
  2. Hi all, Something a bit unusual a lubrication chart data plate for a Cavalier tank that I think was fitted to the inside of the tank? It has the diagram of the tank and then numbers coming of different parts that match the numbers in the list with the type of lubrication needed. does anyone know where in the tank this plate would be located? and if any other tanks had similar plates fitted or if it was peculiar to the Cavalier? Many thanks,
  3. The plates for most ww1 British wagons are fairly hard to come across despite so many wagons being built. Most of the plates we have come across , the vehicles can be found in the cheap but excellent shire publication of "Discovering Horse-Drawn Transport of the British army book". Seems a pretty complete list apart from the officers mess cart . Trying to find a specific Company like North Eastern Railway is harder because there was so many different companies involved. A water wagon plate and Front limber for horse draw artillery. A few of ours are ground dug. Does anybody have a list of the factory code letters for the wagon makers ?
  4. Interesting to hear that there was a Dingo W/T as some of the plates with WT have it W/T but some don't. It may imply that the tank was a command or communications tank. The only other thought was that it stood for Weight or Width Transport and meant the tank was ready for transportation by rail or transporter. The Cruiser plate was a bring back by a GI from North Africa. Has anybody else come across the WT stamp on any other vehicle plates ?
  5. Hi, Does any tanker out there know what the "WT" stamp on tank data plates means. Seems to be on most mid war tank plates and seems to have been stamped after the tank was built. Only idea is that it meant Water Tight but why would a crusader tank need to be water tight. Also Welded Turret doesn't fit either. It can be seen on Churchill Mark 4 , Crusader and a matilda "ground dug from the Ukraine", plates. Thanks Hamble
  6. Thanks fv1609 for the links , Interesting to learn of the contents and use for the cart but the photo link doesn't seem to work although its good to know someone is restoring such a interesting wagon
  7. Hi, Sadly we only have the data plate for the officers mess cart but I would love to know what one actually looks like , any photos or drawings around Cheers Hamble
  8. Hi all , I am a Long term collector of WW1 and WW2 instruments and have been browsing this forum for quite a while and recently have seen some posts relating to restorations that I believe I can comment on so decided to make a account . Thanks Hamble
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