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  1. charlie1944

    WANTED Matchless G3L

    Yep,that’s what I was gonna check them against. ill drop him a reminder as not heard back yet
  2. charlie1944

    WANTED Matchless G3L

    Yes I got an email about the one on the other forum,just waiting to hear about frame and engine numbers
  3. charlie1944

    WANTED Matchless G3L

    Do you have a link? Think I tried looking before but kept coming up Aston Martin oc. will post again on bsa site later tonight and see.
  4. charlie1944

    WANTED Matchless G3L

    Yes I have seen that one and have messaged to ask for the frame no. And engine no. On eBay and milweb,he did reply on milweb with engine no but not frame no and is now not replying when I’ve asked. as you say at a reasonable price it could be the basis to get it right,but would rather something a bit more complete wartime spec hence asking on here.
  5. charlie1944

    WANTED Matchless G3L

    Thanks,I did a few months ago but didn’t get any joy. i may submit another request and see what it brings. thanks for the help
  6. charlie1944

    WANTED Matchless G3L

    Hi,would appreciate any heads up in my search for a matchless G3l
  7. charlie1944

    1940 MkII Helmet - Khaki Green No.3 Paint?

    Khaki green no3 (kg3)
  8. charlie1944

    1940 MkII Helmet - Khaki Green No.3 Paint?

    Sorry don’t know why it tagged that quote to the top
  9. charlie1944

    1940 MkII Helmet - Khaki Green No.3 Paint?

    I have previously read somewhere that helmets were in fact painted kg3 but after a while oxidised and they turned to the brown colour most are seen, leading most to believe the helmets were painted service brown. the colour we know use for our BEF helmets are now kg3
  10. charlie1944

    WW2 Side Hat

    Is your battledress badged up as a particular regt/unit? might be cheaper/easier to get a repro beret from sof,about one of the only things they sell that are not half bad.
  11. charlie1944

    1940 Matchless G3WO (panel tank) motorcycle for sale

    Beautiful bike!
  12. charlie1944

    WW2 Jeep WANTED!

    Maybe have a browse at war and peace and drive home.
  13. charlie1944

    Matchless G3L

    Thats great thank you.ill give him a call
  14. charlie1944

    Matchless G3L

    Have finally decided on what bike I'm looking for. if any one knows of or hears of any matchless G3L's for sale could you please give me a heads up please. have been checking the usual sites but nothing at the moment. any help much appreciated
  15. charlie1944

    British motorcycle

    Thanks for the link. ill keep a look out on there as well as other places I check up on,hopefully I will find something over the summer.