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  1. Hi any one out there got a a set of fairlead rollers and pulles, fittings from a Explorer, I'm not sure if they are the same as the Pioneer or Matador. Or a set from an Albion CX22S Any thing considered. Thanks
  2. Albion CX22

    Nice pic
  3. Graveyard

    Just wondered if any one ever found out were this place was ?
  4. Albion CX22

    Still in green,
  5. Hi anyone know anyone who has an Albion CX22s that they are breaking or have broken for parts. PS I forgot to add that I'm after the 3 winch cable pulleys and frame and the 2 centre rollers and 2 rear rollers if any one has any ideas, may be from similar vehicle. Thanks
  6. 20170709_122147.jpg

  7. 20170709_122102.jpg

  8. Trailer

    Thanks for the input guys
  9. Trailer

    I was just looking through different Albion picture's on the net and I came across this one and I was wondering what sort of trailer is being towed as it looks to have a railway caridge on it, is it a tank transporter or somthing else. With all the expert knowldge on HMVF I thought some one probley knows. Thanks
  10. Thanks really want a cx22s manual
  11. Hi dose any one have an Albion WD CX22s Workshop Manual for sale a good photo copy would do. Any help Please Skippypete
  12. Hi can anyone help I need to replace the 6 torsion bar rubbers on my cx22. The same axle configuration may have been used on other Albion models any help please.