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  1. Hi i saw this Albion cx22s advert on eBay a while ago and i wondered where it ended up. Has any one got any pictures. Thanks
  2. Do you still take your Albion out to shows or is it on permanent display at Duxford. Ive only every seen 3 mine my fathers and one other that was in a sorry state.
  3. Ive not seen any where such a wheel could be placed.
  4. Can any one tell me where the Albion WD CX22s carried its massive spare wheel, may be some one may have a picture. Thanks
  5. Just to say I used speedycables got a new cable made up at a reasonable price and a good turn around time. Recommended.
  6. I think it may have been with a bit of yellow on the back
  7. I know its a long shot I was just wondering if any one out there knew what happened to the scammell Pioneer that belonged to Swain & Jones of Farnham Surrey. They were a Leyland dealership and they used the Scammell as there recovery lorry. I used to walk past it on my way to school when I was a kid. I'd like to think it was still about some where. Thanks Skip
  8. Hi can any one help please my rev counter cable has snapped any one know of one thats for sale or one that might fit from another engine or even know a way to repair one. Thanks
  9. There is a 1500-20 dunlop bar grip on the Facebook market page for Wells Somerset £125.00 looks be new. I will try and post the link
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