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  1. Thanks really want a cx22s manual
  2. Hi dose any one have an Albion WD CX22s Workshop Manual for sale a good photo copy would do. Any help Please Skippypete
  3. Hi can anyone help I need to replace the 6 torsion bar rubbers on my cx22. The same axle configuration may have been used on other Albion models any help please.
  4. AUSTIN FFK Brake parts

    Hi can any one help I'm looking for brake parts for an Austin FFK 5 ton petrol enginened lorry. This Austin belongs to a mate it's under restoration at the moment. He's looking for wheel cylinders and a servo. Any help or ideas please. Thanks
  5. Hi any recomendations for a modern oil for a 1940s Albion cx22s and any ideas for oil for the steering box may be ep90? And if you have any lubrication idearsvfor any other parts, id be interested to hear your views modern oils whats good whats bad. Thanks skip
  6. WH Smith's Circus Transport

    Hi just been in to my local WH Smith's they have a magazine on circus transport with some great pictures of ex MOD trucks used for circus transport. Well worth a look.
  7. Albion CX22

    Still in green and in the New Forest
  8. Batterys

    Thanks for all the info on Batteries a local farm supply store found me just the right ones. The old girls up and running again. But a word of warning with the price of scrap metal slowly on the way up keep an eye on your batteries as theft is on the increase.
  9. Batterys

    Ha Ha Ok thanks for the lesson in spelling, predictive text can have it's faults.
  10. Batterys

    Hi can any one help I need to know what size batterys would be best for an Albion cx22, ie amp ah. Thanks
  11. Hi can anyone tell me what type of wood was originally used to build the cab on a CX22S. And also was the 10ltr EN44c engine used in any other Albion models. Thanks skippypete
  12. Albion CX22S

    Hi was was interested to know if this Albion has now been fully restored and are there any pictures. Thanks
  13. Albion cx22s Where ?

    Thanks for the info on this Albion. Is Smallfield down near Gatwick, and any info on who is selling.
  14. Any one know what happened to this Albion cx22s ?