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  1. Is BA16 the one that ended up in the Littlefield Collection?.
  2. Maybe those area's are supplied from refineries that only produce ethanol polluted petrol.
  3. I hope the biker isn't badly hurt.. https://www.somersetlive.co.uk/news/somerset-news/motorcyclist-suffers-injuries-following-collision-2111469?fbclid=IwAR3GhS4ySBjVrAhGR5zDt7a-eE5X-x_l-Bzry5h39bfMK33pCe4-0jKM2mo
  4. Regarding petrol, Esso Synergy Supreme Plus doesn't have any ethanol in it.
  5. The Tank Museum is getting the Yank Elephant on loan for a Tiger exhibition.:-D
  6. http://ww2live.com/es/content/world-war-2-panther-ii-prototype-has-new-fresh-coat-paint-14-impressive-images
  7. http://ww2live.com/en/content/world-war-2-amazing-finding-bunker-turret-using-pzkpfw-ii-turret-discovered-poland-ghosts
  8. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3692189/World-War-II-tank-pulled-bottom-Russian-river.html
  9. According to this it re-opened 7 July, but looks like there have been problems http://www.iow-charm.org.uk/ http://onthewight.com/2015/04/10/police-stop-managers-of-military-museum-entering-site/
  10. PanzerJohn


  11. One of my most favourite films ever...
  12. Tiger 1's, Bovingdon 1 (runner), France 2, Saumur and Vimoutier wreck, Germany 1 (Late assembled from wreckage),Russia 2, Kubinka (internal damage) and wreck at Lenino ,USA 1, sides cutaway. There is at least 1 more being made from wreckage and 2 rumoured to have come from Russia, 1 to USA, 1 to UK Kev Wheatcroft has large chunks of several wrecks King Tigers, UK 2, France 1 runner,Belgium 1, Germany 1, USA 1, Russia 1, Switzerland 1,, there is a wreck under a road in France and Kev Wheatcroft has large chunks of several wrecks. info here.. http://the.shadock.free.fr/Surviving_Tigers.pdf
  13. Deep pockets and welding gear needed.. http://www.milweb.net/webvert/76378
  14. http://www.auctionsamerica.com/events/all-lots.cfm?order=lotnumber&noreserve&Day&category&year=Year+or+Lot+Number&make&model=Model&SaleCode=LC14
  15. IMO Escape to Victory, a film which is so wrong on so many levels. :nut:
  16. https://www.facebook.com/DasPanzermuseum
  17. A really nice man, will be sadly missed. He could never understand all the fuss about Wittman.
  18. I went Sunday and had a great time, shame about the rain later on. This event gets better each year, and I hope it continues,I've sent my protest form off to the misery guts at the local council.
  19. Worst for me is Escape to Victory, it is so bad in every way possible.
  20. Thats great news, it was a smashing event last year and I have really been looking forward to this years event.
  21. I must have been standing alongside you.. 'allo,'allo.....
  22. Looks like I may need my wellies tomorrow, although the weather is said to be turning fair. I need my 3 day fix badly!.
  23. So Rex finally got Greg a company car then......
  24. PanzerJohn

    Tiger 1

    Can you imagine the result if Mike Gibb and the SDKFZ team were to get their hands on the Vimoutier Tiger?. Something needs to be done with it before it rots away.
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