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  1. There is not much on this forum to suggest anyone is considering going to WPR 2018. Perhaps its not sunny enough to get excited about just yet? https://warandpeacerevival.com/military-vehicles/
  2. LarryH57

    War & Peace Revival - 2018

    Does anyone know if it is possible to arrive without pre-booking and pay on entry for an MV and two persons.
  3. LarryH57

    War & Peace Revival - 2018

    I'd rather not pre-book and pay later, because they might be really upset if there is one less Lightweight Landrover at the show if I don't turn up! Lwts are getting rarer now (well ones that have not been restored all out of all recognision!)
  4. LarryH57

    War & Peace Revival - 2018

    Also does anyone know if it is possible to arrive without pre-booking and pay on entry for an MV and two persons. Sadly my friend may be in hospital in which case I won't go.
  5. LarryH57

    W & P Blatant Spamming

    I think I will subscribe then just to see how bad it has got. Perhaps they need a webster and a marketing manager
  6. LarryH57

    W & P Blatant Spamming

    You really should be able to unsubscribe, as GDPR directive from the EU applies to all, even clubs and societies with a minimum mumber of members and whether or not the organisation is registered with the ICO. So send them a note if there is no Unsubscribe button, and mention the ICO
  7. LarryH57

    War & Peace Revival - 2018

    If thats true then, all the small tracked armour of Uninversal Carrier size won't be turning up?
  8. LarryH57

    MOT & Road Tax Free

    In 2020 my Lwt will be 40 years old but does the MOT and Road Tax exemption relate to when the vehicle was built or first registered for the road as a civi vehicle? Hopefully not the latter as the Army had it till January 1991 but it was built circa November 2020
  9. LarryH57

    What was a TCV in WW2

    I'm currently reading the book The Black Bull by Patrick Delaforce about the 11th Armd Div in NW Europe in 1944-45. While the book mentions Sherman and Cromwell tanks, Jeeps, Armoured Cars, Carriers, and Halftracks etc it also mentions the use of TCV vehicles. What was a TCV?
  10. Might it be that forums are dying out as everyone ends up on Facebore which I don't subcribe to.
  11. LarryH57

    Claiming a bit of land.

    I have ordered the same weather for this year!
  12. LarryH57

    What was a TCV in WW2

    I was wondering if it was possibly reference to a converted Priest SP without the 75mm gun or a Canadian RAM. It sort of gets mentioned in the context of them travelling along with the tanks and I wonder if a 3 tonner might be a bit too vulnerable up the sharp end. Hopefully someone might know if 11th Armd Div used converted Priest or RAMs
  13. LarryH57

    RAF Vehicle Identity Required

    I'm trying to identify this truck in the background near a AW Whitley and know whether it is an RAF vehicle or some kind of impressed civi vehicle like removal van. It seems to have a swing out door at the rear, or is that a box? Also it seems to me that it is camouflaged with white painted round the mudguards, which is quite rare for an RAF camouflaged truck. Your thoughts?
  14. LarryH57

    War & Peace Revival - 2018

    Thanks Nick, I do hope it is as relaxed as you say and that it grows back to what it ised to be when at Beltring!
  15. LarryH57

    War & Peace Revival - 2018

    I have not booked yet for WPR but I could not see much in the way of terms and conditions on the WPR webpage. In particular I'm looking for details of wether the organisers still have the attitude that if you can't come for the whole week don't come! Sadly I have a family event on the last day - 28th - so may need to come home on Friday night. As some of you may be aware not everyone in the household appreciates MV's Lastly there seems a lack of posts in this part of HMVF so is there a feeing that many MV owners won't attend?
  16. LarryH57

    Lwt Fuel Pipe in the Fuel Tank

    Can anyone with a Land Rover Lwt confirm if there is supposed to be a gauze end on the bottom of the vertical fuel pipe inside the under seat tanks when they were built? Mine has nothing on the end and yet I have seen a very old unusable pipe that had gauze fitted, and I'm wondering if its a mod? Luckily I have a fuel pump glass bowl filter and one just before the carb but the more the better. I have a part number for the pipe, NTC2159 but I cannot seem to find one with a gauze end on the usual suppliers web pages offering replacement parts.
  17. LarryH57

    Lwt Fuel Pipe in the Fuel Tank

    Yes I see your point. Did the flakes then starve the engine of fuel?
  18. LarryH57

    30 Assault Unit in WW2

    I have found the answer; the unit used a blue fouled anchor on a white square background. The 30 in white was on a blue background the colour of which is hard to tell. At W&P circa 2008 there was a 30AU living history group and they used a middle 'Chelsea blue' on their vehicles. Wartime Jeeps in B&W show a darker colour but that is hard to determine! http://30au.co.uk/Ships,_Boats_%26_Subs.html#14
  19. LarryH57

    30 Assault Unit in WW2

    A friend of mine is looking to discover the formation sign for the 30 Assault Unit. This unit was the brainchild of Ian Fleming and was a small, highly mobile fighting unit charged with securing information, material and prisoners of high military intelligence value. As a Royal Navy unit, underwater warfare targets were a priority for 30AU but, after D-Day, V1 and V2 sites became targets. In NW Europe, 30AU had wheeled armoured vehicles and various soft skins. The softskins generally had RN census numbers such as 54201 RN for a Dodge Weapons Carrier but its Jeeps had census numbers with the standard M prefix. Staghound armoured cars had the standard F prefix but C15TA armoured carriers had RN census numbers. The Arm of Service was a white 30 (disregarded WO regulations) on a blue background. But what did it use as its formation sign? A blue fouled anchor on a white circle has been suggested. Can anyone help on this?
  20. LarryH57

    30 Assault Unit in WW2

    Any clues to the colour of the Anchor on the white square anyone? I have an idea the late Chris Davies Ex RM and MVT member was researching units like this in WW2
  21. Interesting youtube video to give you hope! Some military stuff in the second half BTW
  22. LarryH57

    Never give up hope of getting it started!

    I wonder if this is the vehicle that one or other side in the Ukraine & Donetsk conflict got going from a war memorial or similar and used in the fighting?
  23. Does anyone know what colour of 6pdr AT gun Ammo boxes were in WW2. Were they issued in colours to match vehicle colours the same way German kit started to be 'sand yellow' after Feb 1943, or were UK 6 pdr Ammo boxes just churned out of the factory in one colour throughout WW2. We are all used to seeing gloss brown ammo boxes these days but I thought that was a post-war colour.
  24. LarryH57

    Question , Bomb trolly identification ??

    Nick, You got in first but my comment was to be that its too lightweight to be a bomb trailer. Plus the straps to hold cases in place, might indicate a luggage trolly
  25. LarryH57

    Colour of 6pdr AT gun Ammo boxes in WW2

    Were they ever gloss brown or green in WW2?