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    Im up for this event as I live in Middlesex. I'll send a PM Larry
  2. Dear Friends, Next weekend it is Miltracks in Overloon, and I wonder if anyone on here has gone and can comment on their visit regarding getting there from the UK by rail, bus or driving themselves. If you own a MV other than a German Sd Kfz type or Axis beute type, can you take that along? Also accomodation; whats available - hotels B&B. Can you camp anywhere? Their web site; https://www.google.co.uk/search?source=hp&ei=lVvZXNvAAoHewALC3YqwAw&q=militracks+2019&oq=&gs_l=psy-ab.1.2.35i39l6.0.0..3016...2.0..0.428.428.4-1......0......gws-wiz.....6.r8scChkK1hY
  3. My mate who is away at the moment may be able to comment as he is ex-MOD vehicle mechanic. Give me a week or so. Regards Larry
  4. Has anyone helped with this question? Which part of the world are you in?
  5. I know that the MVT AGM on Sunday 7th April starts around 1pm and is to be held at the Coventry Motor Museum (16 Hales Street, Coventry CV1 1JD) but can anyone tell me how long it lasts, as I need to be in London later. I could not find the details on the MVT website.
  6. A relative of mine who is more in to F1 racing cars, told me that last November he went to Donnington to see the Wheatcroft Museum, which contained F1 cars and a host of German MVs He said the museum was closing for good. Or was it just for the winter season. Has it closed for good?
  7. I try to avoid politics on this site (even if I agree praying hard, down on my knees with you ferretfixer), but a newly found consequence of this Directive will be that Shazam will no longer be able to function. For us oldies, Shazam allows a snippet of music to be played and for it to be identified. Sadly the legally-binding filter the tech company will be forced to integrate into its algorithm will essentially crash the platform, as any attempt to identify music snippets in Shazam will be flagged as use of copyrighted material and be blocked by the filter. So now if I cannot identify that obscure hit from yesteryear, or the youngsters identify a new release being played somewhere, we will be unable to buy the record. Consequently its an own goal by Sony and Universal and RIP Shazam. Still back to MVs - it would be nice to have a HMVF Moderator response (via their lawyers) for our information, as I'm mightily worried that reposting something from elsewhere will be soon be blocked. As all web surfers we know that sometimes we might look at a sight unrelated to our hobby and find a really interesting MV photo, such as one linked to someone having their 70th wedding aniversary who met in WW2 or a property history that mentions its WW2 usage.
  8. Dare I say it, the most useful online tech firms are typically based in the USA so a bit of USA bashing to support the (non) existing EU based tech firms seems to be the motive. For the majority of web users, surfing is free, the things we view we don't pinch for our own financial benefit. Soon the mods of every forum will be so scared that nothing will be posted of use, and any posts that get through will be monitored for political content (as in France) and any other subject the powers that be decide to ban. On some sites you cannot even mention the name of a bit of kit carried by soldiers that shoots people. Its the start of a freedom of expression limiting exercise, may not now but soon!
  9. Simon, I appreciate your points as a professional photographer regarding copyright. However, I cannot share your optimism over this EU Directive regarding simple people like me, who find interesting / historic photos online and like to post them on HMVF to add to our historic MV knowledge or perhaps show parts of vehicles to assist in restorations etc. Surely photos posted on the web already are fair game for sharing and if someone doesn't want to share then they won't post. Its not as if the photo cannot be viewed already and I'm not doing it for profit.
  10. I certainly agree that nicking peoples work and labelling up as your own or over writing it with comments is wrong. But getting back to this Forum, if for example I spot a photo on the web that supports my study of RAF Camo schemes in WW2, will I be causing problems for HMVF whether I post a link or a copy of the actual photo? The same might apply to YouTube; if I see a video of say a guy who runs his Lwt on beer and bananas and post the link on here are the 'owners' of HMVF going to get sued by the owner of the YouTube video? Interestingly over the years of searching eBay I know that many people selling WW2 photos have actually copied some from official sources and sold copies as their own, so I wonder how eBay will police that, as the seller might actually be selling an original print taken and printed in WW2 whereas another bloke might be selling a scan of the original as his own? Of course the biggest losers in all this will be the youth of today who post memes, which can involve getting a photo off the web and adding a funny caption, just for fun and not for profit. In my opinion the EU Copyright Directive is going to be a law of unintended consequences a bit like the Violet Crime Reduction Act that has done nothing to reduce the crimes it was set out to do. If I post on the web only using bright orange and blue images will that satisfy the EU Copyright Directive? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. For many, this EU Directive, makes it more difficult for tech giants to make money and gather traffic from copyright violations sounds good in theory. But experts like the inventor of the World Wide Web, Tim Berners-Lee, havetaken issue with two pieces of the legislation that they warn could have enormous unintended consequences. Article 13 requires web platforms to make their “best efforts” to obtain licenses to copyrighted material before it is uploaded to their platforms and changes the current standard of requiring platforms to simply comply with copyright takedown requests. The expectation is that platforms will have to use blunt upload filters to deal with the flood of user-generated content, and the most draconian moderation practices will become the new normal. In both cases, critics argue that the directive is too vague and efforts to fix the issues are shortsighted. The primary concern is that the legislation will do the exact opposite of what it’s intended to do. Publishers will suffer as it becomes more difficult to share articles or discover news, and instead of paying for a license, companies like Google will just stop displaying the results as they’ve done when similar rules were tried in Spain. Smaller platforms or startups that allow users to upload content, meanwhile, won’t have a chance of competing with the Facebooks of the world that can afford massive moderation operations and still fail to get it right. The idea of fair use will become null and void as companies and other online forums decide it’s not worth the headache to allow a re-post and risk legal liability. Each EU country has two years to implement this directive. Time for a lawyer I guess?
  12. Dear Mods, Now that the European Union has just passed the Copyright Directive and in particular Articles 13 and 11, how is this forum going to manage when members such as myself re-posts an item on here that I have spotted on Youtube or a photo off the web for general discussion when I do not hold the copyright? I'd be interested if this EU Directive banning such re-posting will ruin my enjoyment of this forum. I cannot find any exemptions for the likes of us the MV owning community.
  13. What use would an attachment be if it was to cover the end of a paddle? Is it some kind of NBC gear, to attach to a paddle for canoeing through contaminated water? Seriously though, it would be useful to know what it is made of and the weight and size?
  14. Substantially Changed ? Now where have I heard those words before?
  15. How much does it cost to get the Perenti FFR from the UK to Australia and back again? I'd love to attend Corowa in my Lwt
  16. According to what I have read of the rules, it would seem that .303fan (in his post at the top of page 24) cannot claim MOT exempt if he has changed his 2.25l petrol enging for a diesel engine, in his 1975 Land Rover
  17. In the Army there was always black camo painting being carried out on newly delivered vehicles by untrained squaddies like me and one of the first (stupid) questions on the day of painting was "Shall I wash the Landrover before I paint it Sarg?" to which the answer was " What do you flucking think? Do you want to be here all day?" NB - As Sarg had usually buggered off for a smoke or cuppa we often took the liberty of painting the canvas tilt too, as having the camo stopping at a straight edge looked odd. Interestingly I don't remember any of the tilts rotting or cracking very quickly, so is it a myth that paint instantly ruins the canvas? My own Lwt (ex 7th Para RHA) had a camo painted tilt for several years after it was cast until the previous owner drove under a height restriction in a car park and ripped it in half!
  18. Out of interest for a British vehicle such as a Land Rover or Bedford truck, were all the military plates fitted made of steel or aluminum and did they all have 'silver edging' to the plate?
  19. I should have said, old vehicles in a new scheme in WW2 happened a great deal. The only problem in MV circles is giving a newer vehicle a retro scheme from a time before it was made!
  20. Sometimes you just don't get the response you expect! I once got two WW2 veterans together after more than half a century apart and it turned out they hated each other then and now!
  21. Hopefully SCC.2 Brown? Sadly many mid war British MVs are just painted green, as its easier!
  22. Thats what I was thinking! BTW - a 1942 built MW would have either been built and painted in desert sand colour for the Middle East (not many of which made it back to Blighty) or in SCC.2 Brown base colour over which disruptive colour (typically black) was over painted or Micky Mouse Ear Camo which had all upper surfaces black or choc brown and the MM ears on the sides etc.
  23. What would it take to get it back to a 'real Hetzer' if indeed it ever was one before delivery to the Swiss?
  24. This is an interesting thread and might give rise to another 'How to contact Ex-Comrade Associations- complete with contact details for as many old boy networks as we can find. My Lwt (49 HG 92) was used by 7th (Para) RHA for 6 years up to 1990 and I'd love to meet any previous drivers and find out what it was used for in a 105mm gun Battery. It is a 12v GS that was 'locally' fitted with a Clansman which makes me suspect it was used not by a FOO or any RA Officer as these types had a proper long wheel based 24v FFR. As for 105mm Ammo resupply, Fitters, Cooks, Medics or the Blowpipe Air Defence guys, they also used something bigger, which leaves me to think of other types who needed to keep in touch occasionally but who did not need a FFR; padre possibly but often they just rode in the back of anything going to where they we going. This leaves Battery S/Major who might do some roving around to see each Troop or gun position to offer moral support or even an urn of tea if they were nice!
  25. With 'TrackNGO (above) I wonder how the movement of the track unit is limited otherwise if you go up a steep bank, one end of the unit might bash in to something on the underside of the vehicle!
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