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  1. LarryH57

    Searching IWM Photograghs online

    Incidentally I have a similar problem searching Canadian online archives. So I'm told they hold hundreds of good quality photos of the Canadian Army and RCAF on file in their equivalent of TNA but I cannot find them. Does anyone know of a link?
  2. Thanks for all the suggestions; I think Newquay Airport was RAF St Mawgan and that it holds the aircraft from Classic Airframes (?) that moved from Coventry? Davidstowe; Is that an old airfield on Bodmin?
  3. LarryH57

    Searching IWM Photograghs online

    Dear All, Thanks for the comments, info, links and photo. Ted, the photo isn't the one I'm after though it is of great interest and I guess its near. The one I'm after showed a long column of RAF Ford Sussex GS trucks, carrying goodness knows what in support of the defensive action but none of the vehicles were Balloon Winches. I saw it in a box at War & Peace a few years ago for £9 for a beaten up copy and all I can remember is the ref was CH 13??? (5 numbers)
  4. Guys, Where do you suggest I visit for a short break in the area that I'm planning?
  5. LarryH57

    Searching IWM Photograghs online

    Dear Bryan, Many thanks It seems I'll have to visit. I'm looking for a particular photo in the CH13001 to 13999 that I saw years ago showing an RAF convoy on its way to Kent in response to the VI threat in June 1944 and I'm unable to find it with a google search, no doubt as the caption is the key to my search. Larry
  6. LarryH57

    Liberation of Rome, June 1944

    I have an idea its a Life photo and in colour, and Vatican City is renowned for being clean even in wartime I guess.
  7. Dear All, The IWM has recently put a lot of its photos online but IMHO in a rather random way! It could be me but if for example I'm looking at photos in the CH range, is there a way to search for example CH 100 to CH 13999 one after the other rather than putting a random number in to google and hoping for the best? Even the web address http: etc gives no clues like some sites Help greatly appreciated
  8. LarryH57

    Liberation of Rome, June 1944

    Im sure the CMP is painted that way but behind it in the distance is a vehicle that has too much sand to be just dust. Is it a Dodge Weapons Carrier?
  9. LarryH57

    Liberation of Rome, June 1944

    I saw this photo on the web, but cannot remember where, but its an interesting shot seeing as it shows a Canadian CMP in Rome in sand and grey/ black camo amongst a mass of US Army Jeeps and Dodges. Interestingly there appears to be a few Dodges in the background in sand or partly camo'd in sand paint. But did the US Army do camo like this in Italy? I know that in Tunisia Jeeps, Dodges and GMC have all been photographed in an overall sand colour marked with white star on a blue circle on the bonnet. However in Italy I have not seen any evidence of the US army using any other than OD suitably weathered with dust. Sadly the Div sign on the CMP is too hard to interpret.
  10. LarryH57

    RAF Airfield Follow Me Vehicles in WW2 ?

    I've known a Petty Officer in the FAA that witnessed the entire crew of a Commer Q crash tender obliterated by an unexploded bomb that suddenly detonated as they reached the crash site of a P-47D. Perhaps the thought of a bit of armour gave some comfort. If the Morris AC was more or less redundant in the Army (apart from REs) and in the RAF for defence and not used to rescue anyone, then I guess it was used to tow the watchhut as it appears to be doing in the Night Bombers Film. So apart from being yellow it's a red herring when looking for Follow Me vehicles.
  11. LarryH57

    RAF Airfield Follow Me Vehicles in WW2 ?

    I have the impression from somewhere that the the turretless Morris AC was used by asbestos wearing fire crew to dash to an aircraft crash site and provide immediate assistance in extracting the flight crew even before the RAF Crash Tender put out the fire.
  12. LarryH57

    RAF Airfield Follow Me Vehicles in WW2 ?

    Old Git & Matchfuze, Thanks so much for those links all very useful and not too far from home for a visit either!
  13. LarryH57

    RAF Airfield Follow Me Vehicles in WW2 ?

    Personally, I think the yellow Morris AC was used as an armoured crash rescue vehicle or perhaps a suitably painted vehicle to tow the wheeled watchhut, and nothing to do with Follow Me! I reckon that Ferg in his post above is spot on.
  14. LarryH57

    RAF Airfield Follow Me Vehicles in WW2 ?

    I have a theory; The fact that the USAAF used Follow Me vehicles, and the RAF didn't is down to the different ways the US had in dealing with situations compared to a more reserved ways of us British. Being the arsenal of democracy the USA had an almost endless supply of vehicles, so I image the CO of any USAAF base would just say "Get one of these Jeeps marked up and in use right away" and seeing as every unit was invariably equipped with Jeeps, Dodges and GMCs it didn't really matter to take one for this role. Whereas the RAF having to make do with all manner of vehicle types, none of which would make an ideal Follow Me vehicle. Obviously the specialist refueller trucks, crash tenders, ambulances, cranes, and bomb tractors would be out of the question for such a Follow Me role, and that would leave just GS vehicles in 8cwt, 15cwt, 30cwt and 3 ton capacity. But the fact is that in WW2 the RAF could not afford to take one of these vehicles and use it for just one purpose only. Also I'd image the RAF CO saying you can't mark up that Tilly as a Follow Me vehicle as I need it to visit Group HQ (and the pub & girlfriend etc.)
  15. LarryH57

    RAF Airfield Follow Me Vehicles in WW2 ?

    Someone find a photo of a real RAF 'Follow Me' vehicle in WW2, as I don't believe they existed