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  1. RAF vehicle camouflage

    Many thanks once again Ted for the AMOs I presume the ambulances that were white were only the ones used overseas? And as for AMO Number A100, the Khaki I guess was the G3 used by the British Army?
  2. RAF vehicle camouflage

    Thanks Ted, I know that Black front mudguards are shown in photos taken at RAF Cardington mostly on Fordson Sussex Balloon Winches and a Ford Van (and the RAF Northolt Crash Tender above) but I have not seen any on a Tender. BTW has that 1937 AMO got a number or reference? As always thanks for your input
  3. RAF vehicle camouflage

    Get well soon Bryan! If I get a chance I'd like to come to RAFM to see the archives Regards Larry
  4. RAF vehicle camouflage

    Bryan, Have a look at this for example from 1940. I have much better photos, that for the moment I cannot post here. I agree its not common to see black mudguards but the idea must have originated pre-war. At the moment my research shows Fordsons painted like this, with both balloon winch versions and the crash tender types having gloss black mudguards. But I have also seen a pre-war Ford Van like this too. The Fordson in photos on page 1 of this thread supports this too. I agree it was not common place and clearly black mudguards in the blackout did not help hence the added white over them to varying designs. So any clues as to why it was allowed?
  5. Where are ATV Midland Film Archives?

    Believe it or not after a few years of trying on and off I found the Archive this afternoon. The only problem was they have not uploaded the film I want but I have emailed to request it The Archive is called MACE and has a great selection of films so have a search through. It is amazing what is on film archive and online too. http://www.macearchive.org/mace-themes
  6. A bit of a wild card question, but I'm trying to find out if ATV Midland films have an archive, and the contact details for them. In September 1974 ATV Midlands filmed a day in the lift of 115 Sqn at RAF Cottesmore, over a two day period. The film was broadcast on TV on 12th September 1974 and I would like to get a copy as my father was a pilot with the Sqn at the time.
  7. RAF vehicle camouflage

    Thanks Bryan but black mudguards are seen on pre-war RAF vehicles in some of the photos I have posted here, and of course the RAF Ford Sussex Balloon winch you had on display in RAFM is a perfect example
  8. RAF vehicle camouflage

    A quick question; Going back a bit to the time of RAF Blue Grey as the base colour were mudguards painted gloss black at the start, or did they come later?
  9. Jeep cylinder head leak

    Have you inspected the engine for other cracks first, such as above and below the distributor, in addition to what you might find under the cylinder head. I only mention this in case even more work needs doing that could be repaired at the same time by a specialist.
  10. Guy Martin - Mk IV Female Tank replica

    Sadly my grandfather was one of those conscripted, when he was the only bread winner for a home full of kids. He lasted 6 months in the Wilts Regt, and was shot in the neck in 1917 on the Western Front. He lingered on for another 19 years and died in 1936 of his war related injuries aged 45. His widow my grandmother was told she wasn't entitled to a war widows pension!
  11. Guy Martin - Mk IV Female Tank replica

    I suppose the 'intent' of the Lincoln Council of the local Police could be tested by substituting the Mark IV with a WW1 vintage truck and or a colum of reenactors deressed as Tommies, to see what other objections there might be!
  12. RAF vehicle camouflage

    'Finished in T Corbin'? Is that your way of saying the nearest match to the official SCC.2 brown. And BTW Tony, we have met many years ago; I remember saying to you how nice your Fordson WOT 1 Crash Tender was and that it was a rare vehicle even then! I said "Have you seen the other Fordson WOT 1 GS that was on the show scene?" and you said "Yes its mine" which made me laugh. But where is that vehicle now I have not seen it for years?
  13. RAF vehicle camouflage

    Tony, I can understand why it was red in 1950's but during your restoration, did you find proof that it was SCC.2 as the base colour, as it appears now. What year was it built?
  14. RAF vehicle camouflage

    I wonder if the Crash Tender in front of the Dodge is green or brown or even US OD? The photo was taken at Halesworth
  15. RAF vehicle camouflage

    Tony, So I'm reliably informed all USAAF bases in the UK were in fact still RAF Stations and on 'lone' to the USAAF, so there was an RAF Officer nominally in charge usually of the rank of Sqn Leader or above. As mentioned above British kit in USAAF service was quite normal even an Austin K2.