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  1. Any ideas where Kevin's proposed MV museum might end up? Near Beltring might be nice!
  2. Why only WPR charges for people putting on the show with their MVs!
  3. Well this question is about 'storage'! Does anyone know of a firm that can supply and fit metal double gates in NW London area They are for a hard standing beside my garage suitable for an MV. All I seem to see online is ornate see-through versions but I want a 'solid' gate to stop people seeing everything. I have had wood double gates but with a gap of 3.25 metres each gate covering half of the gap is rather heavy . The access to the hard standing is via a shared rear access road so I need a 2 metre high gate for privacy and security. Thanks in advance Larry
  4. So no word since June then, as to the fate of the Dodge? Someone must know
  5. CMV - 82 pages £4.70, Flypast 130 pages £4.80, Flypast is by far the better of the two magazines Or MVT membership £35 - 6 magazines a year = £5.83 each with 'free' insurance
  6. I seem to remember this vehicle has been shown on HMVF before
  7. I agree that it is more likely to be a rebuild of a redundant Morris C8/MG 2pdr Anti tank gun portee
  8. I should have said water bowser, as that is what the caption says. Most unusual, especially as I never knew the Morris C9/B/ Bofors gun truck served in the desert. I thought it dated from circa 1943 and Tunisia onwards. I wonder if the tank is of a trailer or a truck?
  9. Dear Members, I happened to see this fuel bowser in the IWM online archive . Can anyone say what it is, to me it looks like a home made job using a redundant Morris C9/B/ Bofors gun truck https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205203771
  10. Ian, Its very frustrating looking for a photo you have seen before but cannot recall. Obviously here needs to be a reason why a Wellington Mk. X would be in a Lancaster book. Perhaps a crash at an OTU before the person went on ops. Sadly nothing in my library
  11. Ian, I tried a google search of the text but nothing showed up However I have a lot of RAF Vehicles and trailer photos from WW2 so I will search. The photo below is the one you mention at Bungay. I guess that if it dates from pre-war the RAF Blue Grey is the correct colour for it? Larry
  12. Bryan, So, presumably when the RAF had vehicles with cabs, that were painted in RAF Blue Grey in 1937 to 1941, the inside of the cab was RAF Blue Grey and later in say 1942 an SCC.2 vehicle would have the same colour in the cab. I'm sure there are current owners of WW2 wheeled RAF vehicles who will disagree? NB - I appreciate that an RAF armoured car might have different arrangements such as white or silver.
  13. Can anyone hazard a guess whether the Leyland is painted in British Olive Drab SC.15 ?
  14. I saw this photo in IWM collection and wondered what vehicle type it was behind the Jeep, as I can never tell with a Leyland, Thorneycroft or Karrier 6x4 types from another. From the markings I doubt it was in 9th AF / USAAF service. Also is that colour SC.15. https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205367455
  15. Attn: The Governor, How is the restoration your radar trailer doing? Often I see items on here that are under restoration but never get to see the completed item?
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