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  1. By chance I have a friendly LR mechanic, who is just waiting like me for lockdown to end and then he can come and stay and make me do the work under instruction! I need to find the part numbers and order the bits to get the job done. Any other tools needed?
  2. The photo I attached was not from an official film made for the public to see at the cinema, but an unofficial home movie made privately in WW2, so nothing was set up or staged for filming - it was taken as it was in front of the camera 'warts and all'.
  3. It is still in the hub and I think it needs chisling out.
  4. It is still in place? Apart from changing a rear half shaft I have not yet tackled any wheel related or bearing jobs! However the spare hub is a good place to practise without any risk as it was considered to be scrap by the doner!
  5. Don, let us know if you get any luck finding the rubber grommets. I am glad I overhauled my speedo as I think it stopped working because of crap in the mechanism as no broken parts were found, so I could have spent good money if I had sent it off.
  6. So those parts are perfectly serviceable? I wonder why the bearing was removed from the hub? Surely it would be best to get new replacement parts. I have the hub tool already.
  7. I have inherited a wheel hub for my Lwt and in the bag of bits was the bearing showing severe damage to some of the parts, but I wonder what would cause such. The two parts at the top of the photo are undamaged, but the one in the centre lower is bent both sides and the 'nuts' are cut and heavily scored. Any ideas?
  8. Its a shame there aren't more of these about in RAF Blue, which I guess is a Series IIA (?) in RAF service before NATO Green came in to use. I think the photo needs to be in a caption competition! It has no external door locks, domed indicators, and wing mirrors rather than door mirrors. Note the interesting tire tread pattern I cannot identify.
  9. Incidentally, the K2 shown above in the colour photo, seems to have the exhaust pipe extended up the side. Was this to stop the unloading staff from being 'gassed' by fumes while loading or equally to protect the casualties?
  10. Another old post but here is a civi Austin K2 on an RAF airfield just after D-Day to collect casualties of a Douglas Dakota. As my Dad remembers as an erk at RAF Broadwell and later RAF Down Ampney, it was all hands to the pump to remove the wounded from the aircraft on to ambulances as quickly as possible. Often the RAF personnel would give emergency aid in the shape of a Woodbine Cigarette, as smoking was good for you in 1944! Note civi registration and no large red crosses. As for the RAF use of Austin K2s on UK airfields I seem to remember that RAFM say this was from late 1945 and after VE-Day, so if you own an RAF Blue K2 then paint the front mudguards gloss black and it will look very smart in postwar colours as of April 1946.
  11. Is there any progress on the vehicle above which looks to me missing its cab?
  12. Here is another photo of the other end. It all seems okay apart from those coffee grain sized rust spots
  13. Attached are photos of the tank that is to replace the one on the Lwt that is weeping fuel around the drain plug. This replacement tank matches the one on the vehicle, which I guess is original from 1980. The inside of my replacement tank has a few spot of rust but these have been given the rust cure liquid to turn them black, though since last year a few more spots have appeared. Still, I think it is good enough not to need Frosts POR15. I bought this tank for £30 about 10 years ago. It has been cleared up and repainted on the outside with three coats of undercoat rust protection and two of black. The current tank is painted with underseal over the bottom and sides. Incidentally the original tank looks to be in NATO Green under the dirt, so perhaps my black is not the right colour!
  14. By chance was this Humber once used by Monty; I think he had several and was it left behind when he cleared off to Normandy?
  15. Old post but I just found this in my files! Is that HM King George VI in the back on a visit to North Africa in 1943?
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