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  1. LarryH57

    Spotted today....

    What a shame such a nice vehicle is leaving the UK.
  2. LarryH57

    Lwt Land Rover Fuel Tank

    And after 5 years did the repair still hold even if other holes appeared elsewhere?
  3. LarryH57

    Lwt Land Rover Fuel Tank

    I had a bit more of a detailed inspection of the inside of the restored tank and there is a patch of rust about 3 cm across, which I treated with 'rust killer' solution. However, the rust has created a very slight 'indentation' on the inside of the tank (effectively thinning the rear side) and I'd like to smooth it over with some kind of epoxy filler, but would that react with the fuel?
  4. LarryH57

    RAF Airfield Follow Me Vehicles in WW2 ?

    I remember Ted posted this photo on a related post on RAF Camo a while ago. I guess it's orange to comply with AMO A731 of 3rd October 1940, especially useful as there appears to be a genuine mist in the background. However, there is a danger that we might get off topic, so the search is on for that elusive photo of a WW2 RAF vehicle saying Follow Me on it!
  5. LarryH57

    Morris C8 Recovered

    Great Find; it looks to be a standard GS version, so I'm looking forward to seeing the progress on its restoration.
  6. LarryH57

    RAF Airfield Follow Me Vehicles in WW2 ?

    There is another 'angle' on 'Follow Me' vehicles in that in the early war period the RAF probably could not spare a vehicle to be painted yellow and used just for one purpose. So such vehicles, that existing in small numbers may only have appeared later in the war. Painted yellow, the Tilly suggests it was used within 12 months prior to VE-Day. Bryan aka RAFM may have the date of the AMO that ordered the tops of RAF vehicles to be painted yellow if they were driven on airfields, which I guess was mid 1944. Was it about that time that the RAF Grimsby MT got busy with their yellow 'Stop' Tilly?
  7. LarryH57

    Lwt Land Rover Fuel Tank

    Last point; what do you all think of the fuel tank sealers by Frosts PO15 etc?
  8. LarryH57

    Lwt Land Rover Fuel Tank

    The bracket on the rear of the tank is just damaged by a botched removal and has no rot nor any fumes. I like the idea of drilling and bolting the metal strip as no welding would be required.
  9. LarryH57

    Lwt Land Rover Fuel Tank

    Ruxy, Have you any thoughts on fixing the tank with a broken rear attachment plate?
  10. LarryH57

    RAF Airfield Follow Me Vehicles in WW2 ?

    Bowser1107, Thats a very interesting point concerning RAF Grimsby that you made. I wonder if it was needed because the airfield received more diverted aircraft than normal? If an RAF aircraft was shot to bits and had wounded crew members might it divert to the first airfield the pilot saw after crossing the coast. Perhaps other coastal airfields along the East Coast need investigating for similar vehicles?
  11. LarryH57

    Lwt Land Rover Fuel Tank

    Thanks Ruxy. I am planning to remove the old tank and clean it all off and see if it can be saved. Incidentally I have another tank that is good to go - but it looks like it was damaged when removed because the single hole at the rear has 'broken out' of the steel support bracket - so the hole is open and edged by two turned up corners. Now people laugh when you suggest welding a petrol tank but it has been cleaned out for about 12 years so I was wondering if the bracket could be heated, the broken edges hammer flat and perhaps a large washer welded over the hole to restore it. The damage to the rear bracket suggests the front two nuts and bolts were taken out and the tank fell out or off its supports and so ripped the rear single bolt hole!
  12. LarryH57

    RAF Vehicle Identity Required

    Old post - but I found a photo of a Vulcan 14 Seat Coach and the engine looked a reasonable match for the RAF Horsebox posted above - plus the wheels in this attached photo suggest bigger wheels at the front - but this may be an optical illusion as in the photo I'm trying to identify. Could the RAF horsebox be a Vulcan then, as in 1940 it would not be that old if built circa 1926-28.
  13. LarryH57

    Lwt Land Rover Fuel Tank

    The nearside fuel tank in my Lwt is weeping slightly from around the drain plug but it only drips fuel if the tank is full but stops if it gets to about 20 litres left. It's been like this for several years and still passes its MOT. A LR engineer friend of mine said that such weeping is due to a leak in the seem around the side of the tank and fuel leaks towards the drain plug under the underseal, rather than the leak being near the drain plug itself. I've no idea if this is true. I have got a replacement tank ready and painted in about four coats of printer and red oxide and two coats of hammarite, but I want to coat it with underseal like the original but have no idea of whether it will stick to paint or how it was applied in the factory. My undercoat is in a tin and soluble in petrol so I guess I could stipple it on. As for the 20 litres of fuel I forgot was in the tank its from at least 2016, so guess its gone off, but if I introduce a bit at a time in to the Lwt it might not notice as it seems to like old 97 Ron fuel.
  14. LarryH57

    CMP c60 tanker use by RAF

    Baz, do any of the Chilwell lists exist online?
  15. LarryH57

    Matador tanker colour

    Its also apparent that the RAF received some vehicles in base colour and 'decorated' them with camo once in service!