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  1. LarryH57

    30 Assault Unit in WW2

    I have found the answer; the unit used a blue fouled anchor on a white square background. The 30 in white was on a blue background the colour of which is hard to tell. At W&P circa 2008 there was a 30AU living history group and they used a middle 'Chelsea blue' on their vehicles. Wartime Jeeps in B&W show a darker colour but that is hard to determine! http://30au.co.uk/Ships,_Boats_%26_Subs.html#14
  2. LarryH57

    30 Assault Unit in WW2

    Any clues to the colour of the Anchor on the white square anyone? I have an idea the late Chris Davies Ex RM and MVT member was researching units like this in WW2
  3. LarryH57

    30 Assault Unit in WW2

    A friend of mine is looking to discover the formation sign for the 30 Assault Unit. This unit was the brainchild of Ian Fleming and was a small, highly mobile fighting unit charged with securing information, material and prisoners of high military intelligence value. As a Royal Navy unit, underwater warfare targets were a priority for 30AU but, after D-Day, V1 and V2 sites became targets. In NW Europe, 30AU had wheeled armoured vehicles and various soft skins. The softskins generally had RN census numbers such as 54201 RN for a Dodge Weapons Carrier but its Jeeps had census numbers with the standard M prefix. Staghound armoured cars had the standard F prefix but C15TA armoured carriers had RN census numbers. The Arm of Service was a white 30 (disregarded WO regulations) on a blue background. But what did it use as its formation sign? A blue fouled anchor on a white circle has been suggested. Can anyone help on this?
  4. LarryH57

    Never give up hope of getting it started!

    I wonder if this is the vehicle that one or other side in the Ukraine & Donetsk conflict got going from a war memorial or similar and used in the fighting?
  5. Interesting youtube video to give you hope! Some military stuff in the second half BTW
  6. LarryH57

    Question , Bomb trolly identification ??

    Nick, You got in first but my comment was to be that its too lightweight to be a bomb trailer. Plus the straps to hold cases in place, might indicate a luggage trolly
  7. LarryH57

    Colour of 6pdr AT gun Ammo boxes in WW2

    Were they ever gloss brown or green in WW2?
  8. LarryH57

    Colour of 6pdr AT gun Ammo boxes in WW2

    Adrian, Is that box in SCC2 then - always hard to know in a photo
  9. Does anyone know what colour of 6pdr AT gun Ammo boxes were in WW2. Were they issued in colours to match vehicle colours the same way German kit started to be 'sand yellow' after Feb 1943, or were UK 6 pdr Ammo boxes just churned out of the factory in one colour throughout WW2. We are all used to seeing gloss brown ammo boxes these days but I thought that was a post-war colour.
  10. LarryH57

    Stug III - Ausf D

    That's a result! If Jon is worried about the costs of keeping it he should create a fan club. I would have paid a tenner to sit in it!
  11. LarryH57

    Stug III - Ausf D

    Oh well off to American then, never to be seen at WPR or any other show in the UK!
  12. LarryH57

    War & Peace Revival - 2018

    Sorry No - only British Pounds will be accepted!
  13. LarryH57

    War & Peace Revival - 2018

    Do you think now that its in its second year at its old location at Beltring, that MV owners will start going in pre-Folkestone numbers, or have MV owners been put of for good?
  14. LarryH57

    Austin K3

    I think this British truck is in North Africa some time after Operation Torch 1942, so that might help ID the Division; its not the 78th Inf. Div.
  15. There is not much on this forum to suggest anyone is considering going to WPR 2018. Perhaps its not sunny enough to get excited about just yet? https://warandpeacerevival.com/military-vehicles/