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  1. Just a thought - if we are still under lockdown later this year when my lightweight needs its last MOT before its exempt on 1st Jan 2021 then I suppose I just proceed straight to exemption, if god forbid the situation is not back to normal by Christmas!!!!
  2. Bryan, That list from 1944 would be very welcome, as would a list from 1939 so as to compare types in use by the RAF at the start and end of WW2
  3. Guys, For RAF Vehicles in use in WW2 I have seen reference to AMO A143 /44 as being the go to list of RAF types as it was a list of bridge plates for each type. Has anyone go this list that they may share with members?
  4. Could it be that the person asking or making a polite statement, was commenting on why the MV in question, was flying more flags than Coronation Day, or had loads of personal kit hanging off the sides and wing mirrors, which the enquirer didn't remember seeing when serving in the Army in NW Europe?
  5. As the person who originally suggested limiting Land Rovers numbers for MV events (including mine) I must apologise for stirring up a bit of a storm! So I won't pick on any such MV types, but instead suggest that an MV show might be thought of as an open air exhibition; if so would the public turn out if they knew most of the exhibits were going to be nearly all the same? Also as a Lwt owner I do appreciate that there is snobbery in MV shows, and I'm ready to accept that anyone who turns up with WW2 tank or Cold War armour is always going to be a top attraction.
  6. On Page 13 - Citroen, made a 6 ton GS body. For what vehicle I wonder and why Citroen?
  7. Interesting that the Austin K2 Ambulance is listed but with reference to Page 13 - where it is not listed ! Also no mention of an Austin Tilly (as expected). Im sure I spotted Citroen in my first viewing but cannot find it now in the list!
  8. If early bird registrations for a show were £0 and late comers £50 would that help WPR or other big show? Also would a quota of types also help? So me included, might too many Land Rovers be a burden (except in a LR anniversary year) or if they have no great historical past such as those LRDG type 'pinkies'? Does the registration team care if the types of vehicle booked in are of any particular interest to the public? Do they share their concern with the management that not enough armour or rare vehicles or booked to attend?
  9. Yes ditto! Amazing stuff out of the Archives!
  10. Early bird is £50 and 'regular' price £75!!! - please explain. Is that an increase to the standard £35 vehicle entry
  11. Any ideas where Kevin's proposed MV museum might end up? Near Beltring might be nice!
  12. Why only WPR charges for people putting on the show with their MVs!
  13. Well this question is about 'storage'! Does anyone know of a firm that can supply and fit metal double gates in NW London area They are for a hard standing beside my garage suitable for an MV. All I seem to see online is ornate see-through versions but I want a 'solid' gate to stop people seeing everything. I have had wood double gates but with a gap of 3.25 metres each gate covering half of the gap is rather heavy . The access to the hard standing is via a shared rear access road so I need a 2 metre high gate for privacy and security. Thanks in advance Larry
  14. So no word since June then, as to the fate of the Dodge? Someone must know
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