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  1. How far up the tube is the date stamp ?.
  2. I’ll get you one tomorrow.
  3. It has got this type of fastening Ron.
  4. You are correct, the tool box is not Triumph 🙁.
  5. Thanks again Ron. your knowledge is incredible. 😃
  6. I appear to be missing a knob ?. Seems to work though ?. 7/8 bars not 3SW either.
  7. Is the headlight original, I know the glass and ammeter are wrong ?
  8. My aim apart from the engine and racks is to put it back to 3SW spec, but apart from the frame and forks it appears to be all 3HW or post war.
  9. Where would you get some bags from ? Or are they made of unobtainable !, the headlight on mine, should that be 6.5 or 8inch for a 3SW ? regards Graham.
  10. Thanks Ron, I’ll go with Champion, I can’t bring myself to put a german plug on a British bike 😃.
  11. I was wondering about magneto and iridium plugs, I’ll just get normal ones then, all my jap bikes have electronic ignition.
  12. I couldn’t find a brass option 🙁
  13. Thanks Ron, I too have fallen out of bed with NGKs and have been using Denso Iridiums in my Jap bikes. I just couldn’t find out any info online for the correct model of plug 😀.
  14. Could someone tell me the correct spark plug type please ?.
  15. Ron, would this tap also be the same one fitted to a 3SW ?.
  16. Hopefully riding it and not fixing it mate 😊
  17. Got the bike delivered today, I’ve got a few things to do before I’ll be happy with it.
  18. Nice Hotchkiss Jeep, they are rare now to see in French spec. Good luck and enjoy.
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