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  1. 4 hours ago, Baz48 said:

    The one above may be on singles and it may be 1940 production while its engine side panels are post 42 singles all round I understand came in end of 40 early 41 for OY's while OW's kept 32x6 single fronts 34x7 twin rear's 

    I do however have the correct one on the other side, she also has a heavily modified gs body done by the Dutch fire brigade in 1951. 😀

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  2. On 9/10/2019 at 7:43 PM, Ian L said:

    I beleive this is the other one ? Normandy 2014


    That’s my old lorry, I bought it off Pete Gaine, I spoke to Geoff a couple of times just before he died. He had booked a day to come and see her and have a drive, sadly he died before it happened.

     I sold it to a guy in Essex to fund buying a family part owned Bedford OY.

     I still vividly remember the pain sleeping in the back and getting up and forgetting about that bloody RSJ ! 😭 this happened frequently ! 


  3. 18 hours ago, Ron said:

    Steve one thing I've noticed before you ride it. Your saddle looks awfully close to the mudguard?? It could be just camera angle?Any bump in the road could mean a coming together otherwise. Ron


    Count the coils on the seat springs, this photo has two more than Steve’s by the looks of it 🤔

  4. 13 hours ago, flyingfleasteve said:

    The original petrol tank is in a very sorry start so whilst at Malvern a few weeks ago I found a temporary 3HW tank, still in need of repair, but much more solid.....apart from the big holes!



    Brian Tillin told me the Indian made ones are quite good.

  5. 9 hours ago, Ron said:

    The fieldstand will bend quite easily with heat from a welding torch. I've straightened and bent allsorts that way.

    You can buy all the cables off JJ Cables on 01926 651470 (mention my name if you want) They will have all the spec and correct nipples and adjusters etc.

    If however a cable arrives with some discrepency to it's length or free length, they will alter it fee of charge.  Ron

    Ron, are the cable nipples the same size for 7/8 and 1” levers ?.

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