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  1. This is amazing i have been planning to see this vehicle for ages, and thought the only way i could do this was from travel out to the UK. in response to earlier posts i found out about these vehicles when i beta tested the game world of tanks a long long time ago before its release and have studied these vehicles ever since. This is great news indeed.
  2. As above can anyone identify these parts for me? Googled the number and it comes up with "bearing, washer, thrust" whatever that could mean. They are for sale also! Just been on a massive route and i have other parts too. All ods and sods lots of cables etc. In the mean time i have these items of interest if someone could help identify; Number 1! ​ Number 2!
  3. Apologies if this is posted i only had a brief scout around to see if it was or wasnt.... http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/world-war-two-tank-discovered-in-german-mans-basement-10365618.html pretty interesting to see if more pictures come to light and or more information!
  4. Was just wondering if its in private hands
  5. Hi looking for all information on the above registered scimitar previously belonging to the 9/12th royal lancers In approx 1980-1984 I have a close friend who is looking for information see what happened to it. Any and all infor!action very kindly appreciated. Seb
  6. Had a look at the needle scalers and that is a considerable expense that really we can't justify. Is it just going to have to be a case of a lot of elbow grease if I am to shy from grinders and such?
  7. Okay im not sure this is the right thread as i guess this could be a generic sort of post, but ive been asked to help strip down a friends FV432 as he wants to repaint it, and im just wondering what are the best tools/consumables for the job, ive never undertaken a repaint other than that on my car however i dont think the same "rules" apply. So i just want to see what everyone else has used because you would have tried and tested and all experience and advice therefore is greatly appreciated. So is this something i can nip to the local B and Q for or will this be something that requires a specialst set of tools etc, then onto the final question, after its down to base layer is it best to take it back to metal and then primer it and build it up that way, or is it better to just go down to the primer? If the first one what is the best primer that you would reccommend sorry if these are so simple we just have never done this before and would like to take the best approach to this. Thank you in advance. Jonathan, Seb & Liam
  8. I have literally just got back from the United States and I rented a car whilst I was there and they only asked for my card part of my ID and my work place, but i'm pretty sure that would be to do with insurance authorisation for non - US citizens and different sized vehicles.
  9. Nearly crashed my rental when i noticed this...
  10. Sorry to be off topic here.... Are you part of that shooting range/place near to Circus Circus just to satisfy my i swear i've seen that in my life feeling im currently getting....:confused:
  11. Will you be starting a thread on here for us all to see? :readpaper: :angel:
  12. Sorry If this is naive, Tim, is this the one that's outside at Cobbaton...?
  13. Perfect thanks Chris! Much appreciated!
  14. Hi just a quick note i have somehow managed to misplace my parts list with all diagrams in the house somewhere, was just wondering if anyone has it to hand and if they would possibly be able to email me the page showing the drivers hatch and mechanism? Would be much appreciated. Seb
  15. After the first drive of mine, i checked it at the end and it was fine, then when i did my pre drive checks it had lost the lot! (Phew) so no idea what happened so i topped up the oil and carried on and never had an issue again! Weird, just make sure the lid is on the chain as if thats dropped in there.... its not coming back out...
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