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  1. I believe the very same, I haven't stripped it down yet but the play in the front wheels feel like these are gone Gary
  2. thanks, am a bit far -in glasgow, but will see who uses mot stations near myself gary
  3. How easy is it to replace worn out bearings and king pins etc on a jeep axle? Are parts available to do this? and if not is it a full axle job? Thanks Gary
  4. Thanks for all Re Exped - see www.wdrg.org and you will get idea -once we manage to secure a funder/sponsor in this country - the KIWIs (other 1/2 of trip) are sorted with all sorts of support but we are struggling. There is a professional film crew making a documentary re same on our trip too! Gary
  5. Thanks, new radiator fitted and will be totally flushing out everything etc before trip. Gary
  6. Thanks- am probably going down the route of original (NOS or repro) lights on rear, with small LED flashers -poss temporary clip in but removable for shows etc, and a temp No plate light for same. All will be perm clipped in with brackets etc but can be taken off quite easily when off road etc. Am looking for reasonably priced wiring harness as well. 1 new wiper motor etc fitted so no problem with that -again one windscreen removed for tactical etc -unclipped from a small socket. Regards gary
  7. The jeep will be going to the sahara next year so it will be required. thanks Gary check out www.wdrg.org for more details of trip
  8. thanks - the problem, as you say, is MOT stations don't know about vintage etc cars and mot requirements for them gary
  9. Hi can anyone tell me if a GPW (or willys) jeep requires to have indicators fitted to make it road legal, even though they were not standard fit. Also what lighting requirements for the rest -do I need to change the Stop/Tail/Blackout ones too to make them legal as well. Anything else I need to change or fit for use in UK? and before it goes for MOT Gary
  10. I am about to fit, onto the front grille, a condenser to my radiator for desert work. Does anyone know how best to use it, should it be part filled with cold water to help steam condense inside or is it left empty as an overflow? Is there any literature about it in any sort of manual? Thanks Gary
  11. many thanks will give it a try gary
  12. Many thanks all, will be looking at getting a loom as soon as I can afford it again -a lot of money spent this month on importing jeep and some essential parts on priority list Gary
  13. Does anyone have a copy or source for a decent wiring diagram for a 43 ford GPW, the ones in the manual are a bit too sketchy and not detailed enough (unless I don't have the one dealing specifically with this) Some one rewired this one using all red wires and not only that be cut out all the black out circuits and some esarth returns -total bodge. Thanks Gary
  14. and one hell of a restoration project! Gazza
  15. Does anyone have any handy tips to remove OD paint from the 3 data plates on a GPW Glove box? This has been done by a previous owner and would prefer to try and save the paint etc from underneath. Thanks gazza
  16. Pardon my ignorance but what dip are we talking about and where can it be found/seen on a grille? Gazza
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