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  1. gazzaw

    love this photo

    not sure where it came from as was posted on my facebook page with no references
  2. Hi I love this photo, a lot going on and wished I had this set up with the trucks complete with all the equipment stored within
  3. Hi does anyone know of anyone who refurbs or supplies replacement T90 gearboxes in the UK Thanks gary
  4. yep recovery lights with left and right marked below the triangles, also seen single ones for artillery towing but collar fit on rear
  5. used to love going down to the QMs at Angels and was good friends with Mike Ross and his (late) brother Badger (who had a M3 Lee (or was it a Grant?) tank) in the 70s. almost anything could be bought there and regret not buying a working US WW2 flamthrower on weekend when I visited, it was about £25 then Gary
  6. thanks Mark Thats what I thought, what threw me was the green set has red gauge mark whilst I remember the green used to be green which was correct for the 0.001" - will order the red proper gauge -hopefully that doesn't have green gauge inside with a red check panel lol gary
  7. Hi i am rebuilding my jeep engine and about to put in new (same sized) main and big end shells. What colour/ type of plastigauge should i use. i have green packaged plastigauge ( 0.007"-0.020") but the rods when compressed are red?? As far as I remember it was green rods that left a green/light green mark on journals and not a red marking. Has the green stuff changed to leave red markings now - this is a new sealed plackage they came out of. from the manual clearance should be 0.001" When I tried this stuff I got the following reading which seems wrong to me, all journals were approx same size on gauge gary
  8. def not NI boots had 2 pairs issued leather upper was smoother, no toe cap and a sole which was similar to the old civvy desert boots crepe sole with shallow tread and not like the DMS sole at all, seen here in the pictures of Gordon Highlanders in NI at time gary
  9. Timbo Yes good quality, I recently purchased their 2 tonne engine crane and 2 mechanics stools, great value for the quality and strength /gauge of both. Was looking at these and was unsure if they would have suited the flathead width of engine in case the mounting arms didn't go down to required width but am drawn to the professional one as it looks a sturdy and strong piece of kit. The other items came next day delivery as well, great service from them Gary
  10. Thank but am in UK so will source something nearby, good to know most stands will fit the jeep engine Gary
  11. hi Can anyone recommend a suitable engine stand that is suitable for the jeep engine? Have looked at many but unsure what ones have suitable mounting arms for the flathead. it might be that every one will suit but cannot tell from photos etc and if anyone has a make they can recommend much appreciated Gary
  12. Thanks all - will update soon, but am betting it is seal as everything was fine and turning though a bit tight not excessivley though. All tightened and gradually torqued etc with a standard set of shells replacing older ones, the old ones were scored but not excessivley just thought I would replace them when I was refurbishing everything else. Gary
  13. Any advice Guys? Having just replaced my big end and main bearings (same sizes as shaft was ok) and rear oil seal, the engine was turning but tight (but thought as it was all new bearings it would slacken off once run in), Installed it back in jeep but seems tighter now and starter struggling to turn it over. suspect it is the rear neoprene type seal - the old one was a rope one.Can I redo this without taking out engine etc and if so - What is the procedure to drop the crank shaft to install a rear main seal. or any other remedies I could try?Thanks in anticipation Gary
  14. thanks Tony will give itt a look see gary Update to above - contacted them today and received reply they cannot help as their small business ins only for offices etc and not for group or industrial etc. The search goes on. There must be some vintage vehicle groups who have cover somewhere
  15. Hi everyone, I am trying to find out if anyone has or if it indeed exists at all. I am trying to get an insurance that will cover our small group of volunteers/ friends when we are working on our vehicles at our group premises. I keep getting referred to a motor trade insurance but we are non profit non income type of group and we own our own vehicles and buy parts for them either individually or sometimes from club funds that we have fund-raised on occasion. We already hold 5 million PLI, 10 million Employer liability (although we are not employers) through the FBHVC Zurich Insurance scheme, and have been for years but they don't cover us working or refurbing our vehicles etc. Any ideas, solutions, comments or links appreciated Regards Gary
  16. Hello All - not sure if this has been on the forum before Click on the link at the bottom then on each image to get the past and present. Subj: 70-years ago and today in the same photo Worth remembering . . . If you have trouble viewing the second picture of each old one, then try clicking on the image...I just clicked on the right side as if an arrow were there! it worked.....pretty amazing.... This is amazing and extremely cool... (it's best from a PC and not a smartphone) On each picture, Left click, hold and drag your mouse gently from right to left and it will become the exact same location today. Reverse the motion to take it back to the original. Scroll down to see the next photo. Amazing to see the same buildings in pictures 70 years apart! http://interactive.guim.co.uk/embed/2014/apr/image-opacity-slider-master/index.html?ww2-dday gary
  17. Thanks All for your replies, photos and links. Am leaning towards a sand vehicle in gloss or silk - finding it hard to get sand glow or near to it. does anyone recommend a paint mixing supplier etc - went to local halfords but it was pricey and not guaranteed to get correct shade/tone etc Gary
  18. anyone working on light car patrol items know colour? nearest I have found so far is land rover sand glow gary
  19. Hi Does anyone on here have a body/frame paint colour for the model Ts used by the Light Car Patrols in Egypt. presumably it was a gloss yellow/ochre/sand but am specifically looking for a shade/tone number etc Thanks in advance Gary
  20. yoo hoo....can anyone on here answer this?
  21. About to refit my big ends onto the GPW crankshaft and as well as usual nuts there are now PAL nuts (old set never had these) what is the best way to fit these so they won't shake off etc? I take it after torquing up bolts/nuts you run the PALs up against them hand tight then further 1/3 to 1/2 turn by spanner or should these have a torque setting too (guess very light torque if at all) Cheers Gary
  22. wouldn't send airborne helmet as they have no ballistic or shrapnel ptotection whatever, only good for head to ground strike protection
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