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  1. There is a company in Japan who makes replica sterlings that are very good, seen one at a show last weekend. I could ask the owner for the name if you like.
  2. gazzaw

    RAF? badge Identification

    yep looks like glider pilot wings possibly gained when in ATC and entering adult service
  3. gazzaw

    No. 163

    IR Heliograph that can only be picked up by a similar receiver or relay/rebro device?
  4. gazzaw

    No. 163

    Has it anything to do with insect control. Seen something similar used inside tents and buildings to repel mosquitos etc think it worked on sound/vibration waves
  5. gazzaw

    No. 162

    Mobile route/traffic light or hazard marker, similar to our flashing orange lights of today?
  6. gazzaw

    No. 162

    Is it a mobile telegraph wire testing machine or remote demolition firing point? Dynamo charges up a capacitor type of valve or battery to provide electrical charge/ discharge etc Or an early type of load sensing apparatus
  7. Hi I will be taking a short trip to Cyprus later in the year, visiting old haunts at Episkopi, Dhakelia and Nicosia, and was wondering if anyone had any interesting details or whereabouts of WW2 MVs or ex greek army jeeps etc etc /sales or museums that I can call into - only access to the greek side and not planning to go to the north. I can also access all MOD sites on my MOD90 if anything inside military properties. Cheers Gary
  8. gazzaw

    Any info of MVs in Cyprus

    thanks might follow this up
  9. gazzaw

    Any info of MVs in Cyprus

    Thanks for the info, will try and run by the one in Larnaca. Re lightweight is there any more info or link to him on ebay as search reveals nothing positive (might just be me)
  10. gazzaw

    Royal Baby Names ! Woooooo!!

    Although just announced George Alexander Louis I was in favour of Austin Cambridge:cool2:
  11. Film about Arnhem Battle made by soldiers who returned 1 year after the battle - no actors and some great footage of many different vehicles (Allied and Axis) and aircraft etc. Enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j3e6S8rg9_c gary
  12. gazzaw

    Trimmed Parachute Wings Badge

    yep agree there but also depending on the RSM at time as some were anally retentive and would not allow them to be trimmed etc
  13. gazzaw

    No. 159

    female hygeine product disposal point (red spot) lol, i'll get me coat :blush:
  14. Hi guys, re: LRDG,SAS,Popski,Desert War- new book on Sun Compass Kuno Gross is about to launch his new book on the Bagnold Sun Compass with history, operation and interesting facts all to do with the compass invented by Ralph Bagnold (Founder of the LRDG) see below for details all you desert buffs Gary
  15. gazzaw

    Did anyone see this ????????

    Obviously was never taught his HRD (Harness Release and Drag) drills. he should have been pulling on one of the lower lift webs to collapse the chute or else the yankee drill of getting into a crouch run and run round it to collapse from apex lol gary
  16. gazzaw

    Stirling Military Show June 22nd

    no probs, just glad the weather held and the owners made the effort gary
  17. Not a full report per se but a bit of footage from the parade through the town to the Kings park. after the marching contingent comes the vehicles from the WDRG (front jeep driven by me) and the Scottish Military Vehicle Group with some of the veterans unable to march on board, enjoy. Gary
  18. Haven't seen any since, would be nice to see one with brass fittings etc gary
  19. gazzaw

    Heating in canvas tents.

    alternatively just fill your tent with cats...you get 18 watts of heat per cat so 100 should do and for really cold days add another 50 or so....lol
  20. gazzaw

    Heating in canvas tents.

    Most army tents are draughty and have plenty of ventilation. We use a wood burning stove in a 9x9, bell tent, 160lber etc and no ill effects as long as not tied up like a kipper, even a flap loose will give good vent as most of smoke and nasty gases go up flue being replaced by the through draft into the bottom of the stove. for extra peace of mind put a monoxide alarm slightly above level you sleep at and position biggest snorer nearest stove- when he stops snoring then time to evacuate lol:D
  21. gazzaw

    WARNING - Scam emails

    To help Paypal track these and record them as spoof you should immediately forward them to Paypal without opening it up. spoof@paypal.co.uk and spoof@paypal.com usually I get a reply from them that it is confirmed as spoof etc and a thanks for passing it to them to deal with. Gary
  22. gazzaw

    Did you know ,

    Yep sidearms for Catholic Chaplains, for an express method of administering the last rites when time was short :cool2:
  23. gazzaw

    DVD - Destination Doha

    Reminds me when I used to drive from Glasgow to Turkey in an old volvo F88 then up to an F7 with trailers full of corn flakes and whisky lol. great days indeed freezing conditions to burning hot all in a 10 day round trip.
  24. gazzaw

    Spotted today....

    Re landing craft, I might have it on camera as the car is fitted with roadhawk camera, would need to trawl the footage on the memory card ADDED- found it on car camera at 1159 hrs seen on back of blue truck flatbed, not very clear as i was travelling at 70mph Gary
  25. gazzaw

    Spotted today....

    See the same landing craft heading southbound on M1 when I was going north from Harrow to Glasgow. Only posted this when I got home but it was about 12ish Gary