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  1. interesting that £30 is now £335 today - so a jeep has well increased in price since then to the prices they go for today
  2. had a gander at your website, very nice, good to see drawing of friend of mine, Bob Watson and Argie prisoner from the now famous photo of same. Regards Gary
  3. very nice, would love to get one done of my jeep, do you take commissions?
  4. Will try to short circuit the comms and contact them direct through the Army DII network and find out if there are delays due to moving etc, will get back if i find out anything Gary
  5. I know they are relocating museum to another camp away from Deepcut so might be reason for delay at moment.
  6. Neil A great big thank you in your enormous help to secure the chairs and drop off at my friends van. It could not have been done without you due to timings and location far away from Glasgow Hopefully I can help you sometime in the future Best regards Gary
  7. Thanks Neil I am looking to get them picked up from you same day after 3.30pm it is just that friend cannot get there any earlier due to work. Will send PM re details etc gary
  8. Hi Not sure if this is best area to place this as it does not fall under storage or MV transportation threads..... I have been given some wooden folding chairs (20 of type as below) for our period museum and charity/ veterans centre but they are only available for pick up at 12 noon on sunday from a Hutton church (near Billericay) and my friend cannot make it to the area until after 3.30pm. I am trying to find someone who lives nearby who can pick them up and hold them for me until he arrives at whatever address they may be. Anyone in area able to help me out regards Gary
  9. They were designed for towing the 105mm guns and were the choice of the bean counters and not the end user squaddies on trials. They were not popular in service and death traps under towing conditions with those brakes. The reason so many are low milage are due to no one liked to drive them too much as they were far from the vehicle of choice the pinzgaur One review says RB44 - Replacement vehicle for the much-loved 1 tonne Landrover, but unlike the 1 tonne, it's neither fast nor loved.Virtually the whole fleet was VOR for about a year due to a brake problem, the servos are no longer available either new or recon so the fleet is being cannibalised bit by bit, it's too big to go under a Chinook. Of course, it's not entirely the contractors fault - from the MoD:"The Department told us that it had been too deeply involved in setting the specification so that the truck's ultimate performance was not entirely the responsibility of the contractor and the Department ended up paying for the additional costs. Recognising these shortcomings, the Department explained that it was trying to move away from specifying detailed solutions and towards specifying only the equipment performance which it would hold the contractor responsible for meeting. On the RB44 programme the Department specified very closely how the truck should be made rather than the performance it should achieve. As a result the truck's failure to work properly was not primarily the responsibility of the contractor and the Department ended up paying £3.2 million to rectify the situation." We would have been better scrapping the lot and having Pinzgauers instead. The CP variant at least has a potential future use as a Kebab Van. lol Shocking.
  10. BMX film with AFV KHH67C 3min 40sec about halfway through, anyone in the clubhouse own it? Enjoy http://vitaminl.tv/video/1?ref=fbs
  11. Is it the trucks and trailers/arty pieces moving up road towards arch bridge
  12. [h=1]Light Car Patrols 1916-19: War and Exploration in Egypt and Libya with the Model T Ford [Paperback][/h]Russell McGuirk (Author), Captain Claud H. Williams (Author) WW1 predecessor of the LRDG Captain Claud Williams memoir tells, first-hand, what it was like to be a Light Car Patrol commander during the First World War, while Russell McGuirk s commentary provides the historical background to the formation of the Patrols and follows their activities from the British raid on Siwa Oasis to desert exploration and survey work and the Kufra Reconnaissance Scheme. Lavishly illustrated with original photographs from Light Car officers, this combined memoir and history provides a fascinating and informative picture of an unsung hero of the desert the Model T Ford.
  13. Actually more modern than 60s we used them from 80s onwards and have still seen them around- there was a 1 day course to reset the co2 bottles and maintenance of them the predecessors were the lifejacket RE seen in one of the pathe films of the 1947 floods http://www.britishpathe.com/video/fl...ry/1947+floods - look like padded flak jackets which were a sand coloured- the one you have is similar to but earlier than the one in the picture below Gary
  14. Served my time with a vauxhall dealership in the 70s and yes these were used to transport parts to stores dept. I think they acquired them as surplus after war etc and put Ser No plate onto them as all were returnable on next delivery wagon heading back to main depot gary
  15. I have used hydraulic oil similar to that used in bottle jacks in some refillable shockers Gary
  16. gazzaw


    how do you download it, went onto site but never seen any way to do it
  17. Yep in the 70s on an exchange with the 1/509th Airborne we had a drinking sesh with them (as you know the yanks cannot drink much) when we ran out of beer, JD, jim beam etc we then drank the glowsticks, great when you went for a pee and luminous streams everywhere hehe
  18. Yep nice to trim the wings, but on the end of the wrong inspecting officer could earn a week on the 120mm shell polishing it and carrying it round Browning barracks lol - character building, just like a good beasting. But unfortunately with the Royal Corps of Social Worker we now have you can't even raise your voice in case the recipient faints or feels threatened hehe
  19. Also a nissan hut on the edge of a field next to a beach
  20. found 3 old ladies rusting in limassol back streets, although not military one would make a great staff car, will try again tomorrow as this site doesn't let me upload any more photos for some reason
  21. There is a company in Japan who makes replica sterlings that are very good, seen one at a show last weekend. I could ask the owner for the name if you like.
  22. yep looks like glider pilot wings possibly gained when in ATC and entering adult service
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