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  1. and the tartan is the hunting stuart
  2. can I ask what size the premises are, sometimes local councils etc have a threshold on rate relief for not for profit companies etc upto %100 depending where you are in country but worth checking out locally
  3. Saw this on fleabay and wonder why they say it is WW2 - Truck LRDG jeep etc from Normandy and american etc. These sellers should carry out a bit of research and not claim something that it is not. There are millions of these about and some still in service since way back. Price £150 to buy it now, for that I would be looking for a whole pallet of them http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/WW2-Sand-Channels-Bought-Back-From-Normady-Truck-LRDG-Jeep-/141396692645?pt=UK_Collectables_Militaria_LE&hash=item20ebe64ea5
  4. In 15 Para, We started getting our DPM smocks in 79, first time i wore it was at Brize on a month long APJI course. I remember reluctantly swapping over to the 'hat' cabbage camouflage but managed to hang onto my Denison for a few years then stupidly gave it away.
  5. Great footage. Yes it was designed to be built by hand using a Squadron (or Regiment depending on Size/ length etc) but built panel by panel on rollers and boomed out across the gap, which is totally impractical for this task as no clearance behind gap to build and push from Also to build and boom you also need a fair length behind the roller to enable bridge to be cantilevered over gap with enough height etc not to dip and dig into far bank, or worse still end up in the gap. It was the most versatile bridge ranging from a simply supported single span to multi span, arched, double stories and widths etc. The new version (Mabey Johnson) is lighter and stronger but maybe not as Squaddie proof as originals. Gary
  6. If you are a member of (or join) the FBHVC they have the insurance you are looking for through Zurich via Aston Scott, we have had it for past 5 years and they will tailor a package for you http://www.fbhvc.co.uk/ contact them and ask about their insurance scheme Download PDF - Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs www.fbhvc.co.uk/_file/72/fbhvcnews12013-pdf/ Gary
  7. Richard Thanks, yes still have original points and baseplate etc so will swap them and see how it goes. Starter and battery pretty strong and no discernable change in noise or power when turning over hot or cold until it gets to point of draining due to repeated tries etc but that is me draining it and not a voltage leak/drop elsewhere. Charges up and keeps charge pretty quickly after short run etc Gary
  8. Only developed earlier this year, starter and solenoid kicking over with no problems, even to point of nearly flattening battery. engine refurbished last year (about 15 months ago) and all leads cleaned and fitted etc
  9. Thanks pete was leaning towards the electronic unit breaking down. The starter is good and new battery and leads as well as the multitude of earth straps over engine etc Might see if my budget will run to another electronic unit but expensive swap out to find out if it is something else
  10. Yes starts with handle, Now put a new Lucas coil of same spec as last one, it has been converted to 12v and has alternator and Jolley Electronic Ignition in it (5yrs old) but still same. Wonder if Elec Ign needs replaced. Sparks look ok at plugs and plugs fairly new as well as plug leads, Dist cap, rotor arm etc gary
  11. Hi Any knowledgeable people on here know of any PA system (pref military looking) that would allow me to run music etc from IPODs or similar to help some of our WW2 events have background music etc. 4 speakers or more ideal but not essential Pref 12 volt or can run from a generator if need be Thanks in anticipation Gary
  12. Not to hijack this thread but reading with interest, I am now experiencing hard starting from hot on my GPW (Solex carb) and everything checked out re spark and fuel etc. It starts no problem and runs from cold but if I switch it off after a short run it won't start (does with a tow/bump start). First thought of vapourising fuel and checked fuel lines etc, any other ideas or anyone experienced similar - does anyone know of any previous threads re same i can look for, have tried searching but nothing of similar has come up yet. Nothing changed or replaced recently so at a loss where to look next Chaps. Regards Gary
  13. Re pocket white patches, we used to use them to put our ZAP No and Blood group on for easy recognition in case of becoming a casualty and everyone had them in same place as part of our SOPs. This was days before Body Armour and velcro badges with same on etc as nowadays Gary
  14. some buy it now price http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/World-War-II-photo-of-Tires-in-British-Warehouse-/180909857322?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2a1f115a2a
  15. Dear AllI am attending an update meeting for the Dunblane 6th of June Event next week and have been asked to identify anyone/ groups who could put a wee static display (vehicle or otherwise) around the museum on Friday 6th June. if any D Day related (Commando, Airborne, Ranger, Axis forces, SOE, Resistance or otherwise) individual or group, who will not be in Normandy that day, who could form a display etc that I can add to our small list.This is part of the digital remapping of the Atlantic Wall site north of Dunblane and in and around the museum and Cathedral and more details will be updated after 17th April meeting next week.GaryWDRG.ORG
  16. ditto RLC TA in scotland up until middle of last year
  17. Yep remember it well, neighbouring RE Sqn starring in film 10 and we were jumping in near end of same film gary
  18. Issue.com a fantastic website for viewing digital publications. 15 million of them on for free. Type your search and browse through textbooks, magazines, presentations....just type in your search and away you go! http://issuu.com/ topical titles are - http://issuu.com/mechinf/stacks/0864d138409c4692b23ecd2a3763910a http://issuu.com/ryk74/docs/images_of_war_motorcycles_at_war-ocr http://issuu.com/magazineproduction/docs/special_report_73_-_next_generation_stretcher_syst
  19. yep definitely puttees were the best for ankle support but horrible in wet/freezing conditions
  20. when we cammed them at unit level with a spray gun we never wasted time masking up we applied hand cleaner liberally all over glass bits and lenses etc then sprayed away, once finished and dry - power wash glass etc and it all came away nicely
  21. gazzaw

    Stollen Welbike

    thanks, tried to reply and ask for a viewing etc but doesn't let me in, will keep trying
  22. gazzaw

    Stollen Welbike

    if you have a link for the craigslist glasgow item I could go check it out if you want, couldn't see it when I looked but prob looking in wrong section
  23. a long time after the champ left the army then?
  24. Just watching this programme centred round a runaway soldier (Gently with Honour) , the time era is late 60s to mid 1970s but one scene shows a training exercise being carried out by troops and an austin champ running around. As far as I remember there were no champs still in active service with infantry units or otherwise by then as the LR was well entrenched by then, AFAIK the last champs left mil service by mid 60s and only cadet units or TA had them by then and after later on in programme a Bedford MK carrying troops (should be an RL) and also mention of LSD trials on the troops (this was mainly in 1963 although 1967 in show) and an ambulance outside hospital with B (1964) registration so best guess earliest this was set in was 1968 despite champ etc. I stand to be corrected but it just seemed odd out of all the other vehicles and equipment in the show.
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