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  1. There are a fair few that are 50 years old. In 1955 the student union I would later join took on a 40 year old fire engine. When I joined it was 70 years old and the transit vans were fairly new. Now the fire engine is 100 years old and those union minibuses would be getting on for 40 years old (if they still existed) Time just keeps happening. (numbers for illustration only, some rounding has taken place)
  2. This line was a line of "lines" all lined up.
  3. How would you damage a ladder without damaging the paint?
  4. I was hoping (and rather expecting) that that would happen. If they are in the truck-stealing game then they are likely to know that there is no way to sell a steam wagon without it being recognised, and it makes most sense to abandon it and run.
  5. andypugh

    Karrier WDS

    Not really, it will blend in a lot better. I was joking about it being deliberate as I imagine it was serendipitous.
  6. andypugh

    Karrier WDS

    I love the attention to detail, especially the careful pre-rusting 🙂
  7. I found this rather interesting article with tables that allow you to make a good guess at the specification of a gear (including the pressure angle) using only a digital caliper. https://www.geartechnology.com/articles/0992/Base_Pitch_Tables/
  8. This Unic engine is different in detail, but does hint at the possible purpose of the extra cam follower holes. https://images.app.goo.gl/RNmcY5iHDjkEkm1F8 Though actually I don't know what those extra levers do. I did think possibly low-tension sparkers ("long mingling spark") but there are (maybe conventional) spark plugs. Albeit with weird HT connectors and possibly some levers.
  9. > I think that you are probably right. Despite her slight frame she is very strong, just the sort of person we need > to help put the axles and wheels on. She seemed to enjoy herself as well which was a bonus. Is she likely to end up studying at Imperial College? Or Southampton?
  10. If it's non-standard then re-cutting it to a slightly larger non-standard size might be an option. (I have the technology.... https://youtu.be/i4fTythQj5s?t=60 )
  11. I wonder if there is a way to print just a thin shell then fill with expanding foam? Or maybe use a very sparse porous fill pattern and pour in 2-part resin. Don't forget to leave a hole to glue a dowel in so that the moulder can insert a screw to pull the pattern out of the sand. (CAD makes it trivial to put that at the exact centre of gravity)
  12. andypugh

    Karrier WDS

    Ben found a source in India:
  13. andypugh

    Karrier WDS

    The 1916 Dennis fire engine has blocks of oak between the spring and axle, but these might not be original. I assume that the red fibre is somewhat thicker than the normal fibre washers? 3mm is available here: https://www.rhnuttall.co.uk/materials/vulcanised-fibre/
  14. Of course, you have a shaper with a slotting tool for it, so just need a dividing table that can be mounted at right angles to the shaper table.
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