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  1. andypugh

    Karrier WDS

    It seems I have confused my marques. I was really meaning "Mountaineer" (though I Dalesman would be fun too) https://www.marsdenhistory.co.uk/work/mountaineer-motorcycles
  2. andypugh

    Karrier WDS

    Nice to see something from Huddersfield in preservation. Is the truck still in the North? One of these days I would like to find a "Dalesman" motorcycle, made in Marsden. And don't worry about the lack of military connection, this little corner of HMVF has become the secret haunt of the solid-tyred commercial vehicle weirdos in general.
  3. This has been most instructive. I have always thought that "Terebine" was Turpentine by a different name. This was based purely on the knowledge that the French for Turpentine is Terebenthine. https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Essence_de_térébenthine
  4. I would love to be a wheelwright, such a satisfying job. (For maybe a year, then I reckon I would find it repetitive, once I could do it)
  5. I thought the same, thanks for breaking the silence. I would expect the outer rim of the wooden wheel to be shrunk on in traditional way. But tyre swaps would be cold pressed like they are with metal wheels.
  6. Can you borrow an I-beam as long as the chassis and repeat the process above but anchored at the ends and pushing in the middle, probably with a relatively flexible wooden spreader? (Or, turn the chassis upside down on the floor and use concrete anchors as the fixed points)
  7. It looks a bit odd for a crack. It looks like a casting flaw, but a decidedly odd one. Maybe build a clay dam round it and see if a pool of <liquid of your choice that won't interfere with painting> drains away?
  8. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-latin-america-50670743 (Definitely a WW1 find and discovery, definitely military, arguably a vehicle)
  9. Thanks, seems likely. I am getting a couple of nibbles.
  10. Does anyone know where all or both the Austin / Morris LD van fans hang out? Going through my dad's barn full of stuff I have found an Austin LD engine + gearbox. And throwing it in the scrap metal skip seems wrong.
  11. What the UK calls a "Monkey Wrench" the Germans call an Engländer. (And one features on their road signs for a mechanic https://images.app.goo.gl/Emb1sbXe4MUzMxXw6 ).
  12. Nice work with the brazing. I wonder if MIG brazing would work for that sort of application? (It wouldn't be better, but not everyone has access to Acetylene, and the access is reducing steadily) I would be tempted to skim the sealing face flat on the lathe, it looks easy to hold for that.
  13. Maybe he should paint the photography table 🙂
  14. Do you intend to bend your new ones, for authenticity?
  15. If they were making the parts themselves it might have been as simple as saving faffing about with change gears on the lathes.
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