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  1. Could it be a steam charabanc? I don't know how you would tell from a photo. The White steam cars look exactly like IC engined vehicles.
  2. Cartainly similarities, http://www.kfzderwehrmacht.de/Homepage_english/Motor_Vehicles/Germany/NAG/NAG_KL8/nag_kl8.html except that it seems to be flat at the bottom. A not-exhaustive search of the round-radiator marques mentioned here didn't turn up anything definitive for me: https://www.prewarcar.com/round-radiators-revisited
  3. I was just reminded of this machine. How is it going?
  4. It is very odd that the windings are missing. If they had been taken for scrap then I would not expect the set to be re-assembled. There is a fair chance that my flywheel magneto remagnetiser can refresh the magnets, if there are any.
  5. An alternative for filling rust-pits is knifing putty. I think it is really intended for scratches, but it works OK for pitting and can be used straight out of the tube without mixing. It's more like a very thick paint than a hard-setting filler. It is one of those things that has many names, knifing putty, stopper, glazing putty (and that last one can really cause confusion...) You can get Holts Cataloy from Halfords, though I have a huge tube of something else picked up at an autojumble that seems rather better.
  6. It looks like a weakness caused by the number 9!
  7. It looks to be right-hand drive too. (unless that is a passenger-operated horn)
  8. Modern Technology makes it possible to fit a replacement condensor inside the points housing. http://www.brightsparkmagnetos.com/easycap/index.htm
  9. Are the front wheels the same size? (I know one has a tyre and one doesn't, but the left wheel also looks bigger)
  10. Never skimp on anything that comes between you and the ground. That includes shoes, beds, sofas and tyres. But not, you will notice, cookers. Incidentally, when cooker-shopping you might want to consider those that offer pyrolytic cleaning, the higher temperature is likely to be more useful for tempering and annealing parts.
  11. Sankey made solid disc wheels back in the teens. LP8389, the 1916 Dennis Fire engine has them. https://goo.gl/images/tXWvFB However those are twin-wall riveted together through tubular spacers, and I can see no sign of rivets in the photos.
  12. There might be a more benign explanation, everyone burned coal back then, and everything was filthy. Even when I was a kid you would get black smudges from touching tree bark. It's not much of a stretch to assume that led to leaf efficiency tailing off earlier in the year than it does now.
  13. Maybe an experiment with a cheap old bicycle lamp or similar is in order?
  14. Ben's Glamorous assistant said, some time ago "chelation by the oligosaccharides" So that's your answer. Now you just need to understand it 🙂
  15. Not just the Antipodeans, I used this on my Ner-a-Car chassis and other parts with great success. Though I did feel a bit strange buying all the molasses in Tesco.
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