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  1. Doug, I fitted my Ferret with Michelin XZL (got them from Bandag in Adelaide), and they work a treat. Please note that post war, the Brits changed over to using American style beads on their 9.00 x 16, so for the Ferret, that is actually what you want. What would you be after for your NOS tyres? Are they cracked or in good condition? Cheers, Terry
  2. ferret part wanted

    Tim Vibert of Empire Trading in Australia has some non-genuine ones. They don't have the in-hex in them for the crank handle, but they will plug the hole. Cheers, Terry
  3. I've owned my Saracen for about 4 years now and, for the most part, maintenance is time consuming but not overly difficult, although everything is harder to get at than it should be. Where you might have problems is if anything breaks (mine destroyed a hub), it's very big and heavy to remove and replace, but the spares are out there and aren't too expensive. Another vehicle that you might want to consider is a Ferret. They're a little smaller and easier to live with than the Saracen, but have pretty much the same running gear. Being a physically smaller vehicle, things are easier to get to and maintain. Compared to the Saracen I would say that the ferret is a little more cramped, considerably faster and a whole lot less civilised. The Saracen has a double floor, so the layer of oil and grime down there is generally hidden, while the Ferret does not, and the Saracen has considerably less interior noise. The Saracen is also easier to get in and out of and has much more interior room. I really like my Ferret, I love my Saracen. Cheers, Terry
  4. wanted, splinter screens for a ferret

    How many do you have? I need some too.
  5. In Australia

    Very nice.
  6. Fv721 fox

    Did you get it sorted?
  7. WOT 1 Down Under

    We have a WOT 1 with a radio body at the museum in Adelaide. It came from Malta.
  8. Welcome back!

    Are we collecting bug reports somewhere? Tables from old posts are all screwy. http://hmvf.co.uk/topic/36883-daimler-ferret-stowage/?tab=comments#comment-420088 In fact, I can't see a way of adding a table, short of using the insert code option, which may prove to be a security risk. Cheers, Terry
  9. More Ferret woes, now oil leak!

    I'd be checking your oil levels to work out where it's coming from, before anything else. Get some on your fingers; 90W is very thick, 30w is reasonable and the 10W or ATF is very thin, that should narrow it down a bit. Are you certain that it's not coming from a bevel box though? Cheers, Terry
  10. When did your wife or partner admit defeat?

    Strangely, a lot of women call my Ferret cute. I guess it is, a little bit. Cheers, Terry
  11. When did your wife or partner admit defeat?

    I'll bet that she didn't specify though Cheers, Terry
  12. I use one of these, it works pretty well, but you still have to remove the fill bolts. You have to straighten the nozzle a bit, but I use it for everything that needs OEP220 on both the Ferret and Saracen (in fact, I bought 2 and keep one in each vehicle). Cheers, Terry
  13. Anyone on here own a Faun Kraftkarren?

    Sorry to hear about your wife. I've seen a few on YouTube, the one with the Bundeswehr is probably the best and there is another where a guy is thrashing one around, trying his hardest to roll it over that's amusing. Cheers, Terry