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  1. Welcome back!

    Are we collecting bug reports somewhere? Tables from old posts are all screwy. http://hmvf.co.uk/topic/36883-daimler-ferret-stowage/?tab=comments#comment-420088 In fact, I can't see a way of adding a table, short of using the insert code option, which may prove to be a security risk. Cheers, Terry
  2. What do you want to know, Nic?
  3. More Ferret woes, now oil leak!

    I'd be checking your oil levels to work out where it's coming from, before anything else. Get some on your fingers; 90W is very thick, 30w is reasonable and the 10W or ATF is very thin, that should narrow it down a bit. Are you certain that it's not coming from a bevel box though? Cheers, Terry
  4. When did your wife or partner admit defeat?

    Strangely, a lot of women call my Ferret cute. I guess it is, a little bit. Cheers, Terry
  5. When did your wife or partner admit defeat?

    I'll bet that she didn't specify though Cheers, Terry
  6. I use one of these, it works pretty well, but you still have to remove the fill bolts. You have to straighten the nozzle a bit, but I use it for everything that needs OEP220 on both the Ferret and Saracen (in fact, I bought 2 and keep one in each vehicle). Cheers, Terry
  7. Anyone on here own a Faun Kraftkarren?

    Sorry to hear about your wife. I've seen a few on YouTube, the one with the Bundeswehr is probably the best and there is another where a guy is thrashing one around, trying his hardest to roll it over that's amusing. Cheers, Terry
  8. Anyone on here own a Faun Kraftkarren?

    Could you do a vehicle walk around video and post it on youtube? There isn't much out there. It'd be cool if you could go into detail about its controls and mechanicals and show the folding mechanism and process. Cheers, Terry
  9. Anyone on here own a Faun Kraftkarren?

    I'd never seen or heard of one before, but now I want one! I love wacky vehicles and this thing is pretty much up there. It also folds up! Cheers, Terry
  10. 1942 No 8 Ford (Blitz) Gun Tractor

    It depends if you're talking about America the country or America the continent, I guess
  11. 1942 No 8 Ford (Blitz) Gun Tractor

    Are you heading to Adelaide? I'll try and get down there at the same time, if you are, and say g'day. Cheers, Terry
  12. Saracen chassis number...where is it...

    It seems that those history cards were only brought in in around '67 or so. I've never seen one dated before that and have no idea what my Saracen did before then. My history cards detail an entry in '74: Conversion from 0010 6201 to 0030 8201 auth 875. I believe this to be the Mk 5 upgrade. The form is stamped CARRIER PERSONNEL WHLD APC SARACEN MK2 but has been amended, in pen at 2 different times, to read CARRIER PERSONNEL WHLD APC AMBULANCE ROLE MK5. As an aside 115 379 is the Australian army Saracen at my club's museum. Montie: I did a little bit of digging and it seems that, for some reason, British vehicles manufactured for foreign militaries are allocated British VRNs, but little to no records are kept of them (outside of the sales contracts in some government vault somewhere, probably), so Bovington and the like will not be of any help. Cheers, Terry
  13. Saracen Electrical Issues

    It looks like the problem is in one of the tail lights, given the rather angry sparks it threw at me when I took it apart and the fact that the breaker is no longer tripping. It seems that they cut the wires when disassembling it and didn't tape them properly afterwards. I'll dig up some electrical tape tomorrow and it should be all good. Cheers, Terry
  14. Saracen Electrical Issues

    Thanks Richard, I'll give that a go. Cheers, Terry
  15. Saracen Electrical Issues

    I think they left that in place, but I'm not sure.