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  1. hi, .50 cal ? machine gun mount for sale. made by Fenlow Products. located in Kent. Cost £500. thanks Rick.
  2. hi, I have a used GPMG mount for sale. located in kent Cost £225 ono. thanks Rick
  3. Hi, i think you are talking about the roof H section. This would house the various aerials or antenna posts fitted to snatch. Hobsons should have a H section for sale and also the round connectors that bolt to the h section and the aerials then screw down onto these and cover the holes in the H section. there are various suppliers of desert paint. I recently used a company called military vehicle paint for my snatch.
  4. a friend of mine is a trimmer (kent based) if you need any professional help. He fitted the exmoor outlast covers and heated elements to my 90's seats. drop me a pm if you need his details. you can find suitable bases and backs quite cheap online too (try ebay and some of the military desposal sites) so worth doing some surfing imo.
  5. Donk, try x mod they have some wire cutters for sale. the head doesn't match whats on my snatch but very close so perhaps they changed design slightly over the years?.. Might be a plan B for you?
  6. thanks guys for helping out adds a few pieces to the puzzle. i found a large weathered and faded map of Basra in the vehicle and also a small laminated route card of what i assume was Basra plus some A4 laminated inspection / warning sheets for the snatch's day to day operation so just trying to get as full a picture on the vehicle as i can. On the rear is written BRS HQ so trying to work out its history there would be ideal as much as possible. any other info or comments gladly accepted as i would like to try and understand as much as possible about its history. NigeP you have mail lol
  7. hi all, i've just got back a merlin report on my snatch and still being new to military vehicle ownership while i can decipher some of the words it would be great if anyone with more experience could shine any light on the report please? thanks greatly Rick
  8. Thanks Tyler I think I'll have to visit it.
  9. Thank issah appreciated. What's the expo like? Is it worth the 3h drive up from kent?
  10. Thanks guys for answers so far and makes sense over the red switch thing. Any info on the camo net would be great thanks Tyler and thanks for info on fb group. Ill have to join fb and drop you a pm. I've requested history and have a few pics but no history as yet.
  11. attached is a photo of the windscreen cam net i would like more info and ideally some better close up pictures if anyone can help. in the other pic you can see the red perspex item i was asking about. Between that and the three swtiches is another one kinda hidden unless you zoom it. This is i "believe" the aux switch that i would like to discover what its for and where to find what it powers please. I'll post some pics of the bumperettes at the weekend hopefully. thanks Rick
  12. hi all, extremely new to owning a snatch (first mil vehicle) and trying to slowly work through exactly all the bits etc so have a few inital questions if anyone can please help? 1. the rear bumperettes have two moulded holes running horizontally on the inside support basically facing each other. I've not seen any photos on the net for any possible use for these. Any ideas what they are? 2. On the right hand side three switch control above there is a seperate switch which i believe is for aux wiring. If so where should i look to see the cable or socket for this? 3. The right hand side heater controls has a red perspex piece of plastic that basically slides down and locks the direction and heater arm controls. Is this for any particual reason? 4. My snatch has the barracuda camo system apart from the front windscreen which i think is rare to find these days? My plan is to have a trimmer friend make one if i can source some extra barracuda. I can see the front screen grill has loops to secure it to at the bottom but i cannot see where on the top of the screen or grill that is fixes to. Any ideas / close up pics? If anyone have one of these panels for the front screen i would really appreacite any photos ideally rolled out if possible (pm is fine) so that i can pass onto my trimmer to make. sorry for question overload just an exicted dirty snatch owner lol cheers Rick
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