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  1. Royal Enfield ......Rare find

    Sorry for my ignorance, but what is the purpose? As a corrosion inhibitor?
  2. Royal Enfield ......Rare find

    How hot do you get them ? And isn’t there a risk of making them brittle with that process
  3. HI Chris, have you had a chance to look at the mortar tube ?
  4. Wanted AEC Matador

    I think the Shopland collection still has a couple of Matadors for sale http://www.shoplandcollection.com/items-for-sale-wanted
  5. WW1 finds and discoveries

    For us, that do not have the nerves to take on a full scale ww1 truck, a solution has presented it self. https://www.perthmilitarymodelling.com/newkitnews/lukgraph.html
  6. Hi Chris Could I get you to measure it and take some pictures of the end attachment?
  7. Thanks I will have a look
  8. Hi I am looking for the dimensions of the tube/barrel of a war time US m2 60mm mortar. I have the bipod and baseplate and would like to recreate a barrel for it. I am looking for the outside diameter of the tube, length and details on how the end and attachment ball look. Cheers
  9. CMP Gun Tractor for restoration.

    This early cab 11 Chevrolet was previously for sale, on eBay as well, in the same condition back in July. Before that it was for sale some years ago in unrestored condition. The body is a newly made one, based on the original 7A1 which then was sold on separately.
  10. WW1 finds and discoveries

    http://www.prewarcar.com/classifieds/ad230635.html this appears to have the right age, but I do not know if they where úsed.
  11. guy quad GS 1944

    Any news on the Guy ?
  12. Scammell Pioneer TRMU30

    Hi any updates on the Scammell?
  13. Bedford QLC

    An update on the project, I decided to pass on the gauntlet. I only made very little progress with the Bedford the last two years, and I have in the meantime gotten a daughter and house to look after as well, I would therefor not get it done within a foreseeable future. So when a good new home for it presented it self I decided to let it go. A thanks to all who commented and help, but specially Guy, Richard and Ian.
  14. Crossley Q type 4x4

    I Think the Shopland’s have poor condition tractor unit, of the curved roof shed style cab type
  15. Crossley Q type 4x4

    The Shoplands still has a Crossley http://www.shoplandcollection.com/heavy-vehicles/85-heavy/92-crossley-q4-prime-mover