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  1. Base on some of the comments Kevin has made on Facebook, The F1 collection or parts of it is keep until he can make a new museum for them. He has also mentioned having a rather large collection of vintage cars and recently posted pictures of newly purchased vintage Grand prix motorbike.
  2. I might know where to find a set in Denmark. Needing a bit of work but not impossible
  3. The Scammell Pioneers where not equipped with a spare wheel originally, but various field modifications where done to facilitate one. I have seen a war time picture of a Pioneer with a spare wheel placed on the roof of the cab. That would not be fun to get down.
  4. Thanks Wally for finding the B42, now I can add a bit history to my CGT.
  5. There is two Nash quads for sale in France. the add text: two nash quad projects and lot of parts available for these WWI american trucks 4 wheel driven and four wheel steering 1917-18 with full original rear ammunition body from wagon manufacture of chicago
  6. It does look like the back of a Tiger 1 turret, if you compare the lifting peg position and brackets to this picture of the Vimoutiers tiger. if it’s an original turret I don’t know, but after having worked on a couple of German vehicles and meet some of the larger collectors I think it could be very plausible that’s it is indeed a tiger turret , there is still quite a lot of German stuff around but it not as public still, as allied stuff, and it’s bloody expensive.
  7. They where used for recovery of wheeled and light tracked vehicles. have a look here at 20:05
  8. They do indeed look great behind a Pioneer, this picture was just posted on facebook.
  9. This is one at pounds yard, taken in 94
  10. 1914 Rochet Schneider http://www.milweb.net/classifieds/view_large.php?ad=94941&cat=3
  11. It might be worth having a look at this https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/1060033073?fbclid=IwAR2DPP9RTMrMPHtsTn74O_xTD-Z60Vl09Oz8K6PgQMYpgLd0lPD-B-fQU3c
  12. There is a T34/76 for sale in Ukraine, there was an add on Facebook
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