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  1. Was the floor originally dimple plate or “cross” pattern dock plate. these guys in Poland has previously made all sorts of quality parts for German vehicles including dimple plate
  2. Yep that’s a tank transporter with “home made” crane
  3. Are there any books on the SAS land rovers ? And I am glad I spent all my money last year otherwise I would have been very tempted by one of the series 2’s
  4. The Shopland collection would be interested, but they are currently in NL for the 30corps run. they will get back to you once home
  5. You are definitely not wasting any time
  6. A very rare picture of the Royal navy Scammell, currency of Les Freathy
  7. This is possibly the best site for keeping track of where tanks are http://the.shadock.free.fr/Surviving_Panzers.html
  8. The Scammell 80 tonner is post war civilian tractor unit used by heavy haulers. It resembles the tank transporter
  9. And some in the uk has been shopping, a couple of weeks ago a M74 arv was seen leaving Denmark towards the uk
  10. For me its also the Scammell Pioneer and the beetle back gun tractors.
  11. Can you use a c60l chassis?
  12. They did also find a jagdpanther roof. So they will be digging again. Mateuczs has quite a lot of parts for PZ3 so possibly if they find a bit more he can restore a third stug
  13. You are welcome and good luck with the project, you can also (might be a long shot) try and contact the Thundermodels, http://www.thundermodel.com/, they made a very nice kit of it recently and they must have had access to something
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