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  1. With the regards to the Australian Tiger parts, the destruction couldn't that also have been done by a Crew abandonment demolition charge?
  2. This might be of interest for some https://m.facebook.com/2261947273817498/posts/3081052638573620/?d=n
  3. I know it’s most likely not the purpose of such project, but Henry and john many of the schwimmwagen parts are directly available from Lehar in Cz http://www.leharmilitaryvehicles.cz johann if you thinking Pz4 have you seen the one currently being built in the US ? https://www.panzerfabrik.net/blog/categories/panzer-iv
  4. https://www.facebook.com/camouflage.paints/ this guy makes a really spot (IMHO) on SCC No.2 and it seems quite nice to work with. http://www.warpaint.co.uk/ should also have one, but are not familiar with it
  5. Six wheel staff cars where used by other countries Pre and during ww2, including the UK here eg. the Morris Commercial Type D, the Praga AV, Tatra type 82, Skoda 903 and a Japanese type 93
  6. The filler cover might be a bit to complex in its design. If it was me I would have copied the design of the SdKfz 251 radiator filler cap, it’s a simple flat disc with a bevelled (I think it’s called that) edged. And it has two round key holes for unscrewing. Sorry the picture is not the best.
  7. That is a Canadian Chevrolet C8
  8. If Adrian does not take them, I will be interested
  9. Richard fancy restoring mine afterwards? (within a shorter time frame)
  10. I saw the diamond advert as well but my impression was that the price was just fill and not the asking price
  11. Was the floor originally dimple plate or “cross” pattern dock plate. these guys in Poland has previously made all sorts of quality parts for German vehicles including dimple plate
  12. Yep that’s a tank transporter with “home made” crane
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