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  1. Looking for raf to man a gun emplacement bunker set up for three days. Free entry to show and camping. If you have a ww2 era vehicle even better. Please pm me. Thanks
  2. US Navy and USAAF items

    Looking for clothing and equipment for a USN and USAAF WW2 display. Thank you
  3. 9x9 frame

    No not as yet.
  4. I shall run these past my mate who wants them...she is back in town tomorrow...cheers
  5. Hi. I will ask the lady in question re the fit. What you looking for them please? Cheers
  6. Looking for a pair of these in a small size for a young lady. Any leads gratefully received. https://lm.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.surplusandoutdoors.com%2Fshop%2Fbritish-militaria%2Fmiltary-uniforms%2Fclassic-vintage-navy-military-1029082.html&h=ATOCad8XQWDGeTmxs95FfJoGxTic2cvHqemBizHidGdEr0WNfpL4l2NC10Vlcs-1_E_seFqSX3X1ssnfxfFkCP5e270e3RXFR8AJ0DHxdkZmY1YcjPNTtWEE2ww6vUAXMstIDGye2NUwSLO4KyUon4khdpow&enc=AZOiSeHiLuTbcd87eLx6NZAd2qdplL6vlStgMTAqjFB94W0i-mDBkNYTlQk2GglGdOSVAGRDn6kYD9S-vWVoYNMHyvOlbhx5Jv8VhzDXwJfa38ahR7pd17faMIR28HHXs0DCzc4Xgy2eWDM4Yo5QZe4RpfEtkmpvMqFINRPk07rHYLJoOyVTAszR5xjzOu9Bj63CCytRqAVxjwHBIiUfQ1yybyY5Dz8tIAKDD6teCves_LBjeAY2hNyh3zKfZ30TJzp9XHfBFjKFft9UboLGWNrPcMvAWGKj7MvYkr7ZV-6pkMKFvxilrOgteyhycPbUiWw&s=1 Thank you
  7. 9x9 frame

    Looking for a cheap as chips 9x9 frame ie poles/knuckles. Must be a complete set...have canvas just need frame. Thank you
  8. Guys. Please see below, if interested please contact me and i will link you up. I’m writing from a television production company called World Media Rights and we’re producing a new documentary series called Real Story, which looks at true stories which have inspired feature films – one of which is a documentary about the real story behind Hacksaw Ridge and as part of the show we’ll be shooting some drama reconstruction around London and at a location near Farnham, in Hampshire. I’m trying to find people to play the roles of US soldiers in both training Stateside and combat in Guam, Leyte and Okinawa and I came across your details. We’ll be filming across 2 days in early to mid-September and I was wondering whether you knew of any members based nearby who might be interested in taking part? we’re keen to find people who can accurately portray WWII US soldiers. To give you a bit more information the filming is for a 6 part documentary series called ‘Real Story’ for Reelz channel in the US and ITV Global. The series tells the true stories behind well-known feature films. For this episode we’ll be looking at the story behind Hacksaw Ridge, the 77th Infantry Division in the Pacific and the selflessly heroic actions of Desmond Doss; the first conscientious objector to win the Medal of Honor. It’s an incredible story and one that we’re all very excited to tell.
  9. I have one does the job. Previous ones had nylon tabs to hold guy ropes. I suggested they change to canvas which they did in the next batch.
  10. Joined: Fri Feb 18, 2005 21:35 pm Posts: 252 Due to me being unavailable there is a requirement for some british reenactors in D-Day (6/6/44) kit to have a play on a higgins boat with a celeb for a program about D-Day for the history channel. This is located in the Nottingham area next thusday. Please pm me if interested and i will link you up Cheers
  11. BC-611 BA-35 dry and a BA-38 battery

    For sale 2x BC611 radio batteries BA38 103.5 volts French made post war, still has some voltage in each, one tested at 50 volts plus, still in plastic bags one unopened. £15 each or £30 the pair postage £5. Great for display or as an example for sizes. If you want to contact the seller pm me your email and i will link you up via the web sites pm service then you can chat to him
  12. BC-611 BA-35 dry and a BA-38 battery

    French post war..... Hope the link works... http://www.wwiireenacting.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=150&t=92933
  13. WW2 Radio

  14. Higgins boat

    Hi, Can anyone put me in contact with an owner of a working higgins boat. I saw in a magazine some time ago a vietnam living history group??? using one but i am failing on finding any information. Is this the one that was at Gloucester docks? When they had events there?? Any leads appriciated. Thank you
  15. Jeep trailer cover .

    Jim clark on here Or Worthington canvas