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  1. For sale - British army oven

    £60 Buyer collection or pick up from the overlord show Great condition
  2. For sale Army cookers stoves

    Now all sold
  3. British army oven

    So i am looking to see how much one of these is worth please. Thank you
  4. For sale Army cookers stoves

    My mate is after selling these cookers. Tbh i am not up on prices only what ive seen on ebay. They are sold as seen and not tested. If you are interested let my have your thoughts on prices. I would suggest a local pick up or from a show as the double burner is heavy. Anyway....over to you.
  5. Wanted - mast set

    Thank you both....is that expensive £65 as i got my last set out a skip. Im using them as a couple of flap poles
  6. Wanted - mast set

    I am on the look out for what i call a mast set...it may not be that at all!. Mine is complete as pictured but im after another or elements of. Cheers
  7. A3 Framed Spitfire and P-51D "On The Sprue"

    Clever......like it
  8. Wanted: signal lamp & tannoy

    Sorry no thats the only picture i have. I have picked up the normal black handheld one you see around so stand down from rummaging...thank you anyway
  9. Anyone got any bits laying around for this type of signal lamp? Ideally looking for a handle assembly. I can buy new however i would rather keep my money in the hobby. Thank you
  10. Parts Form British Army Mk 12 Stove

    Try....phone rather email http://www.base-camp.co.uk
  11. 1940 MkII Helmet - Khaki Green No.3 Paint?

    BS381 499 Service brown no 2.
  12. RN beach group D-Day

    Thanks for all the answers so far....here is the full picture. Its a rn beach group on d-day...
  13. Wanted: signal lamp & tannoy

    I have...and a local scrap yard with no joy... however i may have a tip off on one
  14. Wanted: signal lamp & tannoy

    Yes and no joy Ty
  15. RN beach group D-Day

    Any idea what this is please???