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  1. I'll give you 500 for one with the chicken hut on I might drive over and have a look later.........
  2. Hi any use to anyone, not sure what it is as no marking
  3. Interesting just just found old ebay advert as below, hmmm better have another look in the box at numbers. Anybody know where references can be researched? Gandy GG/17/1 Set of 8 Brake linings & rivets, Listed as fitting:Austin 10HP Steel shoes marked "3" or with cut away ends 1938-40 Austin Utility 10 1939-46 Austin Ten 1945-48 Austin A40 Devon 1947-51 Jowett Javelin 1947-50 ERA 1950 Morgan 4-4 1949-51 Reliant All models 1939-50 Singer Roadster 1951-52
  4. Thx chaps, hopefully they won't be here long........
  5. Hi found a few boxes of new old brake pads, I was told they were for Bedford trucks?
  6. Thank you, the engraving is on one side and maker name on other side. It's a lot brighter, iPad no flash etc lol. The chap wants 500.00 Gbp for both....
  7. Hi I currently sat with a gent who had showed me these two knives bayonet. British ww1 bayonet and a German hitler youth knife dagger. Any help info, prices would be great......regards Andy bayonet is Sheffield sandersons
  8. Thx guys that's excellent information. Any ideas on value i need the space in the shed
  9. Hi found a nice little ever ready brass wd marked 1940 lamp electric number 1 and wondered if it was off a BSA military bike etc. it's in great nick and has crows foot on handle which in amazing condition. Any info / interest greatly received. Regards Andy
  10. Happy new year found some smiths clocks and dash panels upto 60mph , Austin, Morris?
  11. Anyone know what this is, w plate which could mean kit or re-registration? My mate found this barn, I told him it was 20 maybe 30 quid
  12. Tony is this what your looking for as that is cheap, he should have listed it under vintage tools or bikes..... eBay item number: 370935210850
  13. lol the spanner just got expensive I have what i know as a bsa spanner made by a 3rd party, will have to check name which isn't uncommon during the 40's, as for bsa original factory, I'll add you to the list......
  14. Had already got you on my list for one , Lauren had the same photo so not sure if shes wants a funnel, no problem....and just waiting to agree a price on the other with someone so all good. I have some other Britool spanners from a different source. Made in Wolverhampton so got to be good I'm off to a show in Hereford soon, are you going? Also I been loosely offered a willys jeep - how much is good value on one of them ?
  15. Bottle jacks, Lake, Lake and elliot, dunlop and some others I dont know yet, Interesting handle (starter? not a jack i dont think) and spanner......
  16. The little socket and allen key screwdriver at the front I am informed by a man who knows these are british gun spanners, he couldn't remember which gun.... if you need one I have 500 odd
  17. If you were after spanners and contacted me, bear with me I picked up another 1.5 ton all loose in military boxes. The boxes are ace, the spanners mainly rusty, ..... WD40 Heaven..... Also picked up a ww2 officers wool long coat with the brass buttons etc if thats your thing, its in great condition.......
  18. Funnels look like the ones on photos sent, will need to check who wanted them......
  19. Lauren this is the light off the truck on your drive, not literally, but did wonder why the cone was black/green paint.
  20. This is like the spanner on the photos people sent me but this says Britool and vauxhall bedford so maybe 50's but a great tool if you need it for a bedfoed truck.
  21. WD BELL 110v 25 w light bulbs all new in box about 60 of them. Have assumed they fit a generator lighting rig etc but dont know....
  22. WD fuel can rectangle shape.... if this is the can in the photos people have sent me then great, I need to go through my mails and see who wanted what
  23. Big spanner I assumed was from a civvy fordson or austin hub spanner.. On closer inspection there is a very faint arrow on one side and markings on other.... ??
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