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  1. Tiny Tim battery charger

    Tiny Tims were used late war in tanks, Churchill, Cromwell, Comet, etc. There was a metal lid that fitted over the top on tank ones.
  2. Matched pair?

    Stumbled upon these two recorded together in the RAF vehicle databook.
  3. RAF Vehicle Identity Required

    here's the alternate
  4. RAF Vehicle Identity Required

    Here is the Dodge crew bus data sheet for comparison - it's very close.
  5. RAF Vehicle Identity Required

    There was an Austin 6x4 version of the crew bus the same as the Dodge VK62B. While I can't find a photo, the loadbed of a K6 looks higher, which might account for the difference in hieght. Edit:nope, not enough wheels.
  6. Photo links not working.

    same problem viewing on an iPad. Only the name is displayed. When clicking through the link you get the pop up black box for the viewer but no photo in the middle.
  7. MK3 Covenanter restoration

    I'm pretty sure it's a Meadows 6PC630 in an Explorer. The Duxford one is converted to 6DC630 diesel.
  8. Centurion Collimator Jettison Switch

    It's not a wreck, it's a beautiful butterfly in kit form.
  9. Centurion Collimator Jettison Switch

    D'oh silly me. That'll be an explosive fuse on the wiring diagram, not an electrical one. Thanks for talking sense BlueBelle, Ive been spending too much time on wires
  10. Centurion Collimator Jettison Switch

    The collimator in this case is (if I'm right) synchronising the sights between commanders and gunners periscopes. External fuel tank was my first guess as well, but the cables don't seem to go there, hence being a bit stumped. The cables run + to - via a fuse, and into the collimator itself, which only seems to connect to the turret. No ejector seat found in the turret so far....
  11. Centurion Collimator Jettison Switch

    I'm half expecting a james bond type ejector seat answer
  12. Any ideas what the jettison switch on the Centurion collimator is used for?
  13. WANTED - Humber Steering Wheel

    Have you got a photograph or picture?
  14. Tank Traverse indicator boxed

    This is in the right range for the Charioteer, but I can't find it in the provisional parts list to be sure (they only made a provisional list, and it's not complete). Can I throw my hat into the ring for it? If not, my guess would be early Centurion 3 to 5, and I'll offer it back up (though it may be a while). Andy: I may know another source on these, so will check if they have a late FV number next time I'm there.
  15. Dorking covenanter recovery

    I'm beginning to think you're delaying just so you get use of that wheel you know