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  1. Quick query - timeline and edited posts

    Thanks Joris
  2. Fade is coming to visit

    Ah, I hadnt realised - thanks for the heads up.
  3. Just a quick query. I quite like the new timeline view on the new posts, but if you edit a post does it show it in the timeline? I'm wondering if we can now edit the first post in a thread (e.g. showing progress) and have the post show up again in the timeline, or whether it only shows new posts in that thread.
  4. Fade is coming to visit

    I'd suggest Bovington, Duxford, Churchill War Rooms and Dover Castle. Plenty of naval history in Portsmouth, as has been said, and there's the D-day museum over in Gosport. Bovington - the worlds largest collection of tanks, and the only place you can see many of them. Duxford - a ww1/ww2 airfield, Monty's tank and command caravan, loads of vehicles and probably the best collection of military aircraft in the world. Also the home of the american air museum. More than can be done in 1 day. If you stop over there's also Madingley cemetery to pay respects, and the Shuttleworth collection (vintage vehicles and the early days of flight) Churchill war rooms - Churchills command bunker. Tie it in with the toursity bits in London, as it's right in the heart near Downing street, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben etc. Also try for HMS Belfast - a ww2 battleship (Town class cruiser, next to tower bridge), The Tower of London, etc. Dover Castle - a medievel castle, and also home to the maritime command bunkers where the Dunkirk evacuation was planned/commanded and an underground hospital. Of the lot, the one I'd not miss out on would be the Churchill war rooms - seeing the map on which almost the whole of the ww2 allied effort was run from, covered in millions of tiny pin holes in patterns for the fronts and shipping/supply columns, is utterly fascinating. Also Churchill's toilet (actually the hotline to the US). It's not a full day though, so you can plan other things.
  5. Constructive feature requests

    Hey admin team Thanks for the new forum. Its taking some getting used to, but I'm glad it's still here. It would be great if you could look at options for: Making it easier and simpler to navigate to new and unread content, particularly for those who aren't technically savvy - its a very busy screen Enabling a grace period for edits, so we can amend any typos without the "edited" notification. Deleting a post that's made in error Anyone else want to add to the list? I've added a poll for folks to indicate they'd like similar.
  6. New Format

    Chaps, It strikes me that a lot of this is rather moot. Whether you're techie or not, the team has explained that old forum was about to break. As a techie, I can understand why, and I'd already noticed symptoms. I have no reason to doubt them. The new forum keeps the site alive. If you find a better option, this is the place to recommend it. If it costs money, maybe we can have a whip round. Otherwise lets all say "thanks dudes" for averting the inevitable disaster, start a wish list for features we want to add or change, and move the feck along.

    This is the meteor version of the tool (Z2997)
  8. Tank rides insurance

    It strikes me that the traction engine crowd seem to do a lot of rides, especially model ones. You could try these folks. http://www.ntet.co.uk/insuranceservices/
  9. Tank rides insurance

    If you're charging for it you may want to look at normal business insurance.
  10. Generator for what vehicle ?

    The fuel tank on top looks original - if so that tends away from afv use as it'd be plumbed in to the main fuel tank.
  11. Pass plate and holder

    Thanks everso!
  12. Pass plate and holder

    Ah, I have the Terence Wise books - I meant the 1942/1943 pamphlets
  13. Pass plate and holder

    Where did you find the copy of Vehicle Markings? Is it a personal copy or one from a museum archive?
  14. Loose battery clamps

    Isn't there a way of melting and remoulding the terminals?
  15. Deleting a post made in error

    thanks everso