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    Morris MRA1 1 Ton truck

    Somebody i know is getting a Morris MRA1 truck, in need of a bit of restoration but not too bad overall, he has asked me to keep an eye out for anything MRA1.... So not been entirely sure what an MRA1 is other than its a 1 Ton truck from the same post war era as the mighty Humber 1 Ton truck and its slightly less mighty sibling the Austin K9 1 Ton truck. I found a picture of one, but i couldnt get a copy to put on here, anybody like to fill me in on what its all about, it would seem that they are pretty rare beasts.
  2. Some time ago i had a phone call out of the blue, from somebody telling me that he knew some history of my MK1 Humber Pig, he seems to think that it may be the same one that a friend was driving when it was hit by a landmine, killing the commander. I have been doing some searching over quite some considerable time, and the only incident that fits in with the time period is this: Cpl David Powell 16th/5th Queens Royal Lancers, aged 22 killed in a landmine attack on his Armoured Personnel Carrier in Kinawley, County Fermanagh on the 22nd October 1971. There is some evidence on the vehicle, on the commanders side, which would suggest that something has taken place, and was repaired at a later date. I am of the opinion that until i have irrefutable proof, that history like this has to be 100% accurate before linking it with a vehicle held in private collector hands. Does anybody know how i could find out any more than what i have at the moment?
  3. Adam Elsdon

    Incident in Northern Ireland

    Anybody have decent records they can refer on pertaining to incidents in Northern Ireland? I have been told my Humber Pig may have been involved in a road side bomb incident, killing the commander of the vehicle, who may have been a black soldier. It is thought the vehicle was out on its very first patrol, and was still in a desert camouflage scheme when it was hit. There is indications still on the vehicle that it was in some form of blast and i have posted pictures in the "Humber Pig pictures" thread. Given that it was still in desert cam when it was sent out on patrol, would put it in the earlier years of the troubles, particularly as it is a MK1 vehicle before they were uparmoured. Would the Army have records of such incidents, i would of thought so, but i have no idea where you can access that sort of thing, must of been some sort of investigation work and outcome report of the incident? Apologies about the vagueness, but the source was pretty vague, somebody who knew somebody who seen a photo of the vehicle and seemed to think it was the same one they drove.
  4. I am presently researching my Great Grandads history, i just recently came into posession of paperwork and photographs. This is what i have so far, he was called Joseph Pattison and was Sergeant Major Band master to his excellency the Viceroy of India, i also have a Warrant certificate showing his promotion to Warrant Officer in-situ remaining the Viceroys Band Master. His regiment was the Kings own Yorkshire Light Infantry (KOYLI's) and going by dates on envelopes and paperwork he was in Calcutta and Simla India at least between 1902 and 1906. I have a card listing a music arrangement for a function in 1905 at the Viceregal Lodge by Sgt Major J Pattison band master to H.E. Viceroy who was Lord Curzon at that time. I am trying to find out his Army history in the KOYLI, but am finding it very difficult, ww1 and 2 are easy in comparison. Also his post in India is quite high profile, but i cant find anything out other than the info i have. Any help would be appreciated!
  5. Adam Elsdon

    India, Calcutta 1902 and the Viceroy.

    I should really check my postings more often, I have only just found this while doing a bit more research. cheers Clive much appreciated for the information, it all adds to the picture.
  6. Adam Elsdon

    Reporting Live from W&P Revival 2013

    I dont see the problem with that type of vehicle, if the displayed vehicle was actually used by the military. BRIXMIS used Opel Senators and a variety of low key vehicles while "spying" on East German activities, and I drove an LDV minibus at Brize Norton on "Guard Commander" duties, fun at 2 AM seeing how fast I could change guard shifts!! holds more interest to me than line after line of jeeps.
  7. Yes I know, how exciting!!:yay::yay: I wasn't near a TV or Radio or even the same day when I eventually found out that Will and Kate had a male screaming poo machine....however now that we have been whipped into a frenzy by the "W and K" (is it me or does that look rude) royal baby circus media hype, now is a great time to come up with alternative Royal names! I'll start the ball rolling with "Dick" so when he makes it to the throne he can be "King Dick" like the lovely brand of 3/4" drive sockets I own!! Your turn!
  8. Adam Elsdon

    Where are the French?

    I was looking up info for a Panhard VBL, the French army were racing around Sarajevo in them, and it made me think, there doesnt seem to be a French vehicle section on here, which is a surprise, given the amount of Hotchkiss Jeeps :cool2:. No seriously though, they have some pretty epic kit, look at the wreckers, and trucks etc, you could even say it was with the Foreign Legion instead of the US Airborne! So who owns French vehicles?
  9. Adam Elsdon

    WD Subsidy lorries & Chassis Hooks

    More photographs of Maudslay's in RFC Service here at the Maudslay thread: http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/showthread.php?35070-Maudslay-Subsidy-Lorry/page2
  10. Adam Elsdon

    Maudslay Subsidy Lorry

    Some more "in service" pictures of Maudslay's, these mainly show the people who worked with them, rather than the lorry, but they are no less fantastic for it, they really show the people behind the scenes. The first two are RFC/RAF, the last two are of vehicles used by the Army Supply Corps for the Ministry of Munitions. . This may be of interest, (I am sure somebody will put me right) but it would appear that Maudslay had two models of truck in service during WW1, the last picture shows a vehicle that looks smaller and with a different radiator, which looks very much like the Australian museum bus, mentioned earlier in this post.
  11. Adam Elsdon

    WD Subsidy lorries & Chassis Hooks

    Im researching Maudslay stuff for Coventry Transport Museums Maudslay at the moment, and have this photo of a Maudslay, with a pair of posing bikers buggering up the shot! (Bloke on right bike has Marlon Brandos look, also on a Triumph but about 40 years earlier) Anyway I digress, it gives a reasonably clear shot of the top of the front hook, which looks very much like the Bartle produced item, although the headlamps and radiator protection have a different ironwork arrangement. I have put another photo of a Maudslay in the Coventry Transport Museum restoration thread, and will update on any other info I find about it.
  12. Adam Elsdon

    Maudslay Subsidy Lorry

    I have been doing some research on the history of this particular vehicle on behalf of Chris at CTM, and I will post a bit more about it, once I have exhausted all of my leads that I am currently working on. So far the info that has came to light, indicates it was in use with the RFC at Montrose Air Station in North East Scotland the UK's first operational Air Base, certainly the largest military motorised transport user in the region, and a stones throw from where the vehicle was then used in its "Civilian" guise until it eventually found its way to the museum. Here is a photo that I obtained from the RAF Museum showing another Maudslay in service, although not dated, going by the faded RAF painted onto the rear body, I would put it sometime after April 1918.
  13. I have just bought a Duffle Coat made by Montgomery of England at TK Maxx for £75 and its a very good replica of their original duffles made for the WD and issued to the Royal Navy and other services in WW1 and WW2. It has the correct brass buttons in the hood to adjust the size (Big enough to wear over a peak cap) twisted hemp rope loops and wooden toggles, adjusters on the cuffs, and more importantly, it doesn't have some ghastly tartan lining, its left unlined as original, and it is amazingly warm, excellent thing to wear in an open vehicle. I've barely taken mine off in 3 weeks If you arent sure what they look like, see the pics, id put a link to Original Montgomery, but they have bugger all that looks like it on the website!:-
  14. Adam Elsdon

    Aluminium ( silver) Paint.

    Screwfix, Aluminium heat resistant paint, painted the inside of the Pig I had with it using a decent brush, looks just like the service equivalent, ages well and doesnt use exotic thinners, drying time isn't rocket quick like hammerite, so gives you time to work with it, dont jump in and drive straight away though, give it plenty of time to cure hard or your clothes land up silver!
  15. I was reading something a while ago about some individuals that had gone to france/belgium and had removed items they had found on a battlefield. Whats the general consensus on this? I personally wouldnt touch anything from a battlefield with a barge pole, but no doubt there are other points of view!
  16. Adam Elsdon

    How heavy is a B80?

    With some of the idiotic messages i have been getting, i would far rather keep it than sell it to someone that wants it as a field thrash toy, we shall see! Did get someone send me a message,not about buying, but saying he has a couple of pigs, i sent him this way, said he was going to join.
  17. Adam Elsdon

    Ferret Running very rough.

    A mates MK1 Ferret was running fine then started to cut out once warm or under load, it was left at my house for a while, so i went through the electrics first, checked sparks, gaps, plugs, tested the condenser with a megger and it was still a problem, then went through the fuel system, checked the floats in the carb, the carb banjo filter, the fuel filter in the vehicle etc, all appeared clean, but it wasnt running right. In the end we disconnected the pipe from the side of fuel filter housing, and the carb banjo union, and blew it out with an air line, and a rather enormous quantity of dirt and sand came blasting out, although none of this was apparent at either end at the filters, it was quite heavy gritty sand, and we think it was accumulating at a bend in the pipe, or at the fuel pump and was restricting it, as soon as the engine died, it was running back into the fuel pipe waiting for the next run. Well worth blowing through just to make sure it is all clear. The Ferret ran sweet as a nut after that, probably due in part to all of its full service checks!
  18. Adam Elsdon

    How heavy is a B80?

    30KG of that must have been water inside the engine block and cylinders!
  19. Adam Elsdon

    Bosnia 1993 Op Grapple 2

    There was a French truck went off the road at Mt Igman while i was there, 14 french troops died. I didnt write anything off personally, but was involved with getting an armoured Humvee rear end shot up heading back into Sarajevo from Kiseljak, some creative road block avoidance was required after dark, and the Serbs didnt like it! i remember been impressed with the way the truck managed the craters in the road at high speed!!
  20. Just been up looking at a Matador with Croc (from this forum) I have known about it for a long time, but this was the first time we have pulled its tarpaulin off and had a good look at it. Its chassis number is 08536901 Its Engine number is 7602. If anybody would like to pontificate over the numbers and tell me what its all about, it would be much appreciated!! We have noticed a few things that are different, but we'll see what you think...
  21. Adam Elsdon

    Worst war film ever ?

    "Two men went to war" Is just fantastic, done on a budget but very entertaining and very British ! nglorious Bastards" I wasted part of my life watching this cack, and the budget must have been epic and it turns out it was a remake, of an apparently rubbish original.
  22. Adam Elsdon

    Stolen Weapons -- VE day at Cobbaton

    How about using this free service, http://www.immobilise.com/about.html and get everybody with a deac to register it, basically it is a property register, if your property has a serial number that can be checked, it can be put onto the database, if the Police are notified of the theft, let them know it has been registered, if it turns up it can be checked against the database and it will be returned to the owner. This could be a good way to make an organised attempt at maintaining a record of deactivated weapons without getting bogged down in a morass of unnecessary red tape, and if you sell them on, you can log in and change the details. The database can be checked for a small fee to check that the item belongs to the seller, and photos plus a description can be added if required. Could go a long way to appease the scaremongers if the hobby takes the issue by the horns before somebody in government does it..... PM if you want more info
  23. Adam Elsdon

    Pig Project

    Just out of interest who did you get the insurance and breakdown cover with?
  24. Adam Elsdon

    Stolen Weapons -- VE day at Cobbaton

    If you walked down a street in any town in the land, with for example a deactivated Lee Enfield rifle, or Webley revolver (Outside of a special event) you can expect to have the Police Armed Response types on you in a very short time, getting very shouty! Until the weapon has been examined to confirm its status, how is an officer supposed to know its not real.
  25. Adam Elsdon

    Stolen Weapons -- VE day at Cobbaton

    I can see the interest in collecting deactivated weapons, however if you publicly show them, you should be treating them as if they were live weapons, might sound a bit extreme, but imagine the alternative, if some idiots turned up in a town/airport, wherever toting numerous AK47's. Don't be surprised if our hobby disappears overnight!<br><br>Sorry to hear about the theft, i hope the weapons are retrieved soon.<br>What is the investigating officers position on posting the pictures within this forum, as an aid to identifying persons to help with enquiries? its a good chance the people responsible have been on the MV circuit previously.