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  1. Saracen

    17 Pounder gun shield

    Thanks Adrian.
  2. What was the purpose of the four loops along the top of the 17 pounder shield ? The 6pdr had a wavy top to the shield, which I presume was to soften the shape, but these seem too insubstantial to make any difference to something the size of a barn door They also only seem to appear on some pictures, as if they were added/deleted at some point. Adrian.
  3. Saracen

    No 27 Limber bracket

    Thanks Wally. Confirmed by someone who has just posted a picture showing a hub in that position. Adrian.
  4. Can anyone give the reason for the four holed flat plate on the top of a No 27 Limber ? We've not been able to find any historic or modern photos with this plate in use, so my guess is that it's for something which would only be mounted during firing operations, then stowed when on the move. Adrian.
  5. Many thanks for the information, that's just what I need :-) I've made a few test runs and managed to down get to a 0.25mm thick wall, which is thin enough to look the part. Adrian
  6. Does anyone have a drawing showing the basic dimensions of the 25pdr cartridge ? I'd like to turn out of brass some for this 1.6th scale 25pdr kit but I've not managed to find a complete drawing yet. The dimensions I've found so far are that it is 292mm long, with a 105mm rim. I would be grateful to know whether it is tapered, and if so by how much, and the approximate thickness of the wall. Adrian
  7. Saracen

    Morris C8 Quad winch

    We're discussing the Morris C8 Quad winch over on the Armortek forum and I was wondering if there is an operators manual for the winch available to download anywhere ? There is a simple four roller guide at the front but at the rear are two quite large pulleys. Are these to act as guides or to provide additional mechanical advantage when used with a snatch block ? Did the Quad come with a snatch block as part of the original equipment inventory ? Adrian.
  8. Saracen

    Hi All

    I'm an engineer / modeller into 1:6th scale military models. A few years ago I would have said I didn't have enough space for a 1:1 project but I'm rapidly running out of space these pesky 1:6th scale ones. At least I can mostly pick them up to move them :cheesy: Adrian.
  9. Saracen

    Morris C8 wheels

    I've been looking through the various photo walkarounds for the Morris C8 Field Artillery Tractor, in preparation for building the recent Armortek 1/6th scale kit and have a question about the wheels. In looking at the various pictures of these vehicles, it seems to me that the rear wheels are fixed to the hubs one way round and the fronts the other, as denoted by the depth of rim showing at each end and the shape of the face of the wheel. Later model FATs appear to have their front and rear wheels the same way round, but with much chunkier wheels/tyres, so is it related to the age/model of the FAT or the type of wheels in use ? One picture seems to show an early FAT with the front and rear wheels the same way round, but I'm wondering if that could be explained as simply finger trouble on the part of the owner/restorer ? Also, do all Morris C8 FAT variants use an 8 stud hub front and rear ? Adrian.