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  1. But once its registered as plant they will issue a log book, the trick is to wait a couple of months then apply for a private hgv goods test on the registration plate that they have issued (seems this gets round the COC)
  2. Hi lian the electricity board prob test them as plant which is a route i will take if everything else fails. I have spoken to renualt uk who have spoken to renault france military division and believe it or not the can't find it on there data base . if i do register it as plant i can use red diesel and don't need a yearly test
  3. Thanks Nick i will try telling them that it is exempt and let you know how i get on regards Martin
  4. hi Iain believe it or not i have tried all those Its the COC that seems to be the stumbling block Martin
  5. Hi again forgot to say its a 1985 still hoping martin
  6. Hi everybody i am trying to register my renault trm 2000 for the road. i have filled in and sent a vtg1 form which came back requesting i fill in an iva form which i did and sent. the iva form came back saying i needed to fill in a vtg1 form ( you can't make this up) vosa have told me today that unless i have a certificate of conformity i am (knackered) his words has anybody registered a trm 2000 and if so how fingers crossed Martin
  7. I am trying to register my Renault trm 2000 for the road my only problem is vosa as i dont have a certificate of conformity all the forms i fill in keep coming back to me ie vtg1 iva v55/5 and the last person i spoke to at vosa said i was knackered with out it hoping somebody can help
  8. Hello everybody my name is Martin and i am 45 years young currently living in manchester uk i am married with 3 children my occupation is fencing contractor. my interests include clay pigeon shooting, fishing and off road driving just recently i purchased a 1985 renault trm 2000 ex french military with 30,000 km on the clock which i intended to register on the road (thats when my problems started)
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