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  1. Thanks for your comments - no decision made on the pitting at this stage - that will come when we all get together! So far, we have decided that we shall probably use the other Radiator - looks much better on the outside but that one is of "ali" and we will not know how sound it is until it is apart. We are very mindful that the Dennis one - also of "ali" looked fine on the outside but it was very badly corroded on the inside and has now to be replaced as it is so bad. I expect Steve would like to comment on the back springs! Tony
  2. Tim the best one to answer that but Radiator top looks like "Dennis" to me! Tony
  3. I am pleased to confirm that Ella is a very hard working and industrious girl - but her interests lie not towards the mechanical horse but to the 4-legged variety! She is just completing her gap year - no Imperial or Southampton for her but Cirencester instead! Tony
  4. Thanks Tomo - more food for thought! Tony
  5. Brilliant suggestion - it does work and thank you! Tony
  6. In the past, I have just used ordinary two-part Body Filler and there have been no problems with that - but the unknown factor to think about here is rapid temperature change as the Radiator heats up and cools off - I do not know how that will effect things. Some more research and thought about it I think - but Tommo might like to come in on this one at this point. Tony
  7. In the past with the other Lorries that we have worked on, we have left the signs of ageing as it was part of the character of the vehicle. This pitting is rather severe and it may well be that when the other two members of the gang have actually arrived back in Devon and have had a look for themselves - and also bearing in mind that the Radiator top tank is really one of the first things that you focus on when you look at a vehicle, we shall perhaps do something about that. At the moment, our first thoughts are that we shall probably use the other Radiator on this first Peerless as the core on that one seems sound (still to tested) and in which case, we shall just put this corroded one to one side for the moment and use that on the second Peerless when the time comes. The first coat of primer put on yesterday is designed to protect it from any further deterioration in the mean time. Tim is planning to make a flying visit to Devon on Saturday following the easing of the lock down and with the extra muscle available, perhaps some of the completed bits can be hung on the chasis whilst he is here - I hope so as there is a lot of stuff on the floor at the moment to fall over. Tony
  8. Many thanks - I jumped the gun and already have one! Tony
  9. Many thanks - certainly worth a try!
  10. I am sorry that it does not receive a lot of use these days but the little Electric Loco is just right to quickly get out for young people to use if they want to play on the Railway!
  11. Really is impressive - a superb job. Tony
  12. Wonderful the way things work out - a great story and very pleasing - everybody is a winner! Thank you. Tony
  13. Duncan - I wonder if you are able to share with us any information on how you managed to find the Leyland engine and where it came from - and any known history of it? That sort of thing always of passing interest! Tony
  14. I'll send you some more pictures but only one of the gudgeon bosses is a bit rough - a pity, but I reckon it will live. The pictures later.
  15. What was the one guess that was "soo close" - I missed that? I cannot identify it but one person cleverer than I has suggested "Leyland"? Tony
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