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  1. Yes, I had forgotten about this one as well and will be very interested to know how it is going.
  2. Steve and Tim have been back in Devon for the weekend and we have been going hard at it on the Peerless. The engine is successfully out of the chassis and the strip down of it is well under way. Full report and pictures to follow - probably tomorrow! No real surprises - the last owner of the Peerless said that he had broken one of the pistons but in fact two have been damaged beyond repair and will have to be replaced.
  3. Spot on with the Manufacturer and Date! Thank you.
  4. Any possibility of showing a picture of the Hallmarks?
  5. What a story there must be behind those pictures!
  6. All most interesting - please keep them coming!
  7. Yes - wonderful pictures and thank you for sharing them! I am sure that Tim will be along to comment as well as soon as he sees them! Tony
  8. And mine for me, too! We each had them for Model Engineering work but have stretched their capabilities to the ultimate over the lorries.
  9. Most interested to read about this again - my step-grandfather had served on the Iolaire prior to that disaster. He had been a "Ganges Boy" and had enlisted in 1885 and left the RN in 1909 when he was discharged to the Royal Fleet Reserve. Was called back in August 1914 and served on different Auxiliary Patrol ships of the same squadron based in Stornaway - the Iolaire being one of them. He was at sea on HMT Calliope II, a converted Trawler which had been armed with a 1 pdr gun and which was sunk after collision with the SS Dane in March 1916 off the Butt of Lewis - some of the crew were lost but my Grandfather survived and returned home to Falmouth in "borrowed clothes" - never mentioning what had happened. It was when researching family history that this full story was revealed and when it then tied up with "family legend" about the sinking that had never been fully talked about.
  10. Boxing Day was a very appropriate time to start work on the tool box. This goes at the rear of the lorry underneath the body. As we were in a bit of a hurry to get the lorry finished we left this until last. It has become quite apparent that making the toolbox first before putting on the body would have been the easiest option as it has become quite awkward to do. The aim is to now cut the wood to size, drill the holes, test fit, remove, paint then reassemble. It is proving to be a lengthy process so far.
  11. Yes, it is very unusual. Two springs coiled within each other. In good enough condition for us to use (after a clean up). The water pump is not the factory supplied one but made by Peerless trading in the UK as a replacement and of a slightly different design. No gland on it which is quite unusual. I imagine that it will leak a great deal. We took it apart to see what it was like inside. Had to get the bolts very hot to make them let go but it all came apart and seems to be in good condition, which is a relief.
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