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  1. Minesweeper

    WW1 Peerless lorry restoration

    The Headlamps are P & H - (Powell and Hanmer). The two common makes of these WW1 Headlamps seem to be either Miller or P &H. Tony
  2. Minesweeper

    WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    It was a great day and a lot of fun. We had planned and hoped to take the Thorny but that did not work out because of the further teething problems. Second choice would have been the Dennis but that is now living at Steve's place in Leicestershire - so the dear old faithful Autocar saved the day! It has not been out for a couple of years but started very easily and we were away! I guess the only disadvantage with it was that there is no proper weather protection so we had to cope with the few showers that came along. Reception from the public along the way was tremendous and the crowds in Blandford were amazing. Two onlookers said to me that it brought tears to their eyes - the whole scene was truly wonderfully set with the foot soldiers marching ahead of the convoy in the towns and villages - and on occasion singing the First World War songs that are so well known. I am afraid that other traffic on occasions came to a halt - but that really was only because the traffic coming towards us stopped to watch us pass by and thus held up the following traffic. Hundreds of photos taken. Probably never to be repeated but an occasion for us to remember for a long time. Tony
  3. Minesweeper

    WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    That was a good find! The correct one that we have on the Dennis was made by Radmore - and branded "Radwell" - and we have never seen another. I have left a continuing Search for another one under either of those two names for some considerable time on EBay but nothing has turned up. Hence Steve's thoughts of just copying the original for the Thorny. Tony
  4. Minesweeper

    WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    We shall see - but Steve has matched the existing holes in your Dad's Scuttle so I am quite sure that it will be right! Tony
  5. Minesweeper

    WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    We are going to be in trouble here for going off topic - but very briefly, it did not have a stripe and was painted the standard "black and green" cam pattern when I bought it. It spent most of its service life with 16 Sqn Wildenrath as a "Tracker Radar Towing Rapier Rover" - Service No. 73KB70 Tony
  6. Minesweeper

    WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    Stupidity! Not 1963 - should have said 1983! Tony
  7. Minesweeper

    Unique German WW I tank restoration

    A wonderful job!
  8. Minesweeper

    1914 Dennis Lorry

    Many congratulations on your Award, Ben! Superb work and very well deserved! Tony
  9. Minesweeper

    WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    I think that the final paragraph in your last posting is exactly right, Barry, but Steve will have the final say when he comes back on line! When he left Devon yesterday, we agreed that the Pistons had been machined parallel initially with a 0.005 clearance. We shall have the bores honed out by a further 0.003. The pistons will be stepped to a clearance of 0.017 above the top ring and 0.012 between the rings. At least, that is what we talked about yesterday - but that may change! Tony
  10. Minesweeper

    WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    Steve just telephoned me to say that his Computer "died" today - he has just been out to buy a new one but he will not be operational with it for a couple of days. He very much wants to reply to the comments made today and yesterday and will do so as soon as he can! Tony
  11. Minesweeper

    WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    Ah yes but you are talking about a fire engine with 9 1/2 l engine. These army lorries are only 6 1/2 l and they didn't feel the need to fit them with impulse or trembler. They were also driven by 18-25 year olds, not old fogies like us! Steve
  12. Minesweeper

    WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    Painting of that must wait until after the Brighton. A pity but there are other more pressing things to complete first of all.
  13. Minesweeper

    WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    Well, it has been all of a bit of surprise - we never gave it much of a thought that it would have created this amount of interest! We are just so pleased that folks have enjoyed watching it develop in this way. Whilst there have been three of us at it, it has been very much Steve's project and it is a prime example of the "Apprentice has now become the Master". And all the way through, there has been a tremendous amount of advice and encouragement from members of the Forum and we have been very grateful to have had that. And we must acknowledge Jack for it is his Forum that has given us the means to tell the story in this way and we are grateful to him. Tony
  14. Minesweeper

    WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    Steve can reply properly later on, Hedd, but it has loosened again now that it is cold. We plan to run it again this afternoon -"as -is" - and see what happens this time. Tony
  15. Minesweeper

    WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    Thanks John - that's very kind! I noticed, too that the One Million is fast approaching and can hardly believe that it has all created so much interest. I am expecting Steve here in Axminster later today and we have a significant amount of work planned for the week ahead - we shall know by the end of next week if we are going to be ready for the "Brighton" or not. Everything is planned and hope that nothing unexpected will hold it all up. We will keep everybody interested of our progress - or lack of it this coming week! Tony