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  1. I take it that this the same vehicle that was owned by MS at one time and when it was in his possession , it sat in his Shed with a Furniture Container on it? It looked complete, I thought.
  2. Very much enjoyed that one! Happy Christmas!
  3. Made me laugh - it rather looks as if all of us might have someone looking over our shoulders!
  4. Dave is obviously a great Craftsman! Tony
  5. These are the front springs - they have been sand blasted to clean them and to make a full examination of their condition easier to assess. You will see that they are in an indifferent condition - heavily rusted, one leaf broken, the leaves have spread and the bronze bushes on one are heavily worn. We have decided to send these to a Springs specialist to look at - repair if possible or to be used as a copy for new ones to be made. Fortunately, the rear springs are in good condition - we have two sets of those but only the one pair of "fronts".
  6. Well done with the Radmore find! We have one on the Dennis and have been looking for one for the Thorny for years - but they seem to be as rare as Hens Teeth! Steve is now resolved in making a copy of one for the Thorny but one or two of our friends have said that if you are doing that, make one for me, too! Tony
  7. I have found Taps and Dies now at a very reasonable price so it looks more like "home manufacture" again! But it still does not explain to me why Peerless used these less common threads - having done our other American Trucks - the FWD and the two Autocars - where they used the more common UNC and UNF threads. What could the reasoning have been? Tony
  8. That seems to fit - but why ever did they use that thread? All a bit strange!
  9. If King of the Road, is it stamped "742" as well?
  10. Impressive work - what a Craftsman! Tony
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