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    Identify Truck with Searchlight

    I'll dare bet there was a scramble for the Thornycroft v the TS19's at that depot!
  2. Berisford

    Identify Truck with Searchlight

    Many thanks for the rapid reply to my request Ted. Thornycroft eh, so obvious to see when you know! A good looking truck for its year. So were the regular registration plates used through he war years?
  3. I wonder, can anyone shed any light on this mobile searchlight truck. I assume it's in the Civil Defence with its civilian number plate? I'm not even sure what type of truck it is! The still is taken from an old home movie. http://www.macearchive.org/Archive/Title/collins-mansfield-at-war/MediaEntry/49861.html
  4. Hello, thanks for letting me join your forum. I've browsed this group many times as a guest. I don't have any military background but I've a long time interest in AEC based vehicles, mainly buses, but the military stuff from the factory/line glory days has always fascinated me. I've been prompted to join as I've recently viewed a short home movie film about anti-aircraft searchlights and it raises a question. I'll post the film and question in the appropriate forum and perhaps someone here might know the answer? Regards, Berisford, Nottingham.