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  1. Hi Steve, they mostly all seem to be there for me, just a few ex members ones missing. Are you looking in the right place? The gallery is separate from this index: http://hmvf.co.uk/topic/5202-scammell-explorer-gallery/ Bernard
  2. Excellent! Free drinks will certainly attract the next generation, I'll have a pint of Spitfire please, with a whiskey chaser.... Cheers 🍺πŸ₯ƒ
  3. Sign of the times methinks. This used to be the place to visit for Scammell info, but almost all the Scammell owners that used to post or visit here now use private Facebook groups, there are at least three groups. As a repository for info FB is no substitute for a well run forum, so we're loosing books, DVDs, old photos, forum threads, and no one under 30 talks to each other in words longer than two sylables anymore. We're doomed, doomed I say!
  4. Since I sold Forceful I do mostly mixed shows with Rugged and car shows with my '28 Chevy. W&P is the only military event I go to now, only missed 3 and I always have a great week, don't get bogged down with the politics and as I have a loo in my camper van never had a reason to complain, it is what it is. The Rugged One should be fully road legal soon, but will I have the fortitude to drive him all the way? 😰 Bernard
  5. Was talking to a couple of ex MV owners at a car show the other week who said much the same thing, not only abut HMVF but the scene in general seems to have peaked and be somewhat on the decline...
  6. gritineye

    What's my new trailer?

    Nice find Olaf, the mud surfing handles at the rear end indicate a high grin factor, English weather permitting!
  7. Nothing at all on this site lately, has the fun gone out of it? Is any one else going? If not why not? Just asking, wouldn't like to be the only one going.... Bernard
  8. But one day ,the ants might come after you Mike, forwarded is forearmed !
  9. gritineye

    My old threads & posts

    Hover your cursor over 'Activity' button in the header, then a row of options appears below, click on the one you need and bingo there it is.
  10. Don't miss this bit either folks. ο‚·" in respect of vehicles that have been commercial vehicles, changes which can be demonstrated were being made when they were used commercially." These two point should be ample grounds for them accepting any diesel conversion, especially a Cummins that fits the space without any other alterations, and preserves the look, shouldn't they? Don't overthink this, they have given modified car owners plenty of wriggle room with this new definition, because the 15% part was a bit silly, and a lot get there cars tested anyway, but a test for Scammells and the like is a bit more problematic than for a car. If you declare a modification you will have to get a test, but don't phone them and ask, as I see it if you think you're within the rules just don't declare and carry on as usual. PS. the main reason for all this may be just a way of getting wildly modified vehicles to be seen by testers, who will have to tick a box on their screen to stay the vehicle matches the details in the V5c, if not then the vehicle will warrant further inspection by VOSA.
  11. gritineye

    '36 Fordson pick up

    Loving the 'Great international' ness of that pickup Nick. Pic of the rear end of the pickup.
  12. gritineye

    '36 Fordson pick up

    Thanks Baz, nothing much got past Bart, the pickup was used as a shooting brake on an estate, but someone suggested it may have a military past, and it does look a bit like a Tilley. Not mine by the way.
  13. gritineye

    '36 Fordson pick up

    Does anyone know if this is ex military or if a similar type was ever used pre war by the military ?