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  1. Excellent, a well stocked stores is a wonderful thing indeed!
  2. You could try putting the ram diagonal between the second and third x member from this end and pushing, this might just get the bend out. But a lot of care and checking needed as you go, not sure if it would cause problems with the rear axle mountings which might go askew.
  3. Good job chaps, glad that worked well. Over that length an inch is probably within original build tolerates, I wouldn't worry if it doesn't make any bodywork look wonky. I would check the rivets and give any loose ones a rap with an air hammer before painting.
  4. A couple of further thoughts, it might be tempting to use heat, but I'd avoid that if possible. Although metal can be straightened using heat, on that size metal unless you have two rosebuds going together to get an even heat and an experienced chap in charge, there's no guarantee that unwanted twisting in an unintended direction won't be the result as it cools. I used a 'floating' beam to pull against as it aligned itself with the chassis as it straightened, then I could move the jack and do a bit more. Pulling against a fixed object would mean straightening two bends at once and might need a lot more force. As the webs and the flanges of the rails will have stretched at slightly different rates, it might mean one side of the chassis will end up ever so slightly longer than the other, but not enough to obsess about IMHO. As Mike says hot riveting will take care of any stretched holes, as long as a the one hole in each that's still round and lines up is riveted first it should be fine. Best to get as much input from a few others as you can, but it shouldn't be as daunting as it appears at first, good luck.
  5. Here's how I straightened my not as big as yours chassis, Put the x members back afterwards, using wood to prevent point pressure helps a lot. Like yourselves I usually find most things are possible at home with enough thought.
  6. Nice work as usual chaps, I wonder if as much care was taken when refurbishing Peerless lorries back then, when delivery was promised in 14 days.
  7. Every time one of your interesting and well documented restoration epics nears it's end, we all start to feel a little bit despondent. Then before we know it off you go again, the Gosling gestalt relentlessly getting stuck into another one, and the new years off to a cracking good start! Thanks chaps for all the knowledge you share and good luck with the Peerless. Happy New Year. Bernard
  8. My thinking is that your enjoyment of any show is mostly down to your own attitude, go looking for perfection with pre-conceived prejudices and you're sure to be disappointed. I have no interest in toilets or food and beer prices at shows because I take my own, I very rarely buy from the stalls, I had no problems with staff at all. I feel no need to analyse or question the owners actions, I live in the moment. I had seven busy days there and I had a great time every minute of that time, meeting many old friends and making new ones, driving around in my own vehicle and others as is only really possible at W&PR. I put a walk talkie in my exhibit so that I could interact with MOPs from a shady spot some way off, which was properly hilarious, I kept it up till I succumbed to witty banter overload. I went in the arena three times (why so few people partake in showing their vehicles in the arena is always a puzzle to me) and went on a couple of convoys, even went out on the road to the garage for petrol on the Cent ARVE ! And loads of other stuff. I thought the Spitfire bar and stage was a great improvement this time. Roll on next year! Bernard
  9. Hard decision the make when it's been so long Cliv, had the same when I sold Forceful, but at least I knew he was going to a good home, the upside is all that blimmin' tapping on the side is behind you now..... Bernard
  10. Hi Steve, they mostly all seem to be there for me, just a few ex members ones missing. Are you looking in the right place? The gallery is separate from this index: http://hmvf.co.uk/topic/5202-scammell-explorer-gallery/ Bernard
  11. Excellent! Free drinks will certainly attract the next generation, I'll have a pint of Spitfire please, with a whiskey chaser.... Cheers 🍺πŸ₯ƒ
  12. Sign of the times methinks. This used to be the place to visit for Scammell info, but almost all the Scammell owners that used to post or visit here now use private Facebook groups, there are at least three groups. As a repository for info FB is no substitute for a well run forum, so we're loosing books, DVDs, old photos, forum threads, and no one under 30 talks to each other in words longer than two sylables anymore. We're doomed, doomed I say!
  13. Since I sold Forceful I do mostly mixed shows with Rugged and car shows with my '28 Chevy. W&P is the only military event I go to now, only missed 3 and I always have a great week, don't get bogged down with the politics and as I have a loo in my camper van never had a reason to complain, it is what it is. The Rugged One should be fully road legal soon, but will I have the fortitude to drive him all the way? 😰 Bernard
  14. Was talking to a couple of ex MV owners at a car show the other week who said much the same thing, not only abut HMVF but the scene in general seems to have peaked and be somewhat on the decline...
  15. Nice find Olaf, the mud surfing handles at the rear end indicate a high grin factor, English weather permitting!
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