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  1. Hi Peter, Just discovered this OYD in the Netherlands. Untouched and mostly complete (hood and extra cab inclued). Original markings present. May I ask you for a contact details ? I would like to restore that truck. P.
  2. Hi, Could you please post a price and pictures ? Thanks Peter
  3. Hi ! Let me to ask a bit general question. Does anyone know if the 1/2 ton Dodges - used by the US Army, British or other Commonwealth forces ever saw action in North Africa or Europe 1942-1945 ? Most of the WW2 pictures I have seen so far are made just in the USA and showing that 1/2 tons were just used for the training purposes. I just locate three pictures of these Dodges in action - all in Italy and all of them (WC3, WC21 and WC42) in Polish forces. But again -I'm not sure that these trucks are in action. Did the 1/2 tons ever go to North West Europe? British Forces? Canadians? Or to the North Africa? Any information is welcome. Thanks. Piotr PS. I'm especially interesting because I would like to put a correct livery on my three "halftons" (WC7, WC15 and WC21) before next D-day anniversary PPS. Pictures welcomed. PPPS. Please find enclosed one picture made in Italy 1944 (I guess...)
  4. Hi ! I'm a MV's collector from Warsaw. Frankly my collection doesn't look too impressive at the moment (just four vehicles) but what I like the most is to search for a very, very rare iron I'm focused especially on 1/2 ton Dodges, pre-standarized jeeps, GPA's, German amphibian cars, rare US two wheelers and of course old pre-1939 Polish made cars/bikes/tankettes. Travelling around - here and there - I made some really great finds. Are you interesting ? Thanks Piotr
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