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  1. Impressive work, .......... will make the raw potatoes go down a treat :cool2:. Seriously very good though.
  2. Spood

    Fordson E4

    Is this any use? Sorry it's on the gimp :cool2:
  3. Great pics, thanks for that. Love Port en Bessin, sadly not going this year but two weeks next year ( if we can wait that long :-\)
  4. May be of interest to some http://www.rotherwasmunitionshereford.co.uk/
  5. It's been a long haul, must be nice to see some progress like this.:thumbsup:
  6. Did the others, be a shame to miss this one. Jeep and 2 or 3
  7. Thanks Nick, what was the source of the photos please as I can't seem to find any like that. I will have a look at getting the report. Don
  8. Hi Robin The chap I bought it off was told this when he got it from the dealer LMS in Lichfield (still a main dealer for MT parts). Not 100% I know that's why I said apparently. It has got the right hand sidestand which I think indicates it was used in mainland Europe, but I may be wrong. Doesn't seem to be much info out there at all. Don
  9. Nearly finished giving my Armstrong MT500 a spruce up, (that would be "major project" ). Apparently the bike was from a REME unit in Germany and I was wondering if there should be any markings of any kind on it. Despite doing a lot of searching online I can't find any useful info. Anybody got any ideas?
  10. I must say there does seem to be a lack of decent information anywhere regarding this, just a lot of speculation. Even the official sites don't really have any helpful advice. We are staying at Hermanville so it could get interesting :cool2:.
  11. Guess who is 70 today :-D
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