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  1. Thanks for your replies been to Normandy x2 and Arnhem will return again one day great places to visit :cheesy:
  2. Like I said earlier the younger work colleagues didn't have a clue what I was asking them about 6th June :-|
  3. Oh sorry to add has anyone gone over to Normandy and how many veterans or left now ?
  4. Hi is it just me d day 6th June 1944 .72 years ago today nothing mentioned on news .local radio nothing at all asked some work colleagues in there twenties what happened on this day in history 72 years ago ,shocked they didn't no is it just me or what ! :undecided:
  5. Bit like my job driving skip Lorry today's find ww2 tank radio headset :laugh:
  6. Hi Derek welcome to the forum we attended the Yorkshire wartime experience great time we had too. I've still got my airfix soldiers and dinky army toys up the loft a large collection of britains too. Radio controlled tank and also enjoy war films watched fury 3 times welcome to the mad house
  7. Welcome any pics of the truck and pics of it buried :cheesy:
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