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  1. Yes I'm the same takes ages to get the jeep out moving cars and things in the garage one good thing would take hours to break in and steel it 😄
  2. Lol 😄 next one 6 June weather permitting
  3. Same here we had a great time just sat on our own drives and the jeep gave people something different to look at and talk about . next date could be 6th June weather permitting 🙂
  4. Nice next date 6th June D day anniversary another good excuse to get your vehicle's out chaps 👍
  5. Nice thankyou for sharing 😉
  6. NGK b6s that's what's in mine and yes I thought prestone 50/50 ready mixed been looking at that thanks for your quick reply just got to get it to start again ☚ī¸
  7. Im having same problem jeep won't start again . Am I right thinking one of yours is a Hotchkiss m201 if so is it still 24v or changed to standard spark plugs is so what spark plugs do you use or recommend and what antifreeze . cheers 🙄
  8. I've been thinking of the prestone 50/50 mix ?
  9. This may have been asked before going to change antifreeze on my Hotchkiss jeep what do you use premix or mix yourself and which brand I await your answers gents I know everyone is different 😉
  10. Dinky army .action men .airfix soldiers Britain's and timpo soldiers and vehicle s lots more are packed away 🤭
  11. Here's up my loft pics not brilliant sorry there's loads up there
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