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  1. Runflat

    Karrier WDS

    Finally for now, I reattach one of the reports I posted before but with the missing last page; and another about the Karrier test route. Karrier report 1.pdf Karrier report 3.pdf
  2. Runflat

    Karrier WDS

    And from 1918 (part 1/2):
  3. Runflat

    Karrier WDS

    Great to see such rapid progress. As further encouragement, some more ads. This time form The World's Carriers, 1917 (part 1/2):
  4. Another picture from the darker recesses of the collection.. This one from The World's Carriers February 15, 1918.
  5. A couple of pictures of the Wilkins Unloading Gear in action, and the articles they are from. The first is a Hallford, the second looks to be a Foden. Enjoy! Wilkins 1.pdf Wilkins 2.pdf
  6. Runflat

    Karrier WDS

    The catalogue I have only quotes 1 length chassis for the WDS: from starting handle to towing hooks overall - 20ft 10in. Of interest also is an insert dated 18 June 2019: The following special features hitherto fitted to this chassis to conform to the War Department's Subsidy Specification will no longer be supplied:- Water cooling system for footbrake drum; spare oil tank on dash; sprags; towing hooks; bolster brackets; head lamp generator and head lamp brackets; driving mirror; rear mudguard stays. The list of special fittings and accessories will therefore now be as follows:- Centrifugal governor; radiator guard of stout steel tube, supported by steel brackets from the main frame members and fitted in front of radiator; 4 steel mudguards, stays to front guards only; 2 paraffin side lamps and brackets; 1 paraffin tail lamp and bracket; 1 horn.
  7. Runflat

    Karrier WDS

    At one time it looked as if it was to be restored with a period removals box? I take it that is no longer an option?
  8. It's only taken 10 years to find a photo - but at long last... Hope it's worth the wait!
  9. Runflat

    Karrier WDS

    Indeed - and hard to find. Some WD / ex-WD Karriers, including the 5 ton chain drive type. If only one of these could be put on for every tube strike!
  10. Runflat

    Karrier WDS

    Some adverts (Part 2/2)
  11. Runflat

    Karrier WDS

    Some adverts (Part 1/2)
  12. Runflat

    Karrier WDS

    Some reports from Motor Traction Karrier report 1.pdf Karrier report 2.pdf
  13. Runflat

    Karrier WDS

    Parts book and sales catalogue:
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