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  1. Thank you Most appreciated.
  2. A few of new Watercolour Silhouettes, Jackal on the Prowl, Sherman Sunrise, Scimitar Silhouette and Scorpion Silhouette. Hope you like them
  3. Sorry to hear about the photo and negative. Can never trust a press office lol. Sometimes the simplest images are the most effective. Thanks for the feedback.
  4. Thanks for the heads up. I do use a copyright mark, but on these images they are only small. But I will add it to more images from now on. Appreciate the advice.
  5. Thank you. Sometimes the simplest are the most effective.
  6. Cheers, I do have others Silhouettes but not Military vehicles, but there are more in the pipeline and I will share them when they are finished.
  7. A few new Water colour Silhouettes. Quicker to paint than the more detailed work, but these can be quite effective. Hope you like them.
  8. Looking forward to the weekend. Unfortunately I can only be there on the Saturday, but I will have a good selection of Paintings and \Prints on display. Look forward to meeting anyone that comes over for a chat.
  9. At Foxfield Railway, Caverswall Road, Stoke-on-Trent, ST11 8BG 11am - 4pm. I will have a stall on the Saturday with a wide selection of my Paintings and Prints, lots of Military Subjects and the odd Train. If toy can come a long and say hello I look forward to it. For further details please check out http://www.foxfieldrailway.co.uk
  10. Thanks for the info Simon. Unfortunately I don't own a Military Vehicle myself, just several Paintings and Prints of them, along with Aviation Paintings and Prints. Please do have a look at my website to see what I do. http://www.david-walker.org.uk This was an older one as an example.
  11. Recently finished a Pencil Drawing of a World War 2 SAS Jeep. Thanks to the two dodgy looking characters in the jeep for posing for the reference photos. They do look the part though.
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