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  1. These are readily available on CD. I got mine from Military CanAm website - Paul Wilkinson, who's a great help. If you get stuck let me know and I'll look my CD out, or something. Ignore the sceptics and enjoy the bike. They're good fun. I've got 2 complete and 2 in pieces, and I really like them. J
  2. The sort of day I should spend on my thousand and one projects, and here I am, glued to my computer. And joining the group. My current vehicles included a very original, VERY early, Land Rover Lightweight, one of Contract No 8788, 72FG44. It was built on 11th November 1968, issued on 6th January 1969 to 41 Cdo Royal Marines, and spent its service with 41, on commando carriers and then in Belfast when it all kicked off in September 1969. 41 Cdo was the Spearhead Battalion at the time. The vehicle ended its service in Malta, from where it visited Cyprus and possibly Libya. I also have two complete and two disassebled Bombardier (Can-Am) motorcycles, a Mk 1 of 1978 issued to 22 SAS (yes, really, and I have the documentary proof) and a 1980 Mk2 issued to RAF. The ones in parts included a Mk2 issued to 7RHA, and another whose history I haven't yet researched. I also have a disassembled Sankey Mk2 trailer, ex RAF, probably one of the small number transferred to the Army, according to the encyclopaedic John Mastrangello. The word 'disassembled' occurs far too often, I know - I'm a disassembled sort of person. I also collect 1958 Pattern webbing and British Army uniforms from 1950 on, especially 1960s and now early desert DPM kit. And yes, I do have other interests, though not for this forum.
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