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  1. My original rotor arm was really pitted, so had to replace, but that is definitely something to consider. Really think it may be to do with the ignition? She's firing fine and idles fine.
  2. I didn't get a chance to do anything with the carb as we had a leak in the water tank in the loft and my other half insisted that was more important! Haha. I shall check the needle and such at my next opportunity, but not sure if it may be worth replacing the cool anyways. I believe they're the same as the ones on a Morris minor??
  3. So, my Morris isn't too healthy. She'll sit and idle perfectly but if given revs for a few minutes splitters and dies. Tanks were recently resealed and we have no problems there. Fuel pump is an electric one and all lines have been replaced within the last month. I have, this morning, replaced the spark plugs and distributer cap, along with the leads (fitted spade ends) and anew rotor arm. Still got the same problem. She's not dropping any liquids either. Any ideas?
  4. A little bit more has been done, although it's only being bolted together to make sure it all fits. Jules, that's interesting, I shall look into that!
  5. Been a bit quiet recently, apologies for that, but work on the Humber has been progressing. we have now put all the mechanics into the chassis, which has been painted around the engine mountings. We have then started fitting the mayal together so that the woodwork can come together. We're still sourcing a few mechanical parts before it runs, plus all the fuel lines need to be fitted. Fuel tank has been fitted, as have both axles and all the brakes. It's starting to actually look like a vehicle now! Still a long way to go, but I think we've made a lot of progress. This is going to be a picture heavy post... The hubs when they were off. Engine and such painted and ready to go in Chassis ready for Engine. The front diff Engine and mechanics mounted And now the front end all together and on, including the wings, wheels and rad Fuel tank seated. And the woodwork begins... We're trying to keep as much of the original as possible, but in some cases we're having to replace a lot, all the floor woodwork is having to be replaced, as is much of the wooden skeleton. The wood above is a first fitting so needs to be sanded and finished. We've managed to save all the original metal bar a few parts at the front on the chassis. The truck had been tested in the sea, which had filled the chassis up with sand, shells and crap and just eaten it away. I'd also like to thank everyone who has helped us with part so far, I will name you all when I have a complete list!
  6. Singe, if I had one, I'd post a photo hahahaha I'll try and find a photo and will put it up.
  7. £200 would indeed be ready to bolt on, but it would only be that cheap if we got a minimum of 5 people (including our one). Cheers for that Jules, I'll send you a list of all the parts we need… Haha.
  8. It is looking like we may have to get a new water pump and thermostat housing made for the humber. Problem is the cost. We have, however, figured out that the more people we get in on it the better the price will be. If we got 5 people in on it we'd be looking at about £200 per person for the lot. I don't have a full list for the vehicles this would fit on, but I'm sure if people will know if it will fit their vehicle. I'll work on trying to get a list together anyways. We're not looking to make any profit from this, we'll just take the cost of getting them made and split it between people involved. Even if you've got a working one, a spare would always be handy. Especially as it seems they're really very rare.
  9. Work has slowed as we're waiting on the replacement wood to come back from the mill, the sheet metal to be bent up and the chassis to be sandblasted (which should be tomorrow). engine is now together after finishing the tappet and valves/spacing today. It has been sprayed red oxide, when the chassis is back we'll then get the engine and mechanics in, the paint it all up in prep for the rebuild of the body. We have also managed to find storage for the 8 vehicles we've got. Should be in that within the next few weeks. (Then the work on the Morris can also be done at the same time as the Humber. Chassis as it is before sandblasting. and the engine block with the head, sump and such on. Water pump is just being cleaned up and have sourced a carb, which will be cleaned up and on soon.
  10. Sorry for lack of updates on this, had to focus on something else for a while, but Dom has been cracking on like a trooper.Chassis goes to sandblaster on Thursday. All body panels are back from the sandblaster now. Have found a good supplier for the wood too. It has been ordered and is being cut for us as we speak. Engine has been stripped down. It was a bit of a job as pistons were seized. In fact, everything was seized. Head had been skimmed, valves seated, pistons freed up. Everything now turns and pistons move. Gasket set arrived yesterday from John Walker so the block is now ready to go back together. We're still missing a few parts and the oil pump and filter need stripping and cleaning. The block was in a real mess and took a long time to clean it up.Ordered the engine mounts a we're still looking good to have the engine in and running in the next two weeks. From there the front axle is going to take the time. Brakes are all off and in pretty good condition so just need cleaning and putting back together.
  11. Thanks for the info guys. I haven't had much time to work on the Humber recently due to other things coming up. Dom has continued though. The metalwork went to the sandblaster and is back, the chassis is going to him tomorrow I believe. Wheels are off and the brakes are in pretty good condition. Work on the engine has started in earnest. We've found a wood yard that will sort out the ash and cut it for us, which is good news. we've been collecting parts so now have a lot of, dare I say it, most, of the to work. We also have a lot to sell as it came with a load of tin work for an earlier box. I'm trying to get hold of John Walker for as gasket set but can't find where I put his number! Sod's law.
  12. So, got the brass plates for the vehicles sorted out. Dom went on a shopping spree today and bought a selection of parts (thanks to Alex and Jon). Going to speak to Jon Walker tomorrow and get any gaskets and such I can ordered. While the chassis is at the sandblaster a our attention will turn to the mechanics. so, on the repair plate it has a code of SPR in 1953. Anyone know what this means?
  13. That makes sense! Thanks for that. We'll make sure it stays then. Haha
  14. The vehicle is now pretty much just a chassis and we've got a sandblaster coming to pick up all the parts to be done this week so the rebuild can start in the next couple of weeks. Can anyone advise what this 'K-Gass' thing in the dash is for? It seems to be a manual pump. Our vehicle had a Diesel engine in it at some point, so not sure if it's for that. Also, not sure if it's supposed to be there.
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