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  1. G'day Ian, Wow, that looks a really nice project you have there. I think the truck looks really sweet without any 'top' on! The weather in Australia seems to have been a bit kinder to your WOT than the weather over here has been to ours!!! I will be studying your pics as I get on with the cab repairs on ours. Do you know any history of the truck? I am sure Robert is correct in that it is a WOT2E model from the air cleaner in cab and the design of the access to the oil filler. Do you have a data plate in the passenger footwell on the front facing panel? Thanks for the offer of help, our truck is a bit short of some parts too, including the rear tow pin so if you see 2 get them both!! Cheers, Tim & Julie
  2. And yes that is a 1970s tent we are rebuilding it in........:nut: ........and yes we ran out of paint on the tow bar!!
  3. Well folks, here is a progress pic; chassis in paint!! I will try to set up a rebuild thread when I can sort some better pics.
  4. Hi there, Some parabike details to help. Chainwheel was deffo 46 tooth, I think the freewheel was 18t but I will check. Rims are 32 hole front/40 hole rear and are dunlop 26x1 3/8" EA3 and are for caliper brakes only; not rod type. Front and rear hubs were off the shelf BSA parts, pics show these. Also tool bag for back of saddle for you to search for, the oil can is the rare bit.
  5. Hoorah another WOT2! We have just joined up with our ....er....project!! Cheers and welcome, Tim & Ju
  6. Aah, yes that would be about right; Julie and I had just met!! I vaguely remember getting a lift in a Quad, I will see if I have any pics!!
  7. Ha, got the 'quotey' thing off to a T now!! Hi Lauren, do you have any pictures of your WOT2? It would be nice to see another for reference. The Ford family of trucks seem very few and far between. I now know of two WOT3 and I think 8 WOT2 including ours, although some of those are overseas and/or only rumours!! Saw this at the Lincoln Motorhome show though!!
  8. Hi Robert, just discovered how to do this 'quotey' thing!! Yes, We know your truck from the article in CMV and also the pics in the WOT2 book for modellers. Not actually seen it in the flesh yet though, at least not recently anyway, was it at the Knebworth MVCG show many years ago? I remember admiring a WOT2 back then thinking it would be nice to own one!!
  9. Thanks very much, we were lucky that the previous owner had spent so much time collecting parts for the truck, some of which are NOS like the windscreens and their opening slider mechanisms. Still short of some stuff though!!
  10. Ok Folks, here[i hope] is a pic of the truck in its 'towing' guise together with a pic of how it was when we had just got it home. The story is that the previous owner bought the WOT 30 odd years ago, started stripping it but then got involved in the resto of a Quad and the WOT was sidelined. Fortunately a lot of parts were obtained to complete the truck; 15cwt timber back, windscreen, hood hoops etc., although we have found there are a few bits we are missing; more of that later!! The main things we seem to be short of at the moment are the outer straps/brackets that mount to the cowl for the windscreens[we have the centre support] and the big toolbox from behind the cab. We are also missing some wheelnuts too!! A Lucas dizzy cap is required too, ours is cracked. If anyone can help with bits please let us know. The truck is completely stripped to component parts at the moment, we will try to sort a 'resto' thread if we can. The images seem small on here, is there a way to enlarge them or will they be 'clickable' to view them better? Cheers Tim n Ju
  11. Thanks everyone! We will sort out some progress pics of the WOT2. I have one of it in its breakdown truck guise, I will see if I can scan/photo it to get it on here. I guess I have to hit the 'manage attachments' button to put pics up? Cheers for now Tim n Ju
  12. Hi Folks, a belated hello from Tim & Julie!! Boy has it been a busy summer!! We are currently restoring a WOT2 that has been barn stored since its last use as a breakdown truck for a Ford dealership in Lockerbie; never been road registered!! My first car at 18yrs was a '42 Ford GPW which I still own 35-odd years later, currently British 6th Airborne, but I first restored it with US markings. The WOT we have recently bought and have stripped and are just about turning the corner and starting to put things back where they belong rather than being spread all over the garden! And, of course are now finding out just what parts we need to find!! Anyone have any wheelnuts? I have some Bedford ones that don't fit!! We are trying to restore it as close as possible to the original method of build. It seems, through some archaeological type work, that most of the parts were primed in semi gloss black, all bolted together, and then sprayed with a vague coat of 'Army Green', most of which has peeled off!! The Garage painted the truck red and blue, but that is all the paint it has ever had! I will post some pics when I have figured out how to. Regards to all Tim & Ju
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