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  1. Some of the metal work sandblasted and then primed. Tank is blasted and then a tank sealer treatment applied
  2. The original tank markings. These are obviously post war. The bike was demobbed in 1963 so did a long service. Does any one have any idea what these markings are ?
  3. pics of the rebuild - At the start of the rebuild things did not look too bad...... but as you all know, things are always worse than they look.
  4. Yes, the gear change is on the oposite side to modern Jap bikes. It also operates upside down - 1 up and 3 down. The bike runs very well, sounds superb when the single cylinder is pushing you along. They made a few thousand as it was the second most common WD bike during WW2 after the BSA M20. I understand that the G3L was sought after as it was a much more advanced bike than the girder forked models available at the time.
  5. A few pics of my G3L resto. It took about nine months and had a total rebuild. All stainless bolts, many NOS parts and a bare metal respray.
  6. The last post was a while ago, but i am looking for a set of these grips. I have tried Cornucopia and Stuart Bray and they dont stock them at the moment. Is there any one else who will sell them?
  7. My tyres have the arrow and the WD but no date is obvious. Not sure if I will keep them or get some new ones. I imagine they are going to be 60/70s I am sure the WD was replaced after that. Some one out there must be able to confirm - thanks for thr replies
  8. Thanks for the reply, but what about the W and D, either side of the arrow? That is not used today is it?
  9. My Matchless bike has the WD crows foot on the tyres. How long was this symbol used? I know it was used during the war, but how long after?
  10. My Matchless has the WD crows foot symbol on the tyres. How long was this symbol used? It was obviously used 1939 - 45, but how long after?
  11. I am looking for info and pics on the Royal Navy and its involvment on D day. I am well aware of its at sea role but does any one have anything on the RN coming ashore? In particular the beach master role or artillery spotting?
  12. just got hold of a 44 British can for £5. it is away being cleaned prior to painting,it was repainted a modern green .
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