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  1. hi guys all four ducks from Liverpool were up for sale recently for £25,000 each if sold seperately or £16,000 each if you bought all four whacky two and whacky eight are still capable of swimming but whacky four and whacky one need lots of work and they are very parts intensive I used to drive them every day.
  2. hi guy there is nothing wrong with the tour ducks they may be old but they can still earn their keep the London tour duck did not sink and for the two that sank in Liverpool I was there the first one sank because a fitter who drained the ducks each night did not tighten up one of the drains underneath and it came off I know because I was driving the sais duck at the time and managed to get all passengers of before it sank it was whacky 4 and the second duck sank because a tyre left in the dock by the red bull stunt team was picked up by the prop and ripped a large hole in the bottom that was whacky 1 I drove all four of them and did seven tours a day. they do break down a lot but they are fun to drive. regards ian
  3. hi I see you are a duck fanatic I am the same I worked for the Liverpool duck marine for nearly two years I think I received a message from you about whacky 2 my favourite. I was driving the first duck that sank it was whacky 4 and a friend of mine was driving the second one that sank whacky 1. to be truthful we all thought that whacky 2 two would be the first kind regards ian
  4. hi i am a new member i saw your post on your restoration project would be interested to see more pics. i drive these for a living five days a week and boy do they break down a lot. if you plan to drive your duck on a regular basis make sure you have a few spare transfer boxes handy. you will have problems with your diffs a lot and if you take it in the water you will get a shock how much water it takes on. if the higgins pump has still got its chain drive you should be ok as it can certainly empty the hull quickly. if you need any information for your restoration i can obtain it from work, regards ian
  5. hi am a new member i was given permission about 20 years ago to wander around pounds scrap yard and saw dozens of bren carriers stacked on top of each other also an anson aircraft on a queen marry trailer there were quite a few churchils in various stages of shot blasting all guns cut of at the far end of the site i was allowed in the big sheds and saw an american half track in mint condition also a lot of large outboard motors from barges there were a few turrets lying around outside also under the bridge a stockpile of large naval shells all over the site there were hundreds of unopened crates i was told by one of the workers that most of the tanks and bren carriers had broken down during the loading for d day am not sure how true this is but the stuff was definately there i re visiteda few years ago and it had all gone exept for a chieftain a t34 and a few others
  6. dont know yet i will find out today
  7. like the first one i will suggest it when i start back tommorow
  8. five days a week playing with four of these and getting paid for it
  9. yeh it was wacky 4 it was salvaged early monday morning be back on the road next week they are going to have a competition to rename it, i can think of a few
  10. hi i was driving this duck when it sank i work for the yellow duckmarine
  11. hi to all i drive a second world war DUKW for a living
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