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  1. Sorry to be so long in replying but many many thanks for this! The DVLA and the original brown tax book both show the year of manufacture as 1941.
  2. GLE 54 has chassis number 27575. Hope this helps.
  3. Certainly the Royal Observer Corps were active (although that is not a ROC uniform). I am sure the uniform is the key. The cap badge does look similar to Civil Defence badges worn during WWII.
  4. Can anyone shed any light on this County Armagh registered Morris J2 which I believe was a military vehicle in the early 60's? It is not an RAF J2 which were quite common in N.I. at the time moving staff to bases and remote radar stations but they all had sliding doors. I wonder what uniform the woman is wearing? It has been suggested she may have been Royal Observer Corps but the cap badge is different. Any help would be welcomed?
  5. I think there may also have been a Hawson bodied Bedford and a Commer Walk Thru both of which were standard and highly recognisable to the locals as they looked so out of place.
  6. It looks like a triaxle decker as used in Berlin.
  7. Without wishing to be rude....here is your Codpiece....seen in action so to speak......
  8. This would suggest the number was used? I have emailed the RASC/RCT website as suggested.
  9. Please can anyone identify this vehicle? Are there any RASC veteran groups?
  10. I have sent a message with the error code as the .doc file won't open.
  11. I can't access the file? I would be interested in seeing its' contents.
  12. Eberspachers are still widely used on buses. Most Council buses for disabled use have them fitted as well. Most companies that do Sutrak air conditioning can also look after Webasto and Eberspacher kit.
  13. Do you have the history of this vehicle? Do you know where it was used initially?
  14. https://www.eberspacher.com/dealers.html
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