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  1. https://www.acesupplies.co.uk/product-category/accessories/rivets-eyelets/
  2. Try looking under seats / floors that are removable for service or inspections my stalwart reg was scratched into panels
  3. yep got confused if its cranking it ant a EKA lock out.. sorry
  4. Mikalor clamps http://www.mikalor.com/eng/super-heavy-duty-clamp-eng
  5. try this key code method. Make sure the doors, windows and bonnet/hood are closed, get out and lock the car again with the key. (Note: on 1996 and later models, you have to turn the key to the lock position four times for this step if the remote handset was not used to lock the vehicle). Then turn the key the required number of times according to the following sequence. (At each step the side lamps warning light on the dash will light to show it has recognized the input). To enter the first digit, turn the key the required number of times to the unlock position. To enter the second digit, turn the key the required number of times to the lock position. To enter the third digit, turn the key the required number of times to the unlock position. To enter the fourth digit, turn the key the required number of times to the lock position. Turn the key to the unlock position to unlock the doors. The alarm will now be partially disarmed; if you try to open the hood the alarm will sound. After five incorrect attempts (3 for 1996 and later models) at this procedure, the BeCM goes into a 10 minute lockout mode (30 minutes for 1996 and later models), during which time the message center displays "KEY CODE LOCKOUT" and further attempts at EKA will not work until the key code lockout message disappears.
  6. with the P38 Try this it has worked on my 95 p38 a couple of times. disconnect the battery. put the key in the ignition try it just pushed in reconnect the battery. The car should pair with the ignition key. no lockout message and should start. when you put the eka code in looking at the instrument cluster does the sidelight warning light flash to the pulses you put in through the door key turns? If not the micro switch may not be working on the drivers door lock.
  7. I cant believe that the solution is a different engine for the sake of an ecu.. that is barmy have a look here https://trigger-wheels.com/store/contents/en-uk/d47.html Id be bloody annoyed if a package bought from a specialist was completely wrong.. furious in fact
  8. wet assembly with silicone on the stub. alternatively build up the stub with something like jb weld .
  9. https://blackbox-solutions.com/ https://www.nanocom-diagnostics.com/ I have the nanocom for the p38 and the 2 v8 engine modules. It can unlock the keycode lock out, reset the security lock and work with every parameter on the Vehicle. By purchasing other OBD11 leads and modules it will work with pretty much all the other LR vehicles even the new ones. It is not locked to one vehicle VIN. Im not connected to BBS but it is a good bit of kit. You would have to buy leads and modules for each vehicle so it would get pricey but it would fix them.
  10. have you looked on www.landyzone.co.uk thats where iget my gen from
  11. I dont have the diesel module mine are v8. I know pretty much nothing about the engine other than it is a bmw unit.
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