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  1. I offer a rare tracked vehicle brand Hotchkiss 22-2 "beobachter" 1959 . The vehicle is in good riding condition .It is located in Poland . Price 15500 € . Only seriously interested. (e-mail apaja007@gmail.com ) Rafał
  2. Nothing by force!:angel:in my Ferret I had set fire to the engine to be able to extend the pistons
  3. and can camouflage according to the instructions of 1967? http://zbrojownia.cbw.pl:8080/dlibra/docmetadata?id=1326&from=&dirids=1&ver_id=&lp=1&QI= press: Pokaż treść ! Rafał
  4. lasiu

    Hello From Poland

    properly long ago in Aden and currently looks like this Rafał
  5. Hello all fans of old military vehicles My name is Rafal and I'm from Boleslawiec / Poland .Some time ago I bought a Ferret MK2 / 3 able to rebuild and I'll need some parts to it . Rafal
  6. lasiu

    Ferret mk2/3

    I already have the documents of the Tank Museum and its registration is 01 CA 79 .The book " Ferret the FV700 series in British Army Service " by Pat Ware is his photograph in Aden / page 73 .But I am curious of what occasion placed the inscription / name to the vehicle because I like looking through photographs of various Ferret is not seen to have any subtitles. Rafal
  7. lasiu

    Ferret mk2/3

    hi all, Some time ago I bought a Ferret Mk 2/3, and begin to take to repair. But first he wanted me to learn from what occasion the tower is the inscription : WILLIAM THORBURN .Does anyone have any idea of what the occasion or who it was? Regards Rafal note - to write I use Google translator:nut: