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  1. I offer a rare tracked vehicle brand Hotchkiss 22-2 "beobachter" 1959 . The vehicle is in good riding condition .It is located in Poland . Price 15500 € . Only seriously interested. (e-mail apaja007@gmail.com ) Rafał
  2. Nothing by force!:angel:in my Ferret I had set fire to the engine to be able to extend the pistons
  3. and can camouflage according to the instructions of 1967? http://zbrojownia.cbw.pl:8080/dlibra/docmetadata?id=1326&from=&dirids=1&ver_id=&lp=1&QI= press: Pokaż treść ! Rafał
  4. properly long ago in Aden and currently looks like this Rafał
  5. Hello all fans of old military vehicles My name is Rafal and I'm from Boleslawiec / Poland .Some time ago I bought a Ferret MK2 / 3 able to rebuild and I'll need some parts to it . Rafal
  6. lasiu

    Ferret mk2/3

    I already have the documents of the Tank Museum and its registration is 01 CA 79 .The book " Ferret the FV700 series in British Army Service " by Pat Ware is his photograph in Aden / page 73 .But I am curious of what occasion placed the inscription / name to the vehicle because I like looking through photographs of various Ferret is not seen to have any subtitles. Rafal
  7. hi all, Some time ago I bought a Ferret Mk 2/3, and begin to take to repair. But first he wanted me to learn from what occasion the tower is the inscription : WILLIAM THORBURN .Does anyone have any idea of what the occasion or who it was? Regards Rafal note - to write I use Google translator:nut:
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