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  1. Give James Shopland a call, He's a really helpful chap and loves his Bedford QL's, hes got more than i could count!
  2. what is the rear crankshaft seal on one of these?
  3. hi lawrence, i have a MW in the yard that will be for sale. PM for details. Tom
  4. unfortunately i'm down to my last stillage of bits ben. I'll swap it for a motley mount
  5. Talk to Alex Scott, he may be making one. hes on about borrowing my QLR to copy.
  6. hi andrew, will get you the sizes later today if you still want it? The sensor is a wire on the coil. very similar to a stalwart. Regards Tom
  7. do you have an AEC 850 may i ask? We may be able to help one another? Tom
  8. Tobin Jones is the man to talk to about staghounds, if you have facebook message him. tom
  9. yes please to the Radiator surround. Tom
  10. Does anyone know where i can get a copy of an OT64 manual? don't mind it being in another language either! i thought i had managed to get hold of one but the chaps dissapeared! Kind Regards Tom
  11. Hi martin, do you know what mk dingo you have? if your on Facebook, join the dingo scout car society, we will be able to help you better on there, i believe we have a spare distributor, but if we don't i know someone who will! Tom
  12. Hello matey, if your get on Facebook theres a Bedford MW group on there. John Rippingham is the man to talk to he knows everything about Bedford Mws Tom
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